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*caugh* carebear *caugh*
28 February 2013
I forgot how broken the TERA PvP system actually was, and which also was the reason I skipped this game in the first place.

The most important issue I (still) have with TERA's PvP system is that PvP toggle you have to use before you can even start to hit an other player. This means if a player is already in PvP mode and starts attacking you, you'll always loose the PvP But this can easily be overcome on the PvP server (where I started to play) by walking around with the PvP toggle turned on.

But then I found out an other issue yesterday. TERA relies heavily on gear when it comes to PvP. The better your gear is (and with that more expensive), you're more sure to win PvP. Keep in mind that starting this month TERA went Free2Play with a cash shop, but this does make TERA kinda Pay2Win now. Why I hear you ask?
Well though there are no game-breaking items in the cash shop, the locked lootboxes drop like candy. You need to open them with a key you can buy (failry cheap) from the cash shop. Doing so, you have a very good chance to get something very nice from the lootbox which can be sold for lots of gold on the auction house. Only because of this TERA has become Pay2Win. I have only sold 2 lesser items that I obtained from the lootboxes so far and have gained 500 gold, with a lot more items waiting to be dropped on the AH (I had to make some money to drop items on the AH before I could drop the rest there ). My bet is that in the end I'll have enough gold to buy myself a good set of (PvP) gear that I can own everyone I meet of my level.

Last but not least, the TERA criminal rules are close to non-existant. Everyone can kill everyone without any kind of retaliation from the (NPC) authorities. This also means that a lot of n00b level 60 players who clearly can't win from their own level players are roaming the lowbee areas for some 'good PvP'. This kinda sounds to me like what happened to Age of Conan on their PvP servers, and I'm not gonna support that.

For all the above reasons I decided to move away from the PvP server and transfer my character to the PvE server. Don't get me wrong, I do not fear PvP, but when PvP is unbalanced because a game is Pay2Win, I'm out. I'd rather enjoy the content on the PvE server instead and see where things go from there...

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TERA is finally running!
25 February 2013
Yesterday I figured to give TERA a final chance to install and downloaded the installer again. Within minutes, the launcher was up & running (as it was before) and started patching itself. Next thing I saw was a new patcher This was proving very promising and I waited for the launcher to download TERA itself (27Gb...)

What I thought would take only 2 hours or so took a bit longer and when I went to bed yesterday evening (5 hours later!!) the launcher had only downloaded 75% of the game This morning I fired the launcher up again and it took an other 2 hours for TERA to be completely downloaded.

But then it happened again... The Launcher gave that weird "Reliable source serving corrupt data" again I was really pissed and disappointed by this. I hoped that the new launcher would have solved this problem, but nooo...

So back to EME and make it a support ticket this time (with 2 Lineage II friends wanting me to join them in TERA it's the least I can do), but that'd take at least 24 hours according to the website.

Next I turned to the forums and found a totally unrelated topic (I really have no clue why that one popped up), mentioning that the local (temporarily) storage had to be deleted for the launcher to startup normally. Since I was desperate I figured to follow those directions and removed that local storage (directory is in C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\TERA for Windows 7) and started the launher again. First thing it told me it was downloading some stuff, then it was verifying the local files (as usual) and guess what? It managed to download that last 1% of the game and I had the PLAY lightning up *YAY*

Now I have to decided what server to play on. Those 2 friends of mine are on the PvE and PvP servers and I'm still in doubt to which one I should go. Partly I want to team up with Zylo who I've known for so very long, but he's on the PvE server *cough*carebear*cough* On the other hand I'd love to play with my old clanmate (and his GF) who'd I have played with for about half a year max, but he's on the PvP server and that's what TERA is made for...

For the time being I have rerolled on the PvP server, to get to know the Elin Mystic again and get to know the game itself again as well. By the time she hits 15 (again...) I think I'm good to go on either server. If I'd stay on the PvP server, then I'll play her on from that, but if I move to the PvE server, I can play my (currently level 26) Elin Mystic there...

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Gave up on TERA
19 February 2013
I really wanted to give TERA a new try now that it's Free2Play and that my account is a 'founder account'. But it looks like TERA doesn't want me to play it anymore. So what's happening..?

I downloaded and installed TERA 3 days ago. The client (25Gb) downloads rather slow and it took me about 6 hours before it was installed and updated. I know, it's along time and only Final Fantasy XI can beat that at any update

Ready to play, I press that PLAY button and I crash from the game back to the launcher and I get a generic ffff:ffff error. I've tried to find additional information on it, but this error is so generic that there is no information about it nor a solution to it. The only opted solution is check (repair) the game client and let it update, and so I did.
Well... Tried to do...

Next error I get from the launcher is "Unable to contact reliable source". WTF is going on this time? TERA could be downloaded, updated to the forelast patch and trying to install the latest patch I get this weird one? The only thing I could think of was that the launcher could not connect to it. Looking on the TERA forums I found a topic on this issue which started 5 weeks ago...

One of the solutions other players gave was to try the 'Happy Cloud' launcher. Well, I did that already and that one gave me the same issues
An other solution was more drastic, where you should download some files an other player had dropped on a sharing site and install those (over the original ones - I know, sounds very fishy...). A lot of players said it worked, but not on my side and to make things worse, I had to reinstall TERA all over again, this time taking 12 hours to download

  - An other 12 hours to download and most likely get stuck on the same issue again.
  - A 5 week old topic where no dev has yet replied in
  - No support available through the website

It's clear to me... TERA was not meant for me to play... Sadly, I have to miss out on this one because devs are not supporting their game correctly. This might be one of the prices to pay when a game goes from subscription to Free2Play..?

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Re-installed TERA
16 February 2013
With TERA Free2Play now and me having a 'Founder' account, I figured I should re-install TERA again and give it a new try. Even more because I'm not sure I'll keep playing World of Warcraft after my current 2-moth time-card has expired. Actually, right now I'm cutting down on all expenses for MMORPGs because I think they're not worth the money spent on them only because they're not innovative enough

Back to TERA... I downloaded the installed, installed it (25Gb total), next it was time to let the launcher patch the game and... Can't connect to the server (well, other words but that's basically it). Looking on the forums I'm not the only one having this problem. From the looks of it I think the patch server is kinda borked, and that when I wanted to play TERA gain

Well, lets wait till tomorrow and give it a new try to patch the game. I really hope it's not a problem on my side (most likely not...)


I was able to logon normally now (4 hours after I wrote the above). But because I'm busy downloading all Origin games again I was lagging badly and had to quit TERA. So as I expected, the problems were server side, and when I'm done later tonight (or tomorrow which is more likely) I'll play TERA a bit again

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Free2Play next month
09 January 2013
It looks like my predictions were right about TERA going Free2Play from the start. In October 2010 I was surprised that EnMasse Entertainment took Digital River as their payment handler as well as Frogster for the EU publisher. Like I said then, DR is a micro-transaction (READ cash shop) handler and Frogster only has Free2Play MMOs available.

Last November an extended trial was announced. Well, extended trial..? Playing for free up to level 28, almost halfway the game, is more than just a free trial in my book. When looking at the Free2Play path of Star Wars - The Old Republic, I then knew TERA would go fully Free2Play soon.

...but this soon..? Damn! EnMasse Entertainment has just announced that coming February (no precise day announced yet) TERA will go fully Free2Play (with cash shop). Some might be surprised, but I'm totally not. Like many previously subscription-based MMOs, TERA also offers a subscription that will give you certain advantages. But what I like most is that those who already have purchases TERA in the past (including me) will get a special 'Founder' Free2Play account which is pretty complete.

Now the question is if I'd return to TERA or stay with Fallen Earth... Well, as things are now, I think Fallen Earth will be my main MMO now, also because my brother is playing it as well, and we're both having a very good time there. I might install TERA to take a peek from time to time, but I won't be playing it a lot though...

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One step closer to Free2Play
17 November 2012
I've been saying it for a long time - Bluehole Sudio and EnMasse Entertainment were planning for TERA to go Free2Play from the start, and now it's finally happening. The first small steps have been made today with the Discovery Edition.

What does this Discovery Edition mean exactly. Well, for starters, it makes TERA Free2Play up to level 28. To make the comparison with Star Wars: The Old Republic that did go Free2Play this month, they allowed their players to play up to level 15 (or 20, not sure) before the fully Free2Play kicked in half a year later...

Of course, as free player you have some restrictions. You can see them in the linked article, but I want to point out some of them though...
   - 200 gold - No problem I think... Money gain is not that big in TERA and my character had around 50 gold on level 20.
   - Certain chat restrictions - At least a lot better than with the 7-day trial. Now you can speak with other players around you
   - Whisper & friendlist restrictions - Pretty common that you can't whisper to someone on trial accounts. Good that they compensated it by allowing to whisper players on your friendlist (they have to add you to theirs though to get them on your list)
   - No server transfer - *LOL?* They have only 3 servers, one PvP, one PvE and one RP, so why transfer to an other server?
With these changes and being able to level to 28 (which is halfway the game) I think it won't take long for EME to make TERA fully Free2Play in the US. After all, in Korea and Japan TERA has been Free2Play for almost a year now and with declining subscription numbers in the US, EME has to get new players in. I hope for EME's sake that the level 28 restriction is good enough to get new players interested and get them to subscribe, but I fear they'll bump into the same boredom as I had when playing it for a month or so. I think it'll in 3 months from now before TERA will go fully Free2Play...

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I'll wait for Free2Play
18 October 2012
The last week I haven't played TERA at all. I thought TERA would be my new home as MMORPG, but it looks like I was wrong and RIFT will be the one. Oh yes, TERA is a good game, but for me not worth a monthly subscription. Let me try to explain why I think it's not worth it...

First and foremost, TERA is not worth a monthly subscription, because it has already failed in Korea and Japan. In both countries, the number of subscriptions has been reduced to a fraction of what it was at launch, and in Korea it's already fully F2P and Japan will most likely follow soon.

Then there is the content, it feels very repeatative to me. You go from one location to the next to pickup quests. I agree that most themepark MMOs are like this, but the problem with TERA is that all quests come down to 'Kill 10 rats'. Though that's not a real bad thing, the lack of skills does make it boring to me.

And speaking of killing monsters... The combat was said to be innovative, but I gotta say that it's not that innovative. Sure, there are some things that you don't see a lot, like monsters backing off when you crit on them and the no-target system, but are they really innovative? The no-target system has been used more than once in single-player RPGs, and though it'd rather new in MMORPGs, it is not a real innovation. The same goes for the monster AI. Yes, I gotta admit that the AI used is better than most MMORPGs use, but the AI used is also very predictable, and thus making the AI pretty bad

Then the most important thing why it's not worth the monthly subscription. The content updates... Since TERA has already failed in Korea (it's home) and Japan, the content updates seem to be limited to very small updates once a month or so, but nothing major. TERA is still undergoing regular maintenance where bugs are squashed, but that's about it. When I compare this with RIFT, I gotta say that RIFT is on top of it's customers with regular updates and now an enormous content update that'll blow your socks off.

I think I'll wait for TERA to go Free2Play. I did enjoy those few hours I spend playing it, but when I compare it to the other 2 MMOs I've played recently (Guild Wars 2 and RIFT) it was the one that I found least enjoyable. If (when most likely ) if goes F2P, I'll be back with it as 'casual MMO' to play.

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Big Ass Monster (BAM) Radat solo
10 October 2012
For the main story quest, I had to kill a Big Ass Monster (BAM). When I found him, he indeed was a Big ASS for sure (check his behind in the movie ) and I asked my guild for help. That is, asked if anyone was out there around my level (23). Sadly this was not the case, and the lowest level guildie online was over 45 already. I thanked for his offer, and said I wanted a challenge and not a one-shot help and he understood.

So I was there alone (forgot to ask in /LFG though ) and figured that as healer-hybrid, I might as well give it a try alone. After all, if it was about to fail, I'd just run till the monster would be reset. But before I'd start, I dropped a lot of healing motes (damn, I LOVE those things!), gathered some mats for the 10 minute HP/MP regen buff and started...
Well, that was easy, and as quest reward I had a green robe. Very good for a couple of minutes work...

Later on I had a quest to kill similar BAM's and I figured if the one above was *THAT* easy, I could do the other ones solo as well. Now there I was wrong... Apperantly the BAM for the story quest has been made a 'bit' easier than the ones for the regular party quest...
 photo TERA2012101018582485_zps309b8d88.jpeg
This BAM was hard, and I mean REAL HARD! Here at 30% of HP, I think I've been busy with him for around 7-10 minutes already, and I've re-summoned my thrall of protection already 3 times or so. Damn, I really didn't think it would be this hard a challenge (I know - if one wishes for something, one might get it...)
 photo TERA2012101019033419_zps8096ef5c.jpeg
5 minutes later the BAM is finally dead, and the drips are worth it 4 green items (one was hidden in his corpse), 75silvers and a couple of regular stuff. Not to mention, 45K XP as well!

Cashing the quest was not so much cashing though. I had a 10silver rewards along with 8800XP Now that's a big let-down. Not to mention, when I cashed the quest I saw that I had an other quest as well that wanted me to kill 2 more of them. Guess now I'll yell in /LFG and see if there's anyone around who needs them as well

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Hopped server and bought TERA
03 October 2012
After the comments that my old Lineage II buddy Zylo made, I decided to hop to his server (read: restart all over again). Of course, I made an other Elin Mystic on the PvE server and named her Demigoth as well (no surprise there I guess).

That was about 3 days ago already... By now my lil' Elin is already level 16. Though it might seem high in level in such a short time, I am not really rushing the content. Even better, I am reading all of the quests to see how some stories build up, instead of clicking 'OK' and see where the next markers on the map are.

And then I've also bought TERA on ebay for only $22 (17). The seller was kind enough to open the box, send me the key by eMail and ship the box afterward. I'm not in a hurry to recieve the box (other than to have the map on paper ), so I'll see when it'll arrive.

Immediately after I recieved the key and registered it on the TERA website, I upgraded my account to that of a Digital Collectors Edition. This gives me 2 necklaces (one for level 15, the other for level 40) as well as a lion mount.
 photo TERA2012100118190161_zps37fcd245.jpeg

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Leaving the Island of Dawn
28 September 2012
Playing the Island of Dawn for like the 5th time, doesn't really give me a lot of pleasure doing so. There are no secrets to be discovered anymore, because I've been there before and read that book The one thing that does make it worth to play through the Island of Dawn (aside from kinda being a must) is that I know what to expect and can save up money all the way

Also the 2 instances on the Island of Dawn are known to me, but they do seem to have been made easier. Sorcha's Reckless Challenge was one that was recommended for a (small) party during beta, but now it can fully be done solo.
I know that during beta a lot of players already did it solo (I didn't though).

The other instance, Dark Revelations, is one that had to be done solo in beta already (I can be wrong here), and now it's as easy as it was during beta. But this time I knew what to expect and I didn't make that mistake to run to the other side of the 1st room and have all the mobs aggro me immediately
Only thing bothering me here is that huge ad at the end telling me I should buy TERA. I know, I'm on a trial account, and EnMasse Entertainment is hoping I'll buy and subscribe to their game, and I will (bidding on a sealed US version on eBay as I write this).

So what's next..? To the mainland for sure. And there I didn't really do a thing during beta, other than explore (and find a lot of empty area's). This time I'll run the quests given there, craft and try to socialize. Yeah, the socialize is a real try to for me now. Being on a trial account, I'm kinda muted (prolly to avoid gold sellers to use trial accounts), and it is really frustrating! Real players are kinda forced to solo the game till they buy the game, because it's almost impossible to make contact with anyone.

Oh well... 3 m ore days and (if all goes well), I'll have my key and be able to fully play TERA. I really can't wait, and I do hope that TERA will fill that gap that was made when I left Lineage II...

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