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12 July 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
Guild-hoppers, don't you hate them? I did hate them in Lineage II, where certain players hopped from one 'top-clan' to the other. Of one I even made the comment that he hopped clan more than I changed underwear

Well, in EverQuest II it's my turn to hop guilds. Since I started to play again last month, I've left my 2nd guild and went for the 3rd one already. Why..? It has nothing to do with PvP for that matter, but more about the guild activity...

The 1st guild I left was an old level 90 guild but had only 1 other active player at my playing hours (mostly my mornings, thus just past midnight in Eastern US). I guess that guild was more an Western US guild than it was an East-coast one...

The 2nd guild I stayed with for a week or 3 (and then my account got banned ), but wasn't very active. I stayed because it was a 'low level' guild (22 when I entered) and wanted to see how guild-growth went in EverQuest II. But when I returned this morning, I was alone online, and checking the recent activity (a very good option in EverQuest II, showing it for the last day, week or month), and I saw that with me only 4 players were active lately and the last one to have logged on was 5 days ago More importantly, one girl (well, she claims to be girl RL, and after a chit-chat I do beleave her to be a her ) wasn't even one of the 4 of that last week. So time to leave them as well (too bad, can't see guild-growth now in EverQuest II).

Now my new guild is one I picked for the name: OldSchool. Yeah, that's right, the same name as one of my 1st clans in Lineage II on that private server I played on. One of the demands to join is to be at least 30 years old (no problem there with me being 43 already ). And with that rather high age requirement (normally it's 18 or 21) I figured that they might be a good bunch to stay along with. Right after I joined, I looked at the current number of players on, and that was good - 9 (claiming it was not even peak-hours for them). The chat in the guild felt good (not only the 'gratz' on drops / achievements), and from the looks of the chat, they higher levels are quite helpful. There's only one bad thing about this guild. They're level 90 already, so I can't 'help' to let the guild grow anymore...

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Account unbanned, but...
11 July 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
Yesterday late my account was finally unbanned again, but it didn't go that easy, nor did things really go right...

Lets start with (not) easy...
As I've said, I made my (re)payment directly to Global Collect for the 3-month subscription on June 30, the moment I received the eMail that the other payment had been recharged by the bank. Yeah, I know, old account number, shit happens, and $O bans me AFTER I've notified them of my mistake
If all things were right, then $O would have notified Global Collect about my upcoming payment (or request a new ID for it, whatever), and computers will do the rest automated. But nooo... $O are a bunch of @sses and only ask me to depisit my 34,47 directly into Global Collect's bank-account under some ID, and as expected, things don't go as they should...
On July 4 I call Global Collect (thank God it's am free 0800-number) and explain the things. The service representative I spoke can't check the bank-statements, but will make it a ticket. Two days later I receive an eMail that all is well and my 34,47 is forwarded to $O and I should be able to play again shortly. Again: Noooo....
Two days later, my $O support ticket about my account is still open (even after an update I made) and my account still banned, so I reply to the Global Collect eMail telling them that I still can't play and asking them to contact $O for me. That they did (by exception BTW).
Again 2 days pass, but I finally get an extremely short eMail from $O support that my account has been released (and the ticket closed).

Indeed, all but easy and it took over 2 weeks for $O to get my account unbanned, while things could have been a lot easier since I was the one offering to settle the error I made an easy way...

Aside from 2 weeks not being able to play EverQuest II, there are a couple things that went wrong.
For starters, the moment my account was banned, I lost around 300SC, which have not been refunded yet. But since I've been playing for free for such a long time, I won't bug them about that at all
Then there's still the 1 month PlanetSide subscription that's running. An other thing I won't bug them about since I'm totally not interested in that crappy game.
And lastly the (new) starting date of my 3-month subscription. That's been set to June 20, 11 days after I originally started playing EverQuest II again. Basically I've 'lost' 3 days of subscription because of this whole fuzz. Again, not bothering about it because I've played for free for such a long time

And how further now..?
I do like EverQuest II, but I most certainly dislike $O even more than I already did. Luckily the European services will be handed over to ProSevenSat.1 Games in about 30 days. Though I have little fate in them (they have 7Games), I will be able to keep playing on the US servers, so only the way to logon will be a bit different I guess. I do hope that their customer service will be better than $O's and their subscription as good as that what $O offers.

On the other hand, why bother About EverQuest II that much? I mean, Late August, Guild Wars 2 will be released, I still have to play some Guild Wars for the nice (cosmetic) rewards and in September/October Lord of the Rings online's expansion Riders of Rohan will be released (which I will certainly play). By the looks of it, I just don't have enough time to play EverQuest II after next month

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SOE still has my account banned
08 July 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
It looks like $O is in no hurry to take any action for my account. After the ban I received on it, I made the payment ASAP as $O instructed me, but that didn't really help much...

The payment I had to make was directly into GlobalCollect's account under a specific reference. But after a couple of days when I tried to trace that payment on GlobalCollect's website (with the reference ID used), the payment was totally unknown. Calling GlobalCollect myself didn't fix the problem either, but they did make a ticket to resolve my problem.

Last Friday at 9.10am I received an eMail from GlobalCollect confirming that they did forward my payment to $O and that $O should now be able to reinstate my account. Yet later that evening (early day for the US where $O resides) my account was still banned So I decided to update my ticket yet again...

Well, it looks like $O doesn't hold any interest in my account anymore since June 29th when they lastly updated the status of my 'Customer Service support' ticket. Where they used to respond within 48 hours, things seem to go back to the previous account problems that I had and (as predicted), $O has lost track of my ticket and it's not looked at anymore.

But as I've said twice already in my 'Customer Service support' ticket, I will cancel ALL PAYMENTS I've made for $O the last 6 months by creditcard and they can shove their games. Though I hope it won't come to it, it's getting awfully close to the creditcard payment day, and if by that time $O hasn't solved my account problems by both lifting the ban of my EverQuest II account as well enabling to resubscribe again (as if I will EVERY resubscribe to $O games again...), payments will be revoked by me.

Oh yeah, and in my last ticket update I did warn them to SPAM social media with warnings to other players about $O's 'great Customer Service'. My advice: DO NOT PLAY $O GAMES EVER AGAIN, OR AT LEAST DO NOT PAY THEM A DIME!

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(temp) ban on the account
30 June 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
At times I wonder how SOE works with their customer service and management. Having trouble with my account for the last few days, today I received the message that my account was (temp) banned due to the charge back that happened.
 photo EQ2scbannednotification_zpse722d0fd.jpeg
Wel, DUHUH! I informed them of the wrong bank-account used 4 days ago asking them that I could correct it, and ever since I was not able to do a thing with the account, other than logon and see my account was set to FREE again. This while I bought a SILVER status in September 2010. This also makes me wonder why I wasn't able to make any payments and only got banned the moment that customer service had time to look at my support ticket. I'm wondering if I didn't make a ticket, if I could still be playing EverQuest II or not

Well, at least I'm given a chance to correct the charge back (which I already did, I did make the payment of 34.47 the moment I received the eMail this morning) and I hope that my account will be reinstated ASAP. But there are 3 other things as well that SOE does need to look into as well though:
  1. I'm still missing my SILVER status for EverQuest II (I guess it'll be 'given back' when my account is 'unbanned')
  2. I am missing about 250SC since June 26th, the moment that the problems with my account started. I'm also hoping to get 500SC twice for July & August's subscription (it's not on auto-renew atm)
  3. Why on earth is my account set with a PlanetSide subscription for 1 month (could not care less about that game

Lets hope SOE will solve this ticket quickly, so that I can play EverQuest II again. But knowing SOE's customer support with my previous account problems, it might take them some time (4 months at the time) to correct any errors on my account.

I'll keep you informed...

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Looks like my account is screwed once again
27 June 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
Sometimes I wonder why I keep returning to SOE games, when their systems are bugged like hell. Remember last year when my SOE account was screwed (in a positive manner for me though)? Well, SOE is at it again, but this time it's in a negative way (and partly my fault, I admit...)

What happened..? Well, I took a 3-month EQ2 subscription and by accident I used an old account-number for the direct debit (this also might explain the weird password errors I had lately). When I found out about my error, I made it a support ticket, telling them of my mistake, and asking them to correct it so that I can resubscribe with the right account-number.

Well, SOE did to part of my request of the support ticket. The subscription has been removed, but the error I get when trying to make a purchase is still there.
 photo EQ2purchaseerror_zpsd5c29678.jpeg
No matter what I do or try, I'll end up with the above error. Trying to subscribe to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (which I wanted to try for an other month) gives it, and renewing my subscription for EverQuest II (I want to add a year's subscription this time) gives it as well. Oddly enough, all of a sudden I do have a running subscription for Planetside for which I've never taken a subscription.
 photo SOEaccount_zpsdb3189d9.jpeg

I do hope SOE will fix this account problem ASAP, but knowing them from the last time, it'll take them forever to fix it. If indeed SOE is not able to fix this problem, I will withdraw my recent creditcard payments (Age of Discovery expansion and 2500SC), but I hope it doesn't have to get this far...

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Leveling speed
24 June 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
One of the best (as well as unique) features EverQuest II offers is that the player can determine his leveling speed after hitting level 10. You can do this by adjusting the amount of XP that is spend on Alternate Advancement (AA).

So far (up to level 28 for me now), I still thing that the leveling speed is too high. There initially I've set my AA gain to 50%, I recently increased it to 75%, and only recently even to 90%. This means I will gain a HUGE amount of Alternate Advancement points (of which half I most likely can't spend right now because I don't have the skills yet top assign the AA to), but at least I can do the quests I want to without my level getting way too high.

But even with the high AA setting of 90%, I still think I'm leveling too fast. Right now I'm playing in and around the Nektulos Forest to get my level 20 class armor set (I only learned about it on level 24, which means I've gained 4 levels to get it...).

Though the class armor set is now complete, I did have to remove a lot or lower level quests in the Nektulos Forest already. A couple of them were for Freeport militia status gain (and they were in the lower 20's level range), but I think I'll pick them up again later on (status is always good )

And now I'm talking about the AA gain, I remember chatting with a guild-member this weekend. She has set set AA gain to 100% and is stuck on level 50 now, enjoying most of the content there is (which is a lot!). We've agreed that when I hit 50, I will set to 100% AA gain as well and we'll team up doing most of the stuff to do. This means I have only 22 more levels to go before I'm 'stuck' on 50.

We also agreed to stand still on level 70 again, but I'm not sure I'll do that and instead will go to 80 and then stop leveling again. Reason is that on level 80 I can tame exotic animals like dragons and the alike, and I SO WANT A DRAGON as pet

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Beastlord a bit overpowered?
23 June 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
Damn, of all these times I'm using FRAPS to capture some of my (hopefully) best battles, this morning I forgot to record the battle

Going through the Wailing Caves (at level 22), I stumbled upon Lord Ree. He kinda puzzled me since he was not 'marked' as a monster and I could talk to him as I could with any normal NPC you find out in the streets of Freeport. So yea, I spoke with him not even once thinking about the possible consequences that might occur...

And yes, consequences there were indeed. I had was attacked by 4 orcs, which was not a problem at all, my lain warder took them down with some real ease. Next up was the worg-master with 4 of his pets - no problem at all either. Then Lord Ree himself got bored of the show I gave and attacked me with his 4 skeletons and here the trouble started...

3 of the 4 skeletons were down quick, but Lord Ree himself was kicking ass (my ass to be exactly ). The 4th skeleton took down my lion while I already ordered it to attack Lord Ree and I took over (and killed) his skeleton. No problem so far, but I did see the health-bar of my lion go down fast - way too fast! So I helped the lion attacking Lord Ree, but I was too late for that - Lord Ree killed my lion and went after me (and I was already on 30%-40% health). I rooted him while waiting for the cooldown timer to summon the warder to fade and with my last 5% health (Lord Ree was slowed but still attacking me in that small room) I did get my warder out. A quick attack command and personal evade didn't help though to ditch aggro from myself to the lion again, and I died with Lord Ree on about 25% health left

Of course, I could not let him kill me without revenge. I went back, this time with the war-boar out and went all through the raid again solo. This time things went a lot smoother (damn, that war-boar is a real tank and gives nice heals as well) and I managed to kill Lord Ree and had some awesome loot (including a fabled humming reactant).

It was only a few moments later I realized I did something special killing Lord Ree solo. One of the guild-members saw the 4 notices of stuff I picked up and was wondering what I did. When I linked Lord Ree's necklace she told me that at my level (she's 51 now) she had to kill him still in a party

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Beastlord - an early review
22 June 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
Now after a couple of days playing the Beastlord class, and having hit level 22 I think it's time to give my 2cents on the class so far

At creation, the Beastlord starts with an offensive pet (called warder), which differs from race to race. As Arasai I started with a bat and it did do some nice damage. After upgrading the Age of Destiny expansion to Collectors Edition, I also received a war-boar as pet, which is more a tanking pet.

One thing bothered me from the start. Though the pet does some nice damage, I wasn't able to control it, other than to command it to attack (and other basic functions). This while on the warder's tab it shows to have 4 skills already. Asking around (in global chat), I learned that on level 18 I'd get a new hotkey-bar for the warder so that I'd be able to control it (more about it later on).

Looking at the Alternate Advancement options of the Beastlord, I have to say that unlike the Necromancer (the other pet-class), the Beastlord has not so many pet (warder) related improvements. Most of the AA options I saw were focussed on the Beastlord instead of the warder...

Then hitting 18 brought up the extra hotkey-bar indeed. One which is UI bugged a bit, since the set size (I'm using 32px instead of the standard 42px) is not saved Of course, I've sent a bug-report for this one already...
Back to the hotkey-bar itself. It's a 10-key bar that can't be assigned to keystrokes, but at least you can drag & drop it to your other ketkey-bars, so no worries there...
At level 18 you only get one skill though, which is a melee attack that triggers once every couple of seconds (not sure what does trigger it so far). When the trigger has been triggered, you'll see a rather huge paw on the screen indicating YOU can use the skill. Yes, that's right. The warder triggers the skill and the Beastlord makes the melee attack. This is one thing to keep in mind when you're already ow on health and have used your Evade (lower thread) skill already...

When hitting level 20 I got 2 more skills on the warder horkey-bar and I received an extra UI thingy as well. This is somekind of fervor meter where your warder builds up fervor while doing damage in combat. When this meter is over 50% of the 1st level (well, I guess 1st level since in the center there's a number, which I guess indicates fervor level) you can use one of the 2 extra skills you have received, and this skill is a real MAIN DAMAGE melee skill (once again, look at the previous remark on these warder skills). This main damage melee skill is so strong that an equal level ^^ heroic monster will be hit for about 25% - 33% it's total health already, but I also guess it's a massive aggro trigger
The other skill you get on level 20 is one that does no damage, but it's a kind of buff (one that's not visible on the UI afaik), allowing the build of fervor to speed up a lot. This means that when battling a group of monsters you do need to time your triggered warder skills to optimize damage

Then about the strength of the Beastlord class. I've been walking around in the Wailing Caves on level 18 (and up) and a bit in the Forgotten Gates on level 21 (and up), and I have to say, with all these strong heroic monsters out there, the Beastlord did good damage and was able to survive up to 3-4 monsters at a time. That is WITHOUT the use of healing potions or food that heals during combat (I do need to get some of those though). This means that with the right warder used, the Beastlord is quite a powerful class (so far), but you do need to keep track of your equipment and be sure your armor rating will be 'up-to-date' with your level.

An other nice thing about the Beastlord is that you can tame your own monsters (much like the Hunter does in World of Warcraft). By now I've tamed an avian (which does not yet fly though), a canine and a feline. Personally I like the feline most as offensive pet and use the war-boar as defensive pet.

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The gaming Gods must hate me...
20 June 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
I think I've missed the earlier eMail about an upcoming transition of all SOE games, or I just deleted it because I wasn't playing any SOE game anymore, but yesterday this came into my in-box:
 photo EQ2transition_zps12766727.jpeg
Yes, it's right. SOE is forcing it's EU customers to sign-up with ProSiebenSat.1 (7Games, a rather untrustworthy MMO publisher).

There are just a couple of things not clear in this message, and one of them (the main part actually), is weather or not this only effects the logon to the existing servers, or that all gaming data is transferred to ProSiebenSat.1 as well, forcing all EU players to team up again on new servers.

On the EverQuest II forums, this topic is heavily discussed (I only entered today since I missed out on the previous message), and a couple of players tell me that it's only a logon and administration thing that ProSiebenSat.1 will do. I do have to logon using a (new?) ProSiebenSat.1 launcher for EverQuest II and can then logon to the old US servers. On the other hand, the FAQ is not very clear about what's gonna happen, except that we (EU players) are forced to use the new service that's coming up.

For now I have no idea what to do, other than just wait and see what's gonna happen and (more importantly) how it's gonna happen. All I know is that somewhere late July I can expect a new eMail with details on how to make the account transition and what it all will really mean. I certainly won't lay EverQuest II aside now, because I'm having too much fun at this very moment in Norrath

An other interesting thing to mention is that Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is not mentioned in the eMail. Last year around this time there were rumors that devs were assigned to it again, and later last year even rumors that it might go Free2Play as well, but with this eMail not mentioning Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, I fear for it's future

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Cash-shop mount bought
19 June 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
I'm no lover of a cash-shop in any (subscription based) MMORPG. I'm against the ones in Lord of the Rings online and EverQuest II as well for the same dislike of it, and normally I just leave them as they are (stocking up TP in Lord of the Rings online BIG-TIME), unless there's something I really need (like storage expansions in Lord of the Rings online).

One thing I certainly won't buy are the so-called fluff items from the cash-shop. You know, items like costumes (both clothes and customized weapons), mounts and other non-game breaking items. Reason is that these items are not really necessary to buy, and that (as subscribing player) I should be able to get these items while playing the game anyway...

But today I made an exception to that non-buying policy I use for cash-shop items...
 photo EverQuest22012061909574171_zps6fe8aa03.jpeg
Yes, I bought a rather huge squirrel as mount. This mount is a so-called 'glider' (think it's much like the feather-fall the Fye and Asarai have). Though the gliding ability is not available yet (it's level 30+ or 60+ iirc), I just thought the squirrel was very cute to use as 'appearance skin' for my current mount.

Yes, indeed! In EverQuest II you can use an other mount's appearance as 'skin' for the actual one you're riding. In my case, I'm riding the Winter Wolf (bonus from an earlier expansion) where I have all it's statistics and bonuses, while you see that cute squirrel.

And the future... Anything more I might get from the cash-shop? Most likely yes. I have to admit that in EverQuest II, the cash shop has some real nice stuff for fluff-items available. And with me subscribing again and receiving 500SC a month, chances are I'll fall for something nice again later on

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