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Deathfist Citadel
19 April 2015
Posted in EverQuest II

One of the big pluses are the dungeons. Unlike most MMORPGs (I'm looking mainly at you World of Warcraft ) the dungeons in EverQuest II are not instanced (I have already met a couple of players in them) and they are huge. And when I say huge I really mean HUGE! And the reason they are that huge is because they're non-instanced and 'yet an other map'.

The Deathfist Citadel is one of those dungeons for players of about level 35. Enter with a small party (if you're over 35 and know what you do) or a full party if you're still low in the 30s. In my case I entered at 35 after an invite by 2 players to join of which one brought a mercenary healer (NPC follower - not a pet!). I had no clue what to expect or where to go (my sense of direction really sucks in games, while in real life it's awesome) so I said I'd follow the leader and see where we'd end up.

In the end we were busy in the Deathfist Citadel for about 2 hours (time really flies when having fun ) and we ended up at the spot of the big boss (the King). Sadly he was not on his throne and for me it was time to leave to make dinner. But I added the other 2 players to my friendlist and said I wanted to do that dungeon again when I had more time and we knew how to get that boss popped.

By now I have seen one of the players again and he said that we had to kill 6 mini bosses in the dungeon (I think we killed only 2 of them) to get that King to pop.I have also started to gather more quests in Zek (the map where this dungeon resides) that are related to the dungeon and I can't wait to enter it again and do a full run and kill that King in the end.

An other note worth to mention is that 2 days ago I learned that the BeastLord class is about the least wanted class by any player in a party or guild because it's been nerved to death and has very limited DPS abilities. Funny enough, I've been complimented more than once in that dungeon on how well I played there. I even was the last man standing when a couple of monsters kinda wiped the other 2 players and 1 NPC, but I managed to kill the remaining monsters by myself (on very low health though )

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Walking the lands of Norrath again
16 April 2015
Posted in EverQuest II

I know I've bitched quite a number of times about $O and how they do not prioritize their customers. But recently $O has been sold by SONY and some investment company has bought it. With the sale, the name of SOE could not longer be used and it was changed to Daybreak Game Company. After that DGC laid off quite a number of people (including staff!).

With these changes I thought it was time to give EverQuest II a new try. And honestly, not only because of these changes. I wanted to play a well done (themepark) MMORPG again after the second failure of The Elder Scrolls online (failure to me - the games bores the fuck out of me). With the choices of well done (themepark) MMORPGs being very low, being World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn and EverQuest II, the choice is simple: take the free one!

And there I was once again on the roads of Norrath. Having not stepped a foot on them for a couple of years I had no clue where I left off. Well, that was picked up quite quickly again. I had to go to Zek and do the quests I had there. But my eye fell on 2 other quests that were still running and in level ragen. One of them was in Nektulos Forest and I decided to complete that one. Though the reward kinda sucked, it was a good run to get to know my character again.
The other forest is still ongoin. When I set foot on the Thundering Steppes, I was presented an epic quest (while the map is meant far below 32) and I decided to run that one. The start of that quest was easy (still didn't turn in the other quest why I went to the Thundering Steppes ), after entering some gnollish tunnels, things started to get rough (level scaling).

For now I'll keep EverQuest II as my current MMORPG to play in favour of Blade & Soul. I am enjoying EQ2 a lot more than BnS and that's what it all is about - enjoy the game I'm playing. I only do need to find a guild now to hang out with and run dungeons with. I'd prefer a 'progression guild', but my current character I want to level to the maximum (kinda had with Alternate Advancement set to 50% ). Of course, I can always make an alt to cap my character's level to where the guild wants...

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SONY settles easy after the 2011 hack
24 July 2014
Posted in EverQuest II
Remember the hack of both the PlayStation Network (PSN) and SONY Online Entertainment (SOE) back in April 2011? Literally millions of PSN and SOE users got their data compromised by hackers, including their financial (creditcard) data and SONY was like 'Hey, you agreed to our EULA and we can't be held liable'. Of course, the US wouldn't be the US if there wouldn't come a lawsuit from that and there's finally a settlement on it. SONY has to pay a mere $15M to their customers at the time.

I mean, a whooping $15M to all users who had their financial (creditcard) date compromised, take action against abuse of it, getting stolen identities straight again and all that kind of stuff??? THIS IS JUST INSANE!

And when you read the verdict on how SONY pays the money things get even more INSANE. A lot of costumers who got hit by that hack have said 'goodbye' to SONY's PSN or SOE and now they get *drumroll* $5 credit for the use of the service

How on earth can this be a punishment for a big company like SONY? This is a virtual payment to customers they have lost anyway. While those customers who fall for this 'payment' will become a 'regular' customer again and will start paying SONY once more for their services. THIS IS NO FUCKING SETTLEMENT, THIS IS A MONEY MAKER!

If you were a victim of the hack, all I can advice is DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Let SONY fuck it and choke on that $5 'gift' they use to lure you back into their web. Do not play their games EVER AGAIN and I would even recommend to buy a XBOX ONE (though that is a real sucky console ) instead of a PS4 (which is far more superior).

I myself will certainly not use any of SONY's online services ever again because of things like this. SONY is a huge money hungry corporation, doing ANYTHING to screw their customers over. Oh yeah, I still have that EQ2 account, but haven't touched it for ages, even while there's still over 7500 Station Cash in it as well. FUCK THEM BIG TIME

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Insta-level 85
17 February 2014
Posted in EverQuest II
This will most likely be my last post on EverQuest II or any of the other SOE titles ever. SOE seems to milk the cash shop more and more as days go by

Last time I logged on ( now 3 weeks ago already), I saw my character as I left her. Just a level 31 Beastlord/34 Carpenter. Though not high in level, I think there's nothing wrong with that. After all, I love to level slow, and I was happy that in EverQuest 2 I could set my leveling speed by the Alternate Achievement.

 photo EverQuest22014-01-2605-58-00-33_zpsaefe4b87.jpg

But wait, what's that on the left bottom of the screen? I can upgrade my character instantly to level 85 I've already heard of this option on other sites, but I thought it was just a temporary thing. But now, months after I heard about it, it's still there. 

There is one drawback to this insta-level 85 thing though. It's a BUY thing with a trial period. If I got it right, you can play at the 'powered up' level for a week or so, and after that you MUST BUY it, or your character will be locked. Yes, you read it well. You're pulled into something and after a while you gotta pay for it or loose it completely.

This is once again a cash grab by SOE, as I'm already used from them. And for this reason I have given up on SOE completely. They monetize their so-called 'Free2Play' games to death. To a level where the old subscription days of their games were more fun and surely cheaper.

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Tracking cookies in EverQuest(1)
31 July 2013
Posted in EverQuest II
Being tired or the treadmill Lineage II is right now, I decided to take a break of it for 2-3 weeks. But being a MMO-junky I wanted to play something else and decided to install some MMORPGs from the SOE stable. Those included the old-school EverQuest(1), the more modern EverQuest II and the semi old-school Vanguard.

Last night I've ran my weekly virus scan and when I checked this morning I was quite durprised by the findings...
 photo 20130731EQtrackingcookies_zps045e872b.jpeg

I mean really..? SOE planting tracking cookies inside the EverQuest(1) in-game browser..? How bad have things to become when a game publisher is dropping those inside their games? They already keep the logfiles from the games for ages (and giving them away for study) and now they're adding tracking cookies as well in the games itself? Doesn't SOE have enough data of us already..?

Though I have installed EverQuest(1), I'm not sure if I'll be playing that one. The game itself might be very old-school and what I'm looking for, the UI is something that kinda kills it for me. It's one of the worse out there and very confusing for me...

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Not sure EverQuest II will fulfill my MMO-needs
21 March 2013
Posted in EverQuest II
Remember my rant the other day about quitting World of Warcraft because of the treadmill and virus feeling? Well, ever since I've reactivated my Station Pass, the same feeling is growing for EverQuest II. But compared to World of Warcraft, EverQuest II offers a lot more than just the treadmill and virus feeling. Lets take a closer look...

First off, EverQuest II is clearly made with the RPG part of MMORPG in mind. Aside from doing quests only, there are numerous additions to the game compared to World of Warcraft. Just look at things as learning NPC languages, gathering collections and not to forget the whole alternate advancement system. The gameplay of EverQuest II is actually extremely deep compared to most themepark MMORPGs out there.
My problem though is that the questing (which still holds the major part of the gameplay) is just to generic. Most of the quests out there are the regular 'Kill 10 rats' packed in different ways, and this kinda makes me sad. I know, it's called EverQuest for a reason, but the questing part should be more than just killing rats

The treadmill feeling is somewhat less there in EverQuest II. As said before, it's called EverQuest for a reason, and it holds a couple of areas for every level range to play in. So if you're fed up with one area, you can just hop to the other one. That is, if you're still in need of XP to level.
The need of XP to level (which includes the alternate advancement system) are the two things that make EverQuest II so unique. You can set your own leveling speed from fast (and gain little to no AA) to extremely slow (and gain a lot of AA). I always set my AA rate somewhere between 50% and 75% so that my characters do not level too fast. After all, I've paid for a lot of content in EverQuest II and I do want to play it
Anyways, back to the hamster-problem...
Because of the AA system you can set your need for new content and the need to keep playing the same. If you've set your AA gain very low, you'll be faster at the maximum level (as far as leveling speed is fast in EverQuest II). This way you do not have the need of staying in the same area and do repeatable quests over and over again, as well as constantly killing the same monsters. But, when you're faster at the level cap, you'll be in the raiding 'end-game' earlier and thus have your treadmill there quicker. On the other hand, if you've set your AA high, you can play a lot of content and have the content and monster treadmill active. With the lack of different kind of quests in the game, you'll be killing the 10 rats as your slowly progressing treadmill...

Then of course, there are the other activities in EverQuest II which help you break the treadmill feeling. Some do need you to enter the treadmill a bit (like learning the NPC languages), while others will drop you in a different treadmill (like progressing your crafting skills). But all these other activities do have the need to go out in the world and acquire the needed stuff to do these activities.

I think it's clear for me that EverQuest II is too generic in general for me. I like it how deep the game is at most points, but it all comes down to the same. Is it just me, or am I too picky about the MMORPGs I play after all this time..?

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Re-spec time (again...)
06 March 2013
Posted in EverQuest II
I understand that when a MMORPG goes on through time, certain aspects of the game will change. With the latest expansion of EverQuest II this is the case as well. The way Alternate advancement is handled has changed dramatically all AA points have been refunded. This means I have to re-spec (again...).

One of the biggest changes is that now you can't dump all of your AA points into just one part of your tree. Instead the partial trees appear to be limited (probably linked to your level). Right now on my Beastlord (level 30) I have 52 AA in total available, but the two trees (Animalist and Beastlord) both allow me only to drop 50 AA in it, while my Troubador (level 35) had a total of 65 AA available (damn, I've been busy collecting AA on her) but also has the same 50 AA point limit per tree and the same goes for my Necromancer (level 20) who has only 22 AA points so far

Anyhow, with the AA points re-spec'd (for all 3 characters) it's time for me to head out into the world of Norrath again. For now I'll play the Beastlord alone and might pick up the Troubarod later on as well. But with the Beastlord I saw that I have 2 dozen quests or so waiting to be done, and I have no clue anymore where I have to complete them. More over, I also need to 'learn to play' EverQuest 2 again in general as well, with the most important 'learning point' being the skills and which chains to which.

Last but not least, I have to find a guild again. I appear to have been kicked from my old one (or I left telling not to return to EverQuest 2 ) and I saw 3 of the members are still on my friendlist. Lets hope they're still playing and that I'm welcome to return...

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$O screws it's subscribers again...
11 August 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
Starting Monday, August 27th, 2012, we will no longer accept Station Cash as a payment method for Expansions and DLC Packs. Real-world currency will be the only way to purchase these products.

The reason for this is simply that these products require a high level of development resource and are therefore a substantial cost. We want to continue to run aggressive Station Cash promotions, which we know our customers love, but cannot continue to do this and protect the revenue that we need to offset these costs.

In consideration of our players who would like the opportunity to purchase current Expansion and DLC Packs with Station Cash, we are running a 50% discount on them from Friday August 10th until Sunday August 12th*.

As always, if you have questions about your Station Account or Station Cash Balance, please contact customer service at

Source: EverQuest II website

What does this message mean exactly? Like with Turbine's Lord of the Rings online, you get a 500 cash-shop tokens (SC for $O games and TP for Turbine games - I will speak of SC in this article since it concerns $O games here) when you are a subscriber. These SC can be exchanged for (mostly) fluff-items in the cash shop. Really, when you're a subscriber you don't actually need the items from the cash shop, so the SC will stock up. Just look at my Lord of the Rings online account, I have over 10K TP there already and I don't really use them at all - I only use them to purchase the latest expansions (though I did pre-order Riders of Rohan since I'd get a 6th bag on every character on my account).

With EveryQuest II you used to be able to buy a month's subscription from SC (1500 SC for a month, much like the physical cards would give), but this was removed earlier this year already. And in the past you also were able to buy expansions from the SC (I bought one this way for EQ2).

But this is no longer possible now. $O now rewards their loyal subscribers with a 500SC (they most likely used to stock up to buy the next expansion) and forces them to buy fluff-items they don't really need. On top of that, $O now also forces their loyal subscribers to purchase the expansions as well for 50 (regular edition) or 80 (deluxe edition). This while $O claims that EverQuest II (and all their other titles) is a FREE2PLAY game these days.

I don't know about you, but for a FREE2PLAY game, $O really knows how to milk their customers

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Good things about the transition
29 July 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
I know I've bashed that upcoming transition when I heard of it. But looking at things now, it's not all that bad for several reasons...

The most important reason that it's not bad, is that I am able to change my account name. Though this might sound odd, after the April 2011 hacks of the PSN & SOE networks, hackers knew my logon name. To get extra security for my SOE account, I was somewhat forced to buy an authenticator (for 17 incl. s&h), but that still didn't give me a save feeling. But now with the transition to ProSiebenSat.1 I picked a new (and for the hackers unknown) account name.

Then there's the price of the SC (SOE sells Station Cash, and  ProSiebenSat.1 sells SevenCoins - I'll talk about SC in general).
 photo SCatSOE_zps1144496e.jpeg photo SCatPSS1_zps3f5bdbf6.jpeg
At first glance the prices seem the same, or even those of ProSebenSat.1 a bit higher. But when you recalculate to equal numbers of SC bought, SOE is about 10% more expensive than ProSebenSat.1. And then of course is the way of payment. With SOE you didn't have much choice to pay for your SC. It was either cradircard, PayPal or SMS (not whown on the SOE screenshot). With ProSebenSat.1 you have a lot of options to pay, aking it possible for the majority of the European players to obtain SC. One note though, using SMS is cheaper with SOE

Then there is the customer support thing. I know how SOE handles tickets - rather well, but pretty slow on average when things get complicated. It took them months to correct problems with my account, a problem that occurred twice.

Now that DC Universe online has been transited already, things didn't go well with my account (I'm not surprised...). I aught to have a Premium status, but somehow that's not transited, or it was not right flagged on my SOE account. I made a ticket with ProSebenSat.1 and got a default answer at first, explaining how to transit my account *WTF???* Replying on that one (quite harsh, because how could I know I'm not Premium now if I didn't transit yet?), made them dive deeper into my account, asking SOE about the payments I made for DCUO in the past. I keep my hopes up for ProSebenSat.1 customer service

There is a possible bad thing though about the transition... Logging on to the SOE MMORPG's goes through ProSebenSat.1. So far it's now known how the 'forward' to the SOE servers is done. Will it be done through a proxy on ProSebenSat.1, or will we connect directly? I mean, will be get extra servers in between (and possebly lag) or will we keep the old (lack of) performance we were used to..?

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Account once again screwed *sigh*
13 July 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
I'm not sure what kind of accounting software $O uses, but I can tell you that it is bugged like hell!

As I said 2 days ago, my account is unbanned and my 3-month subscription started on June 20. That would mean that it'd end on September 19. And when I looked at it 2 days ago, that day indeed was set as ending date for my subscription. To keep the right for the monthly 500SC, I've setup a monthly subscription which would start on September 20 (once again, I checked that as well 2 days ago).

I don't know why, but this morning I checked my $O account again, and saw to my surprise that the 1st monthly subscription date was changed.
 photo EQ2subscription_zps206d37e7.jpeg
Don't ask me how, but this time I have no clue why my account is screwed. Last time I know what I did (not telling you though ), but this time I really didn't do a thing at all!

There is one thing though. I'm afraid to make this a support ticket because my name has come up with $O account problems twice already, and I fear if I tell $O about this but that I might bet a permanent ban.

So right now I'll keep things quiet (ahum, blogging here and linking to twitter ) and see where things will go from here. Not to mention, with the upcoming transition to ProSevenSat.1 this error might even go down into the books, where ProSevenSat.1 pays the remaining months from the moment the transition will happen till the ending date 10 months from now.

...lets just wait and see what will happen

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