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Account blocked till the year 4753
21 January 2016
Posted in Lineage II

I've asked the Innova team for a refund for the L2Classic because of their lack of enforcing the EULA, and all I had as response from one of the GMs was "Your payment was done on 15.12.2015 at 18:16. According to the point 4.2. of Payment Policy there cannot be refund if a user makes request after 14 days of buying a subscription.".

Of course I didn't agree with it and asked PayPal for a refund, argueing that because Innova didn't enforce their EULA, that 4.2 part of their payment policy wsa null and void as well. After 3 days I didn't get any reply from Innova on it and I upgraded the the request to a claim two days ago. I figured that Innova would tellm e to shove off and point to PayPal at that 4.2 part of their policy agreement.

To my big surprise I just recieved 2 emails with the following message:

 photo Screenshot 2016-01-21 20.16.25_zpsitrwsozx.png

These emails were immediately followed by 2 emails from PayPal that 25 (each) has been refunded.

I was seriously amazed that Innova just decided to go along with the refund and lock the account as fraudulent. Well, not overly surprised, because I've been making a lot of fuzz on the forums and after the ban on the forums I've been 'harassing' Amarantha & DeepBlue (not really harassing, but I've been nagging them a lot afterward )

So with this file closed it's clear that I no longer have anything to do with Lineage II anymore. The new updates just suck, and the L2Classic is locked. And even if NCWest might give L2Classic a try, I think I'll stay away from it for the same reasons I've requested this refund: bots, rmt and other cheaters, and knowing NCWest GMs it'll go even rampage more on their servers than Innova.

It's only a good thing that in a couple of months Black Desert is released!

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Innova - Freedom of speech & banhammer
20 January 2016
Posted in Lineage II

This will most likely be my last post about L2Classic and Innova. I have totally give up on it and the refund request for my subscriptions have been pushed to PayPal and I'm waiting for it... In the mean time, a couple of things have come to my attention that (once again) shows what kind of shithole a company Innova is...

First off the freedom of speech, or rather the lack of it... As always, I've made a couple of very criticizing post on their forum (which have gained a lot of likes from other users), but these posts have either been locked now or moved into the 'Big Bot QQ' thread. One of my posts called 'Innova CAN (and SHOULD) activily ban bots' has been moved there, because the moderators think it's not meant to report bots on the forums. EXCUSE ME? I was not reporting a single bot there and only pointed out how they can (and SHOULD ) find and ban bots...

An other thread if mine with lots of user likes is called 'EU server..? Kidding right?' (which is a simple copy/paste from my blog post of January 10) has been closed as well, but the reason is a bit odd "there have been several similar threads already made covering similar topics. I'm locking this thread.". You're kidding right? To make up with closing the thread, the moderator links to a post of Amarantha with the number of bans the last 2 weeks. Uhm... that was not the point of my posts to at all!

And while at it... The banhammer that has been swung and Amantha has written about...

 photo Screenshot 2016-01-20 17.24.38_zpsvsunxdsc.png

I hope you guys at Innova feel god about you... But in 1 month time you have banned only 1200 accounts. Though the number is impressive, on the forums players voice a botting amount of 30-50% of the player base. And with over 15K pre-prepurchases that would mean 3000-7500 bots at least. And don't tell me that us legit players didn't report them all. I'm sure we've already covered them all, but if players like iPKU (one mentioned a lot for adena buying and botting) is still active, you guys just FAIL BIG TIME.

Also, I wonder why 77 characters have been banned and not the accounts of these 77 characters... Add to that that 50 'high level players' have been banned 1-10 days for obtaining adena from bots. I wonder who's bots that are... Were they BUYING adena or OWNING the bots that farm adena? Well, don't care too much, in both cases it's a BANNABLE OFFENCE according to the EULA. Or does Innova not want to loose the leaders of the big clans on the server..?

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Adena sellers are off the hook
16 January 2016
Posted in Lineage II

After yesterday's fuzz about the streaming botter (to me he's botting because of autoamted gameplay, weather he is at keyboard or not) and this player being revieled as one of the adena selelrs of the server, I had 2 responses from both Amarantha & DeepBlue:

 photo Screenshot 2016-01-16 08.23.44_zps9nqbr9sb.png photo Screenshot 2016-01-16 08.23.15_zpsevizi9qv.png

Well, that sounds hopefull... They're finally investigating an adena selelr on the server. But do they..? When looking at (part of) the stream, it clearly shows that a dwarf by the name of Pe4alka is owned by this dude and you'd expect that they'd ban that one as well already.

 photo zplayer 2016-01-16 08-13-45-86_zpsbldlwtql.jpg photo zplayer 2016-01-16 08-17-17-45_zpstofcrf80.jpg

The above 2 pictures are actually stills of the stream, with the in-game still at 4:04 where the player sets his dwarf to sell the (through botting aqcuired) key materials for 4.5M adena, and the right still shows very clearly that this player recieved money for being Not to mention, his twich stream page also clearly has a link to

With the promise of Amarantha & DeepBlue to investigate this player from the stills they've seen and the information I've provided you'd expect that this Pe4alka dwarf would be banned as well, or at least be imprisoned during the investigation. Well, it seems that both Amarantha & DeepBlue both lack intelligence to think ahead like this. When I reinstalled L2C this morning just to ake a peek, I found this dwarf at the Monster Race Track, still selling these key materials, but now only having 1.88M left in the store.

 photo l2 2016-01-16 08-12-18-00_zpswkxdvf6r.jpg

This implies that Amarantha & DeepBlue have allowed an adena seller to make a 2.7M adena profit (which translates at the current rate to around $70, which is a lot for a Russian player!), if not more. MORE..? yes, the still from the stream shows he has lots of key materials and he might have added new stuff later on.

Well, it's very clear that Innova is totally lacking the intelligence to bring down one of the bigger adena sellers on the server. More over, other parts of the stram (I have 90 minutes saved on my HDD of it) also show that the whole party he was using to bot is in one clan. While these are 'played' by other players, Innova has clearly stated that when a player are in a party with a bot, that player will be punished as well for botting. In this case the clan information shows that at least 4 players are off the hook for their ban - WHY?

Only thing left for me to do is to warn ANY POTENTIAL PLAYERS NOT TO PLAY ON THE INNOVA SERVERS. These servers are as bad as NCWest servers were during the subscription period of Lineage II. And while the CMs and GMs say that they TRY to ban bots and adena sellers, the truth is actually far from that. If you REALLY want to play a classic Lineage II server, best turn to a low-rate private one. Even while I don't support them, at least the GMs of some private Lineage II servers do take all it needs to kepe their server free from cheaters like this.

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Botting allowed as long as you're there?
15 January 2016
Posted in Lineage II

The Innova L2C forums have been buzzing this morning about a twitch streamer that's clearly botting, or at least having his gameplay automated. I immediately reported this 'player' to Amarantha and DeepBlue (who both have certain GM powers in game as well), and here's the reply I had from Amarantha:

 photo Screenshot 2016-01-15 10.43.42_zpsttpizyhs.png

As you can imagine, I was furious about this answer and I dropped this screenshot in the buzzing topic with the comment "So botting is allowed as long as you're at the keyboard", followed by a comment that I'll request a refund because Innova clearly can't keep their end of the bargain of the EULA (and thus according to EU law the contract can be canceled).

It might not come as a surprise, but dropping this screenshot got me banned on the forums till the end of March (long live my own domains and infinite forum accounts ) ad the message was deleted. Oddly enough, Amarantha did come up with some weird reply...

 photo Screenshot 2016-01-15 12.48.54_zpso50vhjqp.png

I'm not sure, but I don't think they were AFK at the momen. I suspect that the revolting player on the forum did kinda push her to take this action, and indeed, on the steam I saw them disconnect one by one.

Now the odd parts of this all...
1. This dude is as dumb as dumb can be - he kept streaming an other hour after he got his D/C with all of his toons...
2. This dude is from Russia, made a ticket and did get support, while according to Innova's own policy, those not living within the supported area (2.9 from the EULA that I posted earlier) will not get support. GMDoctor told him his character (not account ) was suspended for 7 days. Okay, his stream showed he has 6 days of sub left, but IMO he should be banned permanently. Later in that ticket he also admitted to have been banned from Grand Kain (L2C RU) and there he promised not to bot anymore - PERM BAN FOR SURE!
3. During the time he kept streaming I've seen lots of info (and recorded it - 94 minutes of a cheater at work ). Amongst the info I saw was also his WebPay account, where it became clear he's one of the adenasellers on the server. Of course, this part of the recordings I've uploaded and shared with Amarantha & DeepBlue...

But I ask you... Why on earth is botting (or in this dude's case automated gameplay - he didn't use a 3rd party program) allowed when you're still around at the keyboard. Eventhough I doubt he's been at the keyboard the whole 10 hours of his stream, IMO automated gameplay IN ANY FORM should be an INSTANT and PERMANENT BAN, regardless if you're using 3rd party software, your programmable keyboard or even have some keys pressed by weights. You are automating gameplay FFS!

Well, at least this guy got banned. Hopefully all of the characters played from his IP address and in his party will be banned as well now that the adenaselling has become clear. But none the less, I have filed the refund request anyway, becuse this whole debacle just shows how bad Innova actually is at enforcing their EULA...

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One fucking botfest!
12 January 2016
Posted in Lineage II

I know L2Classic gave us the promise of the old Lineage II feeling, but I didn't know Innova would take it THIS litterally...

The Skelth server is invested with (mostly) Russian bots that are there for only one thing: MAKE REAL MONEY (not sure if the Russian Ruble is real money though ). This while the EU server has a strickt list of countries that are allowd to play on the server, and Russia is not one of them!
2.9. Territory means the territory of Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican City, and only Users located within the indicated territory shall have the right to participate therein unless otherwise stated by Innova.
                                          (taken from Innova's EULA)

Like I've showed two days ago, the RMT in L2C is just BAD, there's no other word for it. In every town there are at least 2 bots yelling to sell adena (picture below taken when I just left Gludio) and making it unable to see the legit players chat there. Heck, if you're in clan it's even impossible to see your clan mates chat so much spam is there from the adenaselling bots

 photo l2 2016-01-11 07-16-58-73_zpsyxaemwr3.jpg

Then there's the botting. Though Innova states that they investigate EVERYONE reported, I highly doubt that. There are bots that I've reported 2-3 weeks ago and they're still running around 24/7 doing their scripted stuff (like the 2 in Moon armor in the movie below). And with bot scripts having become more and more sophisticated, it's now actually harder to spot a bot, but experienced players (like me) still pick them out like rotten apples in a fruitbasket (oh yeah, pun intended there...)

In the above movie (and I've made one alike on the same spot for 2 other spoiler bots), the 1st one (BlackGnom) is the most obvious one. Stun (or even hit) it and it'll force log to relogin exactly 30 seconds later.
The second one (Alchemik) doesn't bother when I TRY to stun him. Where every normal player would at least ask a 'WTF?' but most likely return the favor of stunning, he just keeps going. Not to mention, have you EVER seen a player with a stun resist like he has? Like 4 hist and he just keeps going, this while there's a lot of QQ on the Innova forums about the 99% landrate of the dwarf and orc stun attacks...
The last 2 (Fedylaeva and DreamCast, the ones in Moon armor) have clearly been deleveled. They were there 2 weeks ago already when I was leveling DemiGoth and Reizla (WS/SE combo) and have clearly been leveling AFK a lot, to be deleveled afterward by the bot owner. What's not recorded is that I stunned Fedylaeva later on, and much like Alchemik the bot just kept going and didn't bother at all.

...but things can get worst... Here's a great video by an old friend of mine from Nania (socketka)...

Things are not (yet) THIS bad on Skelth, but the way Innova is handling the bot & RMT problem, it sure might be something that WILL happen...

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L2Classic? A fucking mess!
10 January 2016
Posted in Lineage II

Skelth, our EUROPEAN Lineage II Classic server, run by Innova who's known for keeping their server free or rmt and botting and enforces the EULA. Well, none of it at all! This 'European server' is a fucking joke (and I was afraid it would happen).

This server is TOTALLY NOT an European server, and it's far from the legit server Innova was hoping to achieve. The 'top clans' are all Russian who're either botting 24/7 OR sharing accounts. Both not according to EULA, but since Innova is a Russian company nothing much is done. Heck, alll those 'top clans' took the 1st and 2nd waves of clanhalls easily (10M/20M adena each - how on earth did they do that?) and they're also level 4 or 5 clans as well (you need 1K proofs for level 4 and 10K for level 5, not even mentioning the amount of SP needed).

Along with these 'top clans' and bottings comes an other problem - real money trading (RMT). In every town you see more 'players' yelling for one or an other rmt site than I've seen on the NCWest servers - chat is pretty much unreadeble because of all those rmt yells Not ot mention the amount of PMs I get, even on characters that have just entered the server (how do they know those toons?) advertising for the rmt/powerleveling service along with a 'sorry for spam' in it  I report each & every one of those RMT names I come across, and all that's done is a chat ban on those toons and they're flagged for later ban (why not immediately?)

 photo l2 2016-01-09 09-51-11-57_zpsjvzsyvv1.jpg

And these cheaters know nothing much is done and are becoming bolder and bolder. Just look at the shop I've marked on the image above. WTF? $30 for a top-D weapon and advertising like it in the open? Luckily this dude has been 'imprisoned' and looses all his stuff while waiting for the ban, but still - this is only the tip of the iceberg...

Russian 'top clans' that are already level 4/5 and have people in their ranks that are level 55 already? It's just impossible to get your character at this level with the XP curve L2Classic has if you're playing legit. One of our clannies is close to level 40 and he's playing already 8-10 hours a day, having a pretty easy class to level. SO how on earth can thse Russian clans have level 55 players in their midst, other than botting/account sharing?

One thing is clear for me. When the 3 months are over, I'm not gonne resub to this mess. Like I started, NCWest servers are even 'cleaner' than this one, and those are already a fest of botters and cheaters...

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A lot of trust
06 January 2016
Posted in Lineage II

While playing L2Classic I've already made a couple of friends. One of them (a spoiler) is around my level and we've partied a lot already. And now that we're around the same level we'd have to party a lot more. I mean, what is better than a party of an Artisan, a Scavenger and a (boxed) Shillien Oracle?

Too bad though, the player had to go on holiday for 5 weeks (well too bad for me and our clan, not for him), and he was afraid to fall behind too much. He put trust in me and handed over his account data so that I could still play his character that he'd not get behind too much...

 photo Screenshot 2016-01-06 14.27.44_zpsweygspsr.jpg

First things first... On my Shillien Oracle, I've placed a lot of macros, and that allows me to play both my Aritsan and the Oracle at the same time (L2 macros are quite powerfull...). Now I had to do the same for the Scavenger and see which skills I really need to use. Well that's not much... Only spoil, because on my character I can sweep the spoiled monsters and get the stuff from it.

It was a bit of getting used to to play with 3 boxes in total, but after a rough start (no deaths, but a lot of tweeking), I had it all working perfectly. Oddly enough, with me controlling the Scavenger, my Shillien Oracle has less mana problems than when my buddy was playing it...

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L2Classic is as hardcore as it gets
29 December 2015
Posted in Lineage II

I know I said I wouldn't play Lineage II Classic, but I've had so many people asking me to play that even after the refund I decided to pre-purchase the game again. And honestly I'm pretty glad I did it!

As I've said in this blogpost's title, L2Classic is as hardcore as it gets. And a clanmate stated that "L2Classic is Chronicle 1 with the knowledge of the game today", and he's quite right about that. L2C throws us back to the old-school grind and gives us NOTHING AT ALL for free. It's not like Lineage II is today where you level 1-20 in like 30 minutes and you get adena and gear thrown at you for every quest you complete and every level you reach.
It's quite the opposite actually. You can do a (mid-level NG) weapon quest that's already pretty hard at level 10 and at level 25 (I'm pretty close to it) you can do a quest for mid-level D-grade armor without any additional stats (kinda sucky for mages I'd say). The rest of the gear you have to get yourself by playing the game, hope to be lucky for a full item drop or craft after having collected 100s of materials (or stun players and hope the monster they fight kills them and they drop something ).

For my dwarfie the game is going pretty nicely. Around Dwarf Village there are monsters that drop quite a lot of mid-level NG armor and I've had quite a lot of lucky drops of them. This gave me a lot of money and a full set of Wooden armor as well, which I still wear now that I'm close to level 24 With all the money that I've had from the item drops (aside from the armor set parts, I've also had lots of boots, gloves and shields that I've vendored to the NPC stores) I managed to get myself a cheap (only 140K while the top-NG blunt is 220K) top-NG pole that I'm still using.

I also would like to compliment Innova for their efforts to keep the server free of cheaters. If this was a NCWest server, you'd see bots everywhere and adena-sellers would PM you 24/7. But on this server that's limited to a minimum. There are some bots here and there, but when they've had 2 reports (long live boxed playing ) the GMs will pick investigate it. They also punish people that have bots in their parties, so when seeing a bot-party, just reports 1 and the whole party is under investigation.
About adena selling I can be quick. I've had a couple of PMs the first 3 days that the server was running. But the community manager on the forum said you could PM her and she'd let these 'players' (they're bots for sure when looking at the 4-line text they pump at you) be banned immediately. And the last 2 days I haven't had any PMs from adena sellers at all.

In general I can say that L2Classic is an awesome experience to be played and I'm more than happy that I am playing it. It's really back to the old days where you have the feeling of achievement for everything you reach (even the next level...)

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I need to take a break - signs are there...
02 December 2015
Posted in Lineage II

I know when it's time for me to take a break form Lineage II - I'm starting to take unneccisary risks everywhere. And that's what I've been doing the last coupld of days as well.

The +10 Periel dualswords... They didn't go to +11 and are +0 again QQ
My +4 Blessed Apocalypse Avengar 2SA 300 attribite did go to +5, but that's done with risk (as well as to +4...)
My Orfen Soul Earring is no longer +4
A Butchers Blade I had on +9 is +0 again

Yes, I'm taking risks that I don't need to take and that's always a sign for me to take a break, and I will. Though a couple of characters still have PA fishing lures, I will keep then online overnight to use them, and there is still stuff for sale on the auction house, I will take the break I need. Of course, I will return a bit to 'tie up loose ends', b ut I won't be playing active for now.

And the reason why I'm taking risks..? I'm probably bored of Lineage II again. It's the same shit every day. The same quests, the same instances and the same people. And with the same people I don't mean the clan I'm in, but the random people I meet in the game - the game is kinda dead (or at least not alive as the botfest servers of NCWest).

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A bit of Pay2Win and a lot of luck!
29 November 2015
Posted in Lineage II

I'm pretty much against buying items from teh cash shop to sell them for money OR to make Lineage II a Pay2Win experience. But I have made a small exception earlier this week...

I've been looking into the Periel Dualsword (for my ISS dula class) for quite some time and the Periel Sword is almost always available on the AH. Early this week I saw that a Sirra's Blade was available (craft being way too expensive). Having had a good Zaken run that day I had enough money (~210M adena) to buy both the swords, make the dual and grab 3 EWS and one BEWS from the AH and make the dualsword +4 immediately.

Later that week I stumbled across a player selling a Blessed High-grade Lucky Enchant Stone Wearpon: S-grade for only 7M adena (didn't even know those were available...) and I grabbed it immediately.

The next Zaken run that week was a good one as well for me and having sold already a lot of stuff on the AH I once again had a nice sum of money (~240M). I bought myself 5 BEWS (from fragments) and from the store 2 of those Blessed stones (2,20 total). I know that for 7M each I could just sit down and byt form played, but that might have taken quite some time (days, if not weeks) and I wanted to get these duals up ASAP - yes, that's the bt of Pay2Win part

 photo l2 2015-11-27 15-47-30-02_zpsllsh1xst.jpg

The enchant with these Blessed stone (+20% chance to success BTW) went excellent and the duals were +9 in one go. Having still around 50M I figured I'd grab an other BEWS and try a +10 on the duals. Doing so, my heart pounded heavy and... Tadaaa! Lots of luck and the duals are +10

In the mean time I've boosted the duals to 300 attributes, but sadly not with a lot of luck - the fails on the attributes was over 50% (I even this close to 75% ) and now I'm saving money again to give the duals a try for +11. I know with a 66% chance it's risky, but that's why I'm saving money...

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