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Thought I'd enjoy myself this time...
23 June 2014
Posted in World of Warcraft
I've already mentioned it a couple of times lately: I've returned to World of Warcraft. To give my game experience a new boost I figured to start all over on a new server and hop sides to the Alliance. The idea itself seems good, but in reality it doesn't really change things. Even more when I picked up WildStar that has so much more to offer...

First things first though. I started playing WoW again before I even considered to grab WildStar. The reroll went well, and the first couple of levels up to 20 I enjoyed the game quite a lot. Though I have made an Alliance char long ago, and some of the quests are still the same, the experience itself was overall good.

The bad experience came when I was somewhere halfway the 20s. At that point most of the quests all became dull and 'more of the same. Yes I'm talking about the 'Kill 10 rats' experience. Though more games have it (including WildStar), it's also about the stuff to do around the questing. Though WoW offers a couple of things (archeology, cooking, fishing and pokemon battles), the diversity is not enough for me to keep me entertained.

Then there's the social aspect of WoW, or rather the lack of it. I've been slacking to my current level (32) quite a lot and in that time I have seen other players run around, but nothing of a 'hi' or 'hello', let alone a party. And mentioning parties, that's also one of those things in WoW which has become obsolete. In the regular world there's no use for them The only times you need to party is when you enter a dungeon (though the dungeon finder HUB I might add), and most of the times those you 'meet' in the party don't say a single word (again not even a 'hi' or 'hello'). And helping around with the quest you pick up for the dungeon is also something that's not gonna happen

In short, I really wasted that 20 on the 60-day time card I bought. With about 6 weeks to go, I totally don't feel the need to logon again and play this game. Once again I'm promising myself that this will be the last time I've bought time, but knowing myself I'll be curious again next year and might give it a try once again...

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Done playing the treadmill and being a virus
07 March 2013
Posted in World of Warcraft
I still don't understand the power World of Warcraft holds to around 9M players worldwide. World of Warcraft should be the bet MMORPG out there with the best content and best PvP system, but when I look at it, it's only a drag to me where you do the same thing over and over again. Lets just look at the facts...

Throughout the whole game, there's the gear grind. I am okay with that, since there has to be a kind of progression for your character one way or the other in a MMORPG (or RPG in general). This gear grind is applied for both PvP and PvE gameplay. Since I don't like the faction locked PvP system WoW is providing as well as the battleground/arena system, only the PvE grind is there for me, and it's linked to the dungeons.

 photo WoW642013030707412706_zps6aa171da.jpeg
Now I'm okay to run a dungeon from time to time, or run a dungeon on a daily basis. But the way WoW is catering dungeons I'm starting to wonder. For their latest expansion, only 4 dungeons are available on level 89, of which 2 are already low level. As a result, when I'm using the instance finder (an other of those lame additions to WoW IMO), I end up mostly in those 2 lower level dungeons, and doing them over and over again is kinda boring
By now I'm starting to wonder what level 90 will bring... Yeah, I know, some challenges, heroic dungeons and what, more of the same regular instance finder dungeons? I might run those a couple of times before I get bored of them as well...

Then I can do the regular content you'd say? True... But it's a railroad where you go from one place to the next, pick up all quests available, run them (you have to or you won't be able to go to the next part) and then move on. Sounds kinda like a virus to me, where resources (quests) are eaten till they're gone and then you move on And with Mists of Pandaria it's even encouraged to act like a virus, because you'll get achievements if you have done all quests available on a map.

Not to mention, following the railroad and the leveling speed WoW offers leaves you to skip a lot of content as well. Okay, the latest 2 expansions (Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria) are made so that you can still do the (new) content with your character, but still, it's only a couple of days of gameplay.

Then the leveling speed I spoke about... My main character (in the picture above) I haven't taken the effort to speed-level her. Even better, I have slacked big-time at times just hanging out on spots to gather herbs to keep her inscription skill 'up to date'. Yet I made that level 89 in 11 days total playing time I think this is way too fast. I'm not comparing to (old) Lineage II here, but also with Lord of the Rings online, where my character on level 65 (by a long shot not near the maximum) has a played time of already 2 weeks.

Blizzard, I've bought a game of yours to enjoy the content, all of it. Not being forced to skip most of it because I'm leveling way too fast and then do the same piece of content over and over again. Yeah, I know, I can make an alt and do the parts I missed, but in the end, it comes down to the same thing I've written above when that alt hits 70 or so. The need for gear to keep up with the game, and thus I have to enter the instance finder to grind dungeons

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Gold - it feels almost worthless now...
12 February 2013
Posted in World of Warcraft
Damn, I remember how much effort it took me to get 4K gold so that I could get advanced flying and the license to fly anywhere in Azaroth. When I left last October I had around 325 gold left. Now with Mists of Pandaria, gold comes very easy. I even dare to say way too easy! How come? Well, let me explain...

Like I said, I started with around 325 gold last week and I didn't really take any effort to get money. Within two days I had bought all inscription skills I needed and before I knew it, I was up to ~1700 gold already. Bought more stuff, including that account bound intelligence stuff for my pandaren monk alt (yup, I'll make her a healer ) and I ended with 90 gold yesterday evening... Yes, I felt poor at that moment, but didn't really care about it a lot...

Today I've played a couple of hours again and done 3 dungeons as well (last one was kick ass hard I'll post the movie tomorrow) and when I logged off just a couple of minutes ago I already had 835 gold again.

Really..? Within a day 750 gold gained..? What does that do with the economy when a publisher makes it *THIS* easy to get in-game money..? I really fear to hit level 90 by now for the need of gear at that level...

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Monk - tank/DPS or healer?
11 February 2013
Posted in World of Warcraft
I've made myself a (new) alt in World of Warcraft. This time it's a pandaren monk (yeah, I've fallen for the new furballs ). The furball is about to hit level 10 and with my talents I can pick a 'road' for the skills I'd get in the future. I can choose between tank, DPS or healer.

My heart tells me to go healer, but sadly, there's little information on the web so far about the 3 skilltrees. So it's kinda impossible for me to check what kind of skills I'll be getting as healer and thus if the healer is any good. I mean, I want to know how the monk compares in healing to the druid (which is probably the closest in healing power).

Then there are the tank & DPS trees, which seem pretty straight forward. Tank will most likely be something like the warden class in Lord of the Rings online, where you're a 'paper armor' tank wearing light instead of plate, and your agility (dodge rating) will have to compensate the lack of pure armor.
Melee is kinda the same as the warden in LotRo. You do good damage, but you gotta keep an eye on your agility to compensate for the lack of armor rating...

Reason why I'm in doubt is that I can get those account bound 'legacy' armors that 'grow' with you as you level. Right now I have close to 3.000 justice points on my main char, making me able to buy one piece of body armor already, and through the guild I can buy a cloak. Problem here is that these items are not cheap (for me since it's still my 1st main char I'm leveling) and I have to pick either pieces based on intelligence (healer) or agility (tank/DPS). Logic dictates that I should grab the agility pieces since I also have a (dormant) hunter on the server that I still have to level and I can drop the armor to him later on...

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Gotta catch 'm all
08 February 2013
Posted in World of Warcraft
"You're kidding me, right..?" That was my first thought (during beta) when I heard that Mists of Pandaria would allow pet battles. I mean really? Play Pokemon battles in a MMORPG where players kill each other because they're not your faction. It was one feature I would never see myself play when I'd grab Mists of Pandaria...

Okay... Now is today, half a year after that beta and I've grabbed MoP for 18 at our local game store and have activated the 10-day MoP trial as well (hey, I'm Dutch and if I can play 10 days for free I'll do it ) Looking at my pets I was immediately routed to a pet trainer to learn how to battle with them.

And there I went to learn how to get my pets into action. Learn how to level them and see them grow (though they stay the same size ). And you know what? I kinda like the Pokemon addition that MoP brought

Along the way I also learned how to capture new pets. Some pets are better than others and some, well, are deleted right away. Fun thing is that I can have 3 pets of each kind (not sure if that's because I have 3 chars on the server?) - unless they're unique - and I see no use for the other 2 than the one I'm using.

But one thing is sure... It is addictive! There are lots of different pets to be obtained. And pets you battle with bring their friends as well, so that battles can be really challenging. Also worth to note that some pets (or even skills of pets) are better against certain pets than others, so picking your pets (you can have 3 ready at maximum) is crucial in how your battles go.

No, I was wrong... The Pokemon addition to MoP is a good one. Fuck the new content (for now ), I'll be leveling my pets to make a kick-ass team

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Subscription canceled for now
17 August 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
I know that I said that there's enough to do, and that I purchased Mists of Pandaria already. That's all tue, but yet I have canceled my subscription for now.

Reason should be obvious... Next week, Guils Wars 2 will start (early access that is), and I'll most likely will spend all my online time there instead of with World of Warcraft. And since the subscription for World of Warcraft expires the 28th (the actual Guild Wars 2 released date ), I figured it's be a good time to cancel it for the time being.

This doesn't mean I won't be returning later on, or will not play anymore till the 25th. On the contrary. I will keep playing World of Warcraft the coming week as usual, and when we're one or two months down the road with Guild Wars 2, I might re-subscribe again.

Also very important to mention is that on September 25th (iirc), the Mists of Panradia expansion will be released, so there's then even more for me to do in Azaroth then there is to do now

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There's enough to do...
16 August 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
It looks like that hitting 85 is not the only goal set for World of Warcraft players. When I looked at my professions earlier this morning, I saw that a lot of them were still kinda low...
 photo Wow2012081608131716_zps10a4befc.jpeg

Though the secondary professions (archeology, fishing, cooking and first aid) are not the ones I care too much about, the primary ones, and especially inscription is one I really do need to 'expand'. And there is just the problem. With me being already 83, and walking around in the Cataclysm area's, I do get herbs that are too high for me yet to mill and make ink of. I have to return to lower level area's (Wrath of the Lich King) to gather lots of herbs (good thing I did find the perfect spot for it ), mill them and make inks and then make some inscriptions to expand my learning in that profession.

But the learning of the inscription skill is going rather slow now. I've learned all there is to learn at the moment, and all things I create are green or lower level. This means that effectively I have to make 3 inscriptions to get one extra point in my learning-progress. By now I'm on 402 (yeah, I did harvest a lot of herbs this morning ) and I hope that some of the upcoming crafting skills I learn will make it worth to speed up the learning process...

About the secondary professions, as I said, I don't care too much about them. Archeology is one that doesn't really give a thing (as far as I know), but I will try to be active on that field later on. Fishing and cooking I can do with daily quests in Orgrimmar, but that goes very slow... And first aid is one I can't overly care for to be real honest. As Warlock, I can channel myself to full health in no time...

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Not gonna pay 15 for some pixels
15 August 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
After careful consideration, I decided to keep playing World of Warcraft in favor of Star Wars - The Old Republic. Somehow, WOW is more appealing than SWTOR is for me.

So I was looking for the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion, which will be released late October. The 'standard edition' costs a 34,99, while the 'digital deluxe edition' costs a 49,99. But what's the difference between the two, or rather, what's 'extra' in the 'digital deluxe edition?
 photo WoWMoPUpgrade_zpsa47e27c9.jpeg
Well, there you have your answer. When you buy the 'digital deluxe edition', you'll get a mount (it's looks hideous if you ask me), a small pet and a banner of some sort in Diablo III and a thingy for the StarCraft II forums

Well, first off, I'm not playing Diablo III, so the banner is very useless to me and the same goes for StarCraft II. This leaves only the mount and pet to consider. As already said, I think the mount is hideous, and certainly not one a goblin (my main character) will ride. Also worth to mention is that in-game mounts, though rather ugly, are cheap and do the job as well And that little pet..? I know that in Mists of Pandaria these pets can be leveled (have to play the beta to see how it's been done), but I can't really be bothered about those pets. Okay, I have 20 or so already and have one favorite that I have always out, but 'battling' with them like they were pokemon pets..? nah....

This leaves me with no real 'goodies' I'd enjoy from the 'digital deluxe edition', meaning I won't be paying the 15 for the extra pixels...

An other thing bothering me is that Blizzard is still asking money for their expansions, and not even giving a 'free' extra month for purchasing the expansion itself. At least lot of other MMORPG developers that charge their players for the expansions will add 30 days of 'free' time to y our subscription plan...

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Beauty (or the beast...)
05 August 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
Yesterday I was still complaining about the gear-grind to start, and today I was already on the level to start doing the Cataclysm instances. That's right, I managed to 'upgrade' my gear from that 165 item-level to over 226 in less than a day...

So I listed myself for the instanced dungeons (only 2 with 226 average item level) and I found a party real quick.
Yeah, Beauty was easy to kill for us. Rather easy actually, and that for a monster having 875.000 HP (give or take). But other monsters in that dungeon did prove more difficult though.  One in particular for me. It dropped meteors on me, and each meteor does about 33K damage Yes, I died a couple of time because of them, but with the last healer we had, he managed to keep me alive though (good healing dude!)

Now it's time to hit 75, gear up more and team up with the guild for the more epic dungeons...

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Gear-grind started
04 August 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
Finally, I've hit level 80, and with I got summoned in Orgrimmar to join some crusade on some newly erected land in the sea, near the Eastern Kingdoms...

So far, so good. My guild advised against it and to wait a couple of levels instead. So I thought to get myself in a random dungeon and get those few levels quickly that way. But that didn't work quite as I thought...
 photo Wow2012080414305258itemgrind_zpsb3c6c3c0.jpeg
Yes, it's right... I'm undergeared on level 80. I can't access any of the new raid instances, and being 80 already, I can't join the old instanced dungeons either

Therefor I did go to the newly erected landmass (damn the ADD, I can't recall it's name), my ship sunk there because Kraken was hungry, and I'm walking around the bottom of the ocean now (how to get back to Orgrimmar..?). Making the best of it, I just went out on the quests I was given there. At first I didn't get a thing, only XP and gold (quite a lot of both BTW), but no gear yet.
By the time I was about to logoff, I picked up a quest that would give gear, but nothing a Warlock can use And what kind of gear it is! It's item-level 272 *DAMN* and only a 'green' one. This while my current 'blue' items have a level of around 165.

Looks like I'll be there for a bit and have to start grinding gear then. Only now I have to hope that I'll get some Warlock gear as well as quest reward

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