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Diablo III (PS4) Witch Doctor crashes with CE-34878-0 from Lob Blob Bomb
19 August 2017
Posted in PlayStation

I've had CE-34878-0 issues before with a PS Vita game. Googleing the issue I found out that it was related to corrupted data and it could be resolved in 3 days:
  1. Reinstall the game
  2. Remove the game save data (or upload to cloud and then download again)
  3. Reinitialize the device
Needless to say that option 3 is always a last resort, and certainly in this case for my PS4 with a 2Tb HDD that'll take ma hours to reinstall all games I have on it.

Instead I started with option 1 first, but sadly to no avail. Then option 2, and still the problem remained. As said, option 3 is a no-go for me, so Google once more is (NOT) my friend. There I learned that more PS4 Pro owners had this problem and that is might be caused by a memory leak. I was 100% that it's not a memory leak because I've played that Witch Doctor for days already without any problems so far.

Image title   Image title

So it became time to look at my skills and I figured that my somewhat high survivability (I've topped 3.5M survivability with my 30 pets out) in combination with the Zombie Dogs' Leeching Beasts rune since every time the game crahes I had full life. That theory was valid until I noticed a crash when I was at 10% health.

Image title   Image title

That was one viable theory down the drain. That'd mean I had to get back to my original character setup and start a trail & error course to find out what was causing the crashes. Pretty soon I found out that it was a combination of the The Grin Reaper's passive skill Chance when attacking to summon horrific Mimics that cast some of your equipped skills (remove the chance - I have them almost constantly around ) with the Acid Cloud skill using the Lob Blob Bomb rune. That combination was my best DPS setup I had at the time but crashed the PS4 constantly.
So I removed the The Grin Reaper and all went well, untill I bumped into my brother's Nemesis (I played on Torment 11 at the time). I'm still not sure if at that moment I had an other elite left to battle (I had a blue group and a yellow one right before he popped, and I think I killed them all, but not entirely sure). That Nemesis game me a hard time and I started spamming the Acid Cloud with the Lob Blob Bombs. In answer he spammed his freeze area's (I saw at least 5 on the ground) and his ground acid skill (hald the walkeble ground was greenish already). This all resultd in yet an other crash of my PS4
Next up I decided to reequip the The Grin Reaper and remove the Lob Blob Bomb from the Acid Cloud and it's been a smooth ride ever since. My brother and I have played for hours with my new setup already and have managed to play Torment 12 with no problems at all (though it goes slow....).

Needless to say that only one rune is pretty bugged. I'm not sure if it's one that'll pop up on lower levels, but during end-game batteling elite monsters that do a lot of skills it'll be bound to happen sooner than later. While I'm still not sure on the WHY of this bug, I think that the movement of the Lob Blob Bombs created either a memory leak or triggers too many timers (certainly when the Mimics spam Acid Cloud as well). Needless to say that when playing a Witch Doctor I can't use the best DPS setup I could find

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Drums please!
19 May 2017
Posted in PlayStation

Having played both RB and GH for the last couple of weeks, I decided to step up a bit and switch from bass and guitar to drums. Certainly from bass (which I already play on hard mode for a lot of songs), I figured it would not be too hard to change to drums. After all, both kinda reflect the rhythm of the song. I could not have been more wrong about that!

I started with RB4 on medium difficulty, but that didn't fair too well. I found out that the gaming chair I have (the arm rests actually) is not really suited for playing drums and that was after I figured out at what height the chair had to be set to use the foot pedal without getting too much strain in my ankle. Also, on medium difficulty, the speed is still too high for me to catch up with.

So I switched to a dining table chair without arm rests and easy difficulty in RB4, but still that seemed a bit too high for me for now. Next up I changed to GH World Tour, but the lack of difficulty levels per instrument made the pickings pretty hard. Not to mention that beginner difficulty is way too easy for me and beginner difficulty (without knowing the instrument difficulty) was pretty hard at times. Next up was Band Hero (the only GH I have game with instrument difficulty shown) and all drums start with a 2/10 rating (or 1/5 stars in RB). Sadly though, none of those songs I know and it felt totally awkward to play them, making me fail a lot. Not to mention, the RB games use the chimes a lot, even at lower difficulties, which I think is kinda lame. IMO they should have started with just the 3 drums and foot pedal with occasional chime to get used to them.

As a last resort I switched to The Beatles RB. This was the one I needed to get started! I know the majority of the songs and it has 0/5 star songs to get used to playing drums. Sadly though, having a GH drum set and not a RB drum set, I had to use the left chime as yellow drum (right chime is not working in The Beatles RB, while in RB4 it plays the green drum), and that proofed to be difficult at times. Not because it's the chime itself, but rather hopping from yellow to blue at times and missing the chime at times because of it.
In general I managed to get all songs from the 1st set on 4 stars and even 2 on 5 stars (on easy difficulty). I think that's a good start for playing an irregular drum for the game, and a good starting point to up the stakes later on. Stakes being either the 2nd set (1/5 star difficulty) or reach all songs on 5 star in the 1st set, or even up difficulty to normal for the 1st set.

An other thing I need to learn is to change the way I measure the music's beat. I normally so it with both my feet, with left being the actual count and right every 3rd or 4th beat. Well, I can't do that with the drums, because that'd cause me a lot of failures when the foot pedal is not used Instead I think I should use only my toes or heel on the right when the foot pedal is not used. With that, I do need to get used to playing both drums and foot pedal from time to time. I noticed that even on beginner difficulty that's the one thing causing the most problems (other than missing the left chime from time to time).

Of course, this does show that I do need a RB drum set as well, or rather instead of the GH drum set. I think 4 drums are easier to master than 3 drums and 2 chimes (or 1 chime when playing RB games ) for the simple reason that the drums are all on the same level and I only need to change horizontally instead of also vertically.
Sad thing though, where the GH drums are easy to get and are pretty cheap (around 30 inc P&P), the RB drums are rather expensive. The ones I've seen that work with the PS4 start at 50 without P&P, while the cheaper ones always have some 'problem' along side. I've seen one for 35 inc P&P but was never tested, while an other is missing the floor stand. Alternatively, I could buy the MIDI console for the PS3 and see if I could get a semi-professional drum set, but then it'd end up around 200 minimum (and my wife prolly would diforce me ). In general it means that for now I'll have to stick with the GH drum set to get used to it

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Guitar Hero vs Rock Band (or rather Activision vs Harmonix)
11 May 2017
Posted in PlayStation

As I've written in my previous post, I've discovered rhythm games and by now I've taken a deep dive into it. Since the last post, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X has arrived and I've played it a lot, but I've also taken my sense of rhythm to the instrument games of Guitar Hero (Activision) and Rock Band (Harmonix), and I'll give you my take on these two IPs/publishers.

Let me start with the list of games that I have acquired by now.
For Activision's (Guitar) Hero series it is Band Hero, DJ Hero 1 & 2, Guitar Hero 3, World Tour and Van Halen, with Metallica & Aerosmith still in the mail (they should arrive any day now). Last but not least, I also got Guitar Hero Live, but more on that later on in this post as well.
For Harmonix' Rock Band series, the list is somewhat shorter: The Beatles Rockband and Rock Band 4 and Rock Band Blitz (digital download), with Rock Band 3 still in the mail.
For ease of reference, I'll write GH for all Activision games & hardware (unless I need to specify a game) and RB for the Harmonix games.

Let me start with the hardware, or rather the controllers. I have 2 GH guitars (one from World Tour and the other from Band Hero), and one drums set from Band Hero. Sadly I don't have any RB controllers, but no worries there, they are exchangeble between the two publishers, except that the Mad Catz (Harmonix) guitars won't work on GH Aerosmith (according to a wikia I found - no clue why though).
You will also hear that the Activision drums are not compatible with RB, but that's not true. They are compatible, but with RB using 3 drums and 2 chimes and RB using only 4 drums, there is some kind of 'conversion' when playing. The left (yellow) chime of the GH drums is the yellow RB drum, while both the blue chime and green drum from the GR drums are the green drum on RB. It is something to get used to, but with RB drums being extremely expensive (100 and more without P&P), the GH drums are an alternative. The RB drums set also has an 'Pro' expansion that'll add 3 chimes to them, which is not compatible with GH at all.

Then the games. Harmonix has put a lot of effort to make all games downward compatible by allowing imports of the old songs into the new games. Sadly for me though, I started too late and I can't import RB 1 & 2 anymore because Harmonix' license for these songs have expired While the track packs can still be imported when using a new copy of them (or being lucky and find an old copy with an unused key in them - I'd rather not chance it ). These imports are also compatible from PS3 to PS4 (or XB360 to XB1 - XB1 users keep in mind that you DO need to buy a legacy adapter convertor though)
GH games on the other hand don't have any import from other games. They are all stand alone games with a number of songs in them that you can play. And while talking about GH, here Activision shows it's ugly face. With GH Live, they really said to screw their loyal fans by making the old controllers no longer compatible with the new game and came with a completely new controller. Needless to say that this incarnation of the game is the least popular - when browsing 2nd hand sale sites (like craighs list, ebay on my Dutch for Guitar Hero, you see an aweful huge number of GH Live games.

An other thing that shows a clear difference in approach of the games between GH and RB is a difficuulty meter. All of my GH games, except for Band Hero, don't show a difficulty level of the instrument played, while all RB games do have one. For starting playeds like me it's something that's really required, because some songs have such a high learning curve to play (read: lots of notes to shift to and from) that playing them on hard (which I perfer) is kinda hard. Also, in RB's practive mode you can also control the speed of the song from 70% up to 100% to learn certain hard parts, while in GH you can just practive the song af normal speed. This alone makes the RB series my favorite one . Also, The Beatles Rod Band is *THE* perfect game to learn how to play rhythm games in general, solely because back in the 60s they didn't do such extreme things with the guitars in general

As a metal head, I'd prefer the Guitar Hero (not DJ Hero or Band Hero or Live) series because they hold a lot of rock and metal songs, while RB has more songs for a wider audience (pop, R&B, rap/hip hop up to all sorts of metal). But I gotta say that there's a lot of songs in all of games that I've never heard of, both rock & metal as all other genres. And those songs are the most challenging ones actually. I just play them and see where the rhythm flows me.

Last but not least, online play. GH series are all very old already (except for Live), but their online play is still available, but that doesn't mean that you'll have a chance to play with (or against) anyone though. But when you have someone on your friendlist with the game game, you can make arrangements for it.
RB(4) on the other hand has an online module for sale in the console's store (for a 'mere' 30 and it does include a couple of songs as well). I've watched streams on the PSNetwork and there's a lot of people playing in co-op mode there. This makes RB(4) a very good online game to play I'd say. Sadly though, most people playing online are playing on EXPERT mode and the hardest songs, which for me is still a long way to go

In general, I think both GH (except Live) and RB are very good games, though I lean more toward RB than GH. If you don't mind playing only career mode with a 'small' (around 65) set of songs and still own a PS3/XB360, then GH games are a good and cheap option. If you want more songs (over 500 with an ever expanding library) and optionally online play, then RB is the one for you.

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Tales of Symphonia 2nd seal
21 May 2015
Posted in PlayStation

I haven't played Tales of Symphonia for a while thanks to that boss of the 2nd seal (which is labeled as very hard by most players) and because I was playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope when I was playing on the PlayStation 3. Today I picked up Tales of Symphonia again because I so desperately wanted to get past that boss. While fighting I decided to record the battle so I could show how I did it.

Before I laid Tales of Symphonia aside I already tried to beat this boss for a dozen times at least and obviously without any success. This was a month ago for sure. When I picked it up again today I tried with my original party to no avail. The walk trough suggests to take Lloyd, Colette, Kratos and Genis and leave Raine out of the party (though she's an excellent healer). It also tells me to get enough apple and orange gels with me (30% HP and MP regen) and I also had 5 life bottles (resurrection) with me. In all fights I ran out of life bottles and apple gels, which kinda made it a party wipe in the end. I also tried a lot of parties including Kratos, but somehow he's a lasy ass that sticks to healing (even if Raine is set to healing amd Kratos to damage) and that didn't work either. Not to mention, his healing powers totally suck compared to Raine

In the end I gave a party of Lloyd, Colette (as the walkthough stated no choice for her ), Raine and Genis a try. I set Lloyd's EX skills to taunt and tough, basically making him the tank of the party, while Collette and Genis were set to do burst skill usage and Raine set to pure healing. This party setup really paid off, with only Collette to die once because of that massive water AoE that this boss does. I did use a lot of gels though to keep Raine alive (somehow she forgets to heal herself most of the time) and keep the MP of both Raine and Genis up so they could keep using their skills.

I know I said I decided to record the battle, and after half a dozen tries I finally had that lucky 7th battle that succeeded with the above party. Sadly though I totally forgot to record this battle and I don't have the footage to show you

Now that I've defeated this boss and have released the 2nd seal I'll be playing Tales of Symphonia a bit more again. Not alone because I want to play through the game itself, but also because from this game on I have all other games in the Tales series and I want to play them in order. Okay, I gotta admit that Tales of Rebiirth and Tales of the Abyss are not completely legal (ISOs for the emulator), but I will try to get them for PSP and PS2 legally as well...

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Star Ocean 5 announced!
26 April 2015
Posted in PlayStation

I think Star Ocean is an IP that's grown better than that Final Fantasy has done over the last few years. That is from the RPGs made by Square Enix of course There are a lot of better RPGs (for consoles) out there (Tales series comes to mind...)

Anyhow, on I read an article linked to PCGamer where Square Enix would be announcing 3 new games on the upcoming E3. I figured that it could not be a new game in the Final Fantasy series since 15 is around the corner and the Type-0 has just had a remake for the PS4. Therefor I wasn't very interested in this anouncement until last week when I read an update on (once again linked to PCGamer) that the newly announced game would be Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness.

Now this is awesome news! Right now I'm playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope on my PS3 and am enjoying the game a lot - even more than I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII-1! The Last Hope offers a pretty open world and has a number of pretty challenging boss battles. Not to mention, there's crafting and the characters have a pretty deep (and sometimes silly) background. I can only hope that Integrity and Faithlessness will be as good as The Last Hope!

An other interesting thing is that Integrity and Faithlessness is announced for PlayStation 3 and 4 only. Both the fact that it'll be a PlayStation-only title AND that it'll be released on the by now pretty old PlayStation 3 console are pretty interesting and shows once again that PlayStation is THE console to own if you love RPG games.

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Elgato rocks for streaming
13 April 2015
Posted in PlayStation

Like I said yesterday, I decided to give the Elgato Game Capture HD a try and I bought it last weekend. Well, I gotta say that from the moment I installed it I was sold by the thing. Let me make a comparison with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro from my PlayStation 3 experience (can't really comment on other consoles since I only own a PS2 and PS3 )

First the price of the two. The Elgato is 20 more than the Roxio, but it comes with a PlayStation 3 cable, which the Roxio lacks. That means that for PlayStation 3 owners the price of the two is roughly the same, but for other console owners the Elgato is a bit more expensive. But I think in general that extra 20 for the other console owners is really worth it (read on).

The installation of the Elgato is as simple as that of the Roxio. Just plug it in, install the drivers and software. The Elgato does not come with a CD so you should download the latest version from their site, while Roxio comes with a CD and has a key linked to it (I feel sorry for the person who buys my returned device, though after all this time the thing is still available in the store - I did ask Roxio to remove my key and make it available, but so far it's still linked to my account ).

One of the main reasons I returned the Roxio was the shadows it created on my screen. The Elgato doesn't create such shadows and has a 100% stable pass through of the signal through the device. And speaking about the pass through of the signal... The Roxio had problems switching from 1080p to 720p, forcing me to have my PC on to make the switch, while the Elgato switches resolution without any problem when my PC is turned off. An other important feature is that the Elgato by default supports the 1080p signal when the PC is turned on, while the Roxio needed a software upgrade of the PC drivers to reach 1080p (it only supported 1080i when the PC was turned on).

Then the software supplied by the 2 manufacturers... They both have the same functionality in general, but the Elgato goes a lot further where the Roxio stops. For instance, the Elgato allows you to set your maximum bitrate for streaming and thus the quality of the signal. This while the Roxio uses the maximum bitrate available for the resolution you want to stream on. This means that the Elgato can stream on 720p with as low as 1.6Kbps while Roxio uses the default 2.5Kbps for 720p (and thus isn't optimized for slower upload rates).
An other good feature the Elgato software has and the Roxio software lacks is the ability to stream and capture the feed locally. Though it does seem like a feature one would not use a lot, video editors (like myself) certainly will use it. And to make things even better, the Elgato allows you to separate the actual gameplay feed from anything you add on the PC (pictures, webcam and even commentary!)
Last but not least, the Elgato software has a higher quality in general, making the software respond a lot faster than the Roxio software does...

Streaming with both the Elgato and Roxio software also shows some differences. Both support twitch and Yahoo (for obvious reasons), but adding a custom site (like DailyMotion for me) is a lot easier with the Elgato software. Sadly though, the Elgato software only stores 1 streamkey and uses it for all settings, where the Roxio stores the key per streaming site.
Of course, you're not forced to stick with the supplied software. You can use XSplit or Open Broadcaster Software. I'm using the latter for the Eegato (didn't use it with the Roxio so I can't comment on that part) and this speeds up the throughput from the PlayStation 3 to the PC and streaming to the site a lot - especially from the PS3 to the PC. Don't ask me where that extra speed comes from, but I think it has something to do with the Elgato software allowing you to replay while streaming (didn't figure out how that works because I won't use that while playing games).

Though I am very positive about the Elgato, there is one negative to the drivers and/or software. Whenever I start to stream, the PS3's screen blanks for half a second. This happens in both the Elgato software and the OBS software (so it must be the drivers I think). That means that when I want to stream, I have to be in the main menu of the game and not be playing already just to make sure I won't die in the game when that blank screen shows. But aside from that, I think that the Elgato is a much better streaming device than the Roxio is...

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Star Ocean is back!
27 March 2015
Posted in PlayStation

I got a call earlier today that the 'new' 2nd hand Star Ocean game has arrived. I immediately (*AHUM* as fast as I could ) to pick it up. Good thing that the guys in the store already checked the disc for scratches - there were none.

Back at home I immediately started to play, ran from the save point to the beach and ran into the 1st monster I could find to trigger the combat scene there (thats where the game hung itself last week). Sadly, the game hung itself again and I was quite disappointed. Of course I called the store and he told me that I should delete the pre-installed date (not the saved game of course ) and start the disc again.

That I did. Sadly though, that mere 2Gb that the PS3 needs to copy from the disc to the harddive takes 'a bit longer' than such a copy instruction would take on the PC. So about 10 minutes later I was once again ready to start running from that save point to the beach. And guess what? I was in combat

Now I wonder why that previous (defective) disc I had copied data from the disc to the harddrive without CHECKING the data that's copied. If I copy data from a disc to a harddrive and the disc is damaged, I'll get a notification that it can't read the data. Why on earth does the PS3 not have such a simple failsave build in? And if it's not a PS3 'responsibility' to check copied data, then why didn't the game's installer make the check? Things like this make me really wonder about the quality of a product...

But for now, lets not be bothered about that faulty disc anymore and enjoy the game again!

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Destiny - pleasantly surprised
24 March 2015
Posted in PlayStation

You might know I'm not really the shooter-type of guy. Actually, I suck big-time when it comes to shooter games, mostly because these games are aimed at speed and not tactics. With that negative feeling in mind, I downloaded the Destiny demo for the PS3 and started to play it a bit. Man, was I surprised by the game and it's mechanics!

When starting Desitny I had the choice of 3 classes to play. Obviously I picked the Warlock one, adding some 'magic' to the game. Not to forget, this class seems to be a bit more powerful when it comes to close combat with the 'shield bump' skill that it gives which pushes (and damages) multiple close enemies. Damage that can be quite lethal actually. Some monsters that I push away are killed instantly, while others (higher level ones) drop down to half their health. So when I've pushed them away, I only have to shoot once or twice and they're dead

Then the on-line world... Destiny claims to have one, but so far it looks much more like a HUB (the Tower city) than an actual on-line world. But hey, what to expect from a console based game (*AHUM* Final Fantasy XIV and a couple of other full blown MMORPGs are available for the PS3 ). The Tower city is buzzing with life (players) running around, but sadly no chat (the game doesn't seem to have text-chat, it does however have voice-chat). I'm not sure if there's a limit to the number of players in Tower city, but I guess it'll be 64 or so (regular player limit number for most console games).

Entering a mission there are more hard limits to the number of players that can enter. So far I've done only one and that was with 3 players maximum. And while I didn't open a channel for the mission (or join one), there were 2 other players there doing their thing (it looked like a XP farm). I went on the mission I was given (get the warpdrive for that broken ship I found in the introduction) and played through it. And while regular shooters have pretty tiny maps, this map was HUGE (for shooter standards ).
For me that mission ended in a battle with some boss which I managed to take down after 2 deaths. One death was just some unknowingly thing that I could not get too close to that boss (insta-kill ) when I tried to use that 'shield bump' skill on him. The other death was just bad luck with 4 or 5 NPCs up my ass at the spot where I was shooting from

Last but not least, the thing that really took me in: character progression. Yes, that's something that Bungie really thought about. Not only can you upgrade your weapons and armor, but also your skills. And those skills are bound to the keys of the gamepad and I guess when I grow in level that at one point I can't use them all any more but instead have to take a pick of what I want to use. Skill progression also seems to be linked to the XP gain, because I'm level 2 now and have 2 skills unlocked. Oddly enough, from the looks of it the maximum level is 20 (not sure though), and there are way more skills available...

Will I buy Destiny? Not sure, but certainly not at it's current price of 70 And that 70 is only the base game. Expansions are on it's way at 20 each, or buy the expansion pass for 35. I mean 105 to play a console on-line only game? That's a lot of cash and knowing how the on-line community easily hops from one game to the other it could mean that after a couple of months Destiny is a ghost town like so many other on-line games...

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Star Ocean hanging
21 March 2015
Posted in PlayStation

I remember having played Star Ocean on one of my PlayStation 2's that I used to have in the past. Though I didn't really get far in the game (consoles was not really my thing back then AND I could only play on the TV and not on a monitor like now with the PlayStation 3) the game did leave me a very good impression. And thus I decided to grab Star Ocean: The Last Hope (2nd hand) for the PS3 and play through it.

The start of the game was very slow with about half an hour or movies and cutscenes before I could actually start to play (as with most jRPGs), but that didn't really bother me. For jRPGs this first introduction is really necessary to get the feel of the setting and how things have developed in the current episode of the game. It also allows you to meet various characters in the game that you can play with or which you really need.

After having finally crashed on planet Aeos (somewhat the new Earth) and having 'saved' a couple of NPCs from the local wild life (which would not be there according to the surveys ) I finally got to go out there on my own. The first two 'zones' were pretty easy to go through, each introducing a couple of new monsters (which are obviously a bit harder than the ones I met before). The 3rd zone (where the last crashed ships probably is) already felt more 'open world' and gave me a 'point of no return' at which I jumped down from, ending up on the beach in the movie below.

There on the beach I saw a NPC I had to talk with (prolly the ship I'm looking for, or at least a survivor). Though not really on my way to that NPC directly (not being able to climb up where I just jumped from I guess I do have to go his way) I decided to explore a bit and see what goodies and resources were hidden there.
Untill I accidentally was attacked by a crab on that beach. The battle sequence started, I heard the battle music (the movie below is silent because I was using headphones), the screen goes white to load the battle and...stayed white...

Okay, perhaps that was just a glitch. Quit the game (the PS3 was not hanging, this is clearly a software oading problem), and I gave it a new try. Walk through the zone (Star Ocean isn't very giving on save points - which I like ) and get to an other crab on that beach - a white screen again Third try to get to the beach and attack anything else but a crab and once more a white screen (that's the above movie).

Man, I was sad and frustrated there. Finally I got to play a game I was looking for, enjoying it and this happens When I took out the disc and looked at it, I saw that it had 2 very light scratches, the ones that every CD or DVD would simply ignore. And having bought this game only a couple of days ago, I decided to go back to the store. They indeed confirmed that this problem might be caused by those light scratches (hurray for Blue-Ray ) and I got my money back since they had to order this game from an other store. When they looked at the stock of other stores they saw that there were a couple more available and promised me to order one the next day (I was there Thursday evening) and would have it next week's Saturday - it the transfer went quick.

I'm kinda sad now because I can't play Star Ocean for at least a week. I really enjoyed the approximate 3 hours I played it. I also hope that this white screen indeed is caused by that light scratch and not something caused by the game itself (should I jump down there already is what I've been wondering).

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WATCH_DOGS, or is it GTA?
10 March 2015
Posted in PlayStation

So I bought WATCH_DOGS las Sunday (apolagees for the typo I made with the game's name last time ), but so far it doesn't really feel like a role-playing game that it should be. Instead it feels much more like a Grant Theft Auto clone to me, which is really a bad thing because I hate that game (yes I bough them in a cheap Steam bundle a long time ago).

Why the GTA feeling..? The start mission to get to know the game was just awesome. You've found the guy who killed your little niece and you want to hear his employer. This all happens at the last inning of the baseball game in basements of the Chicago stadium. You gotta get out of there unnoticed and a friend of yours came up with the brilliant idea (*NOT*) to stage a gang scene and call the cops.

So far so good. But with all the cops around you gotta egt out of there and your friend has arranged a car for you. I get in an... Bingo - 2 cops up my tail trying to get me for the scene in the stadion (how did they know it was me in the first place..?). Next up is a race, race and more racing to ditch those 2 cops (yes, very much GTA).

Next I continue on the campaign story (I always want to play those before I really get into open-world content), and my sister calls me for her son's b-day. That same friend of mine again was nice enough to arrange a car for me and I get coordinates on where to pick it up. I knew the car was stolen, but not a single cop around searching for the car, but the moment I step behind the wheel, there are 3 cops alarmed and... Yes, once again I need to ditch them (and there comes GTA once again). IT TOOK ME FUCKING A DOZEN TIMES TO GET THROUGH IT!!! Oh, did I mention I suck at driving cars in games..? You really don't want to see what the car (a muscle car BTW) looked like each and every time I failed (or that one time I made it ) - I guess that $200K car was worth only $2 in the end

Then the b-day at my sister's place. She got a call which I 'overheard' (read: hacked into) and she's threatened with her and her son's life (has something to do with my character...). I leave her house, spot the person threatening her and he takes of IN A CAR and my mission updates that I can't let him escape >:( (here we go again GTA..).

At this point I shut it down because I had to go to the company doctor (see my other post today). I really want to play through this game's campaign. I've heard real good stories about it, but if I have to keep racing cars, I'd much rather grab a Need for Speed alike game and race there. WATCH_DOGS is about hacking and so far I'm not really hacking my way through, other than hacking cars into scrap. IMO they should have left out those racing scenes OR give the player the option to pursue in a different way. Oh well, lets see how far this game brings me, or rather how many cars I crash before deleting it...

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