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Colonia and back again
04 December 2017
Posted in Elite Dangerous

It's been a boring time for me the last 2 weeks. While 'grinding' Empire reputation I stumbled upon 5 tourist missions that would bring me to 2 locations in the Colonia region. The combined reward of these missions would come down to 115M credits and a medium reputation increase per mission (read: about 2.5% each). While both the monetary reward and reputaion increase were not that high, I had to pick them up, because from previous missions I had a 1 week bounty of 13k credits on me for the Aditi Empire League.

And there a maximum of 4 boring weeks started. Me, my Beluga Liner and 22k Ly to fly. The distance is even *THAT* big, that regular exploration is out of the question. If I'd scan each and every star, planet and moon I'd encounter than I'd not even reach halfway to Colonia within the set time limit for the missions. So I decided to only look for the 3 most important items in a solar system: Water Worlds, Ammonia Worlds and Earth-like Worlds, and I have found a couple of dozen of those along the way.

Since it was my 1st time to Colonia, I had to get to the system's nav beacon, which is always  a tricky thing with long-range passengers. Most of the time (close to always!) they are secretive about their mission and don't want your ship to be scanned by anyone (3-strikes and out on scans BTW). Also, these long-range missions, when you've reached the objective there is a chance that they will give a small (5-10%) bonus if you make it back to the point of origin without being scanned. And for that reason I decided to go to Colonia first and then head for the 2nd objective (Grey Sector, about 2k Ly 'west' of Colonia).

The way back was as boring as the way to Colonia. Once again, me, my Beluga Liner and 22k Ly to cover and it all went once again without a problem. Yet, arriving at Aditi, my paint was quite messed up. I've seen pictures of other commanders that have flown over 45k Ly and their paint looked as if they just departed from the station, but somehow my paint isn't quite as UV and heat resistant as those commanders have on their ships

As said, everything went well, but back in Aditi I almost messed up. While docking I somehow misclicked the arrow button to enable landing gear and I ended up pressing the circle button alone (circle and arrow down combined toggles landing gear on the PS4). So instead of entering slowly and with my rail wings down because my landing gear was out, I boosted through the mailslot of the station

All in all, everything went well and yes, it was a boring 2 weeks, but the pay was good. In total I recieved around 250M credits and the bounty on my head was gone (which is why I picked those missions up in the first place). Sadly though, the reputation gain wasn't as good though - I only gained about 20%. On the positive side (for me then), the Aditi system is in civil war now, so with the 250M I earned I could donate a lot to help the controlling faction's efforts to surpress the war and that gave me enough rep to get the Naval mission and receive the Achenar system permit.

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There and back again
10 October 2017
Posted in Elite Dangerous

I know I haven't posted for a while, but I've been quite busy with 3 missions I picked up. I thought I had all the time of the world for them, but next time I take a (tourist) mission that pays 28M credits, I *REALLY* need to look at the distance the tourist wants to go to (over 22.000 Ly ). The same goes for anything above 5M, because an other mission paid 9.5M and for that one I had to fly roughly 19.000Ly. The only positive thing of this all is that those 2 far away missions were relatively close to eachother...
Those two missions brought me around Colonia, which in turn is "close" to Saggitarius A*, and while in the neighborhood I figured to make a 'small' detour to get that trophy associated with it.

And well, Saggitarius A*. I expected a lot, but it was a huge let down to be honest, but what would you expect from a black hole The only thing interesting in that 'system' is the tourist point there as well as that pretty big class B blue-white star, which was quite a nice sight to fly toward to.

Now back in the Bubble again, I decided to participate in the current Community Goal, and make the Anaconda ready for real deep space exploration. I'm looking at my setup for it and I hope that I have all important things ready, but I will ask on reddit for opinions. Best thing of the Anaconda is that she can now jump a maximum of 30Ly, which was 25Ly before I returned.

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Not there and back again
14 September 2017
Posted in Elite Dangerous

July 26th I headed out for Sagittarius A*. I did that with my standard Asp Explorer (I didn't know I could upgrade core internal components ) with some engeneering boosts and figured to explore a bit along the way. What I didn't know was that the flight would be a lot longer than I expected...

Yes I knew that I'd have to fly 25kLy to get there, but I did not realize that when exploring along the way the trip would take forever. Aside from the pretty small jump range from my AspX (12Ly max), the exploration of the star systems I encountered took a lot of time as well. It's been a good thing though that the further out of the 'Bubble' you go, the more chance you have to encounter previously undiscovered systems, and that's where I made quite some money.

During one of my streams of the exploration flight I also had some good hints on how to upgrade my AspX to get a bigger jump range (about 50Ly max), along with some other very nice tweaks. When I hit the asteroid base in the Omega Sector (which was my 3rd asteroid base, but the first one with an outfitting station), I figured to add those customizations to my ship. Money was no problem, because I made almost 300M credits from selling the maps of the unexplored systems along the way. Too bad, the Omega Sector base only has E-class (standard) equipment, and I still had a 20kLy to go to Sagittarius A*.
At that point I had 2 choices, either keep going, or fly the 5kLy back and get the upgrades in the 'Bubble'.

Obviously I picked the latter option, but only partly. I headed back, bought myself an Anaconda and upgraded it as far as the money would allow. I also hopped into the current Community Goal and started to trade with the 352 ton cargo bay I had available for it (I ended up in the 50% tier in only 1 1/2 days).

Now I'm back on making money, running missions in the 'Bubble' so I can get a few more upgraded coponents (a Power Plant 7A costs as much as the Anaconda herself...) and also go for the Sol permit (amongst others). When I have the feeling that I've done almost everything that I'll head back to Saggitarius A* and beyond...

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Razer Hydra for Elite: Dangerous
25 January 2016
Posted in Elite Dangerous

I'm not sure if I should post this in the Twitch Streaming section,in the General section or MMMORPG section. It's a bit of all, but I'm planning to use it for playing Elite: Dangerous, which I'm considering to start streaming. I know it's been a while that I streamed games, but I didn't really have anything to stream...

Anyhow... I've found myself a nice new controller only last week: the Razer Hydra MotionSense PC Gaming controller. This thing is something totally different from the regular (XBOX) controller and is the first step into VR gaming. I have read reports of players using these along with the developer editions of the Oculus Rift and they say that the experience is mind blowing. Though I won't get myself a VR headset, these controllers are a different thing...

The main reason I bought them was for Portal 2, which gives extra levels when owning these controllers AND for (I hoped) better control when playing Elite: Dangerous. Aside from those 2 games, every other game I can play with these controlllers effectively (Mass Effect is not one of them for sure ) is only a plus...
The only problem though is that for Elite: Dangerous there's no profile, and for Portal 2 the DLC is locked. Luckily, for Portal 2 I managed to contact Sixense and they gave me a DLC key for portal without problems. Elite: Dangerous is an other problem though according to users on the Sixense forums - the game uses analog joystick input and that'll make it hard (impossible actually) to bind to the Razer Hydra.

Stuborn as I am, I decided to download the Sixense MotionCreator 2* to give it a try on making my own Elite: Dangerous profile. Below you'll see my 1st try on the profile and I've already given it a test-run in the tutorial of the game to fly from one station to the next.

 photo Screenshot 2016-01-24 11.17.03_zps8zzflgnr.png

And while I managed to fly from one station to the next I did experience some odd things than needed attention. For one, the friendship drive button was placed at the wrong side of the controller - when I tried to press is I also made a motion with the controller, almost loosing my 'lock' on the destination, and I have moved it to button 3 on the controller.
An other problem is that the movement with the right controller is pretty subtle. When flying and pressing buttons on the controller, I made a lot of unwanted movements, making it look like a drunk pilot is flying But I tried to make the profile from the default keyboard/mouse settings, and I realized that the mouse deadzone had to be made a bit bigger than it's default, and indeed it has to. By now I've set the deadzone to half (was 30%) and I hope that this is good enough not to make my fly as drunk as I did

In the mean time I've made a whole new (and bigger) configuration for Elite: Dangerous, which includes almost EVERY function in it's default mouse/keyboard configuration. This includes an option for the headlook (mouse 3 by default, now a double-click on the rachet button) so you can look on the displays in your cockpit.

Of course, I won't be playing with the Razer Hydra only. In the past I've also bought VoiceAttack so I can talk to the computer and it does most functions for me, but I want to make a profile that I makes it possible to play Elite: Dangerous with only the Razer Hydra controller. Of course, when I've tested the new profile and I think it's okay, I will post it here and on the Sixense forums for everyone to download...

*) The Razer drivers only support 125 games, while the Sixense drivers support over 350 games. And unlike the Razer software, the Sixense software allows you to make custom profiles as well...

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Elita: Dangerous and VoiceAttack
10 May 2015
Posted in Elite Dangerous

I watched GeekyGamerGirl on twitch two days ago and she kinda got me into Elite: Dangerous. Mostly because of the speech recognition that can be added with VoiceAttack. I realize that's an extra $8 on top of Elite: Dangerous, but looking how she played the game it's certainly worth it!

So I downloaded the VoiceAttack software, dropped GlaDOS in it (pretty scary thought though to have her run my ship's computer ) and got started with it. Not having bought VoiceAttack yet, I had to make a selection of what I'd use for now. Of course 'Good morning Sara' was one of them to get GlaDOS booted. Then going through the commands and targeting and next seemed to be handy to get to know GlaDOS (or rather the VoiceAttack software...)

Now here's the problem, I'm a non-native English speaker and when you (the reader, not the VoiceAttack software) and I have a conversation you'll know what I mean. But that darn VoiceAttack software... A command as 'target' is understood as 'direct' most of the times. I know I could simply change that in the VoiceAttack software, but the thing has to learn to listen to me instead of me kinda lying to it. Alternatively I decided to use 'lock' to select my target, but the VoiceAttack software thinks I'm saying 'log'. Though that's an understandable mistake, I'll go for that right now.

Having played a lot with the VoiceAttack software yesterday, I figured it might also be my Windows administrative localized settings. I had set my Windows (7 Ulitmate x64 BTW) to English (UK) because I hate all those weird US differences to the language (armor instead of armour to name one). Switching the administrative localized settings to English (US) *Blegh* kinda did solve a lot of listening problems for the VoiceAttack software. I know that I didn't learn Cambridge English at school, but I thought that I spoke generally English English instead of US English. Well, it seems that my accent itself is more US English than English English Guess that's one of the things to happen to non-native English speakers who watch way too much tv and listen to way too many US (music) artists...

Yesterday I gave GlaDOS an other try with the English (US) settings and things went a whole lot better! Aside from a few misunderstandings she's really listening to me, though there's still one problem left. When I say 'Speed 50' the ship's speed should be set to 50%, but instead VoiceAttack hears 'Speed 15' I know it might seem a common thing for misunderstanding but when I say 'Set speed to 50%' GlaDOS understands it and I'm flying on 50% of speed. I know I could set the 50% speed command to be understood as 'Speed 15' as well and I think I might as well add that to VoiceAttack too - it kinda seems silly to tell GlaDOS 'Speed 25', 'Speed 75' and 'Speed 100' along with 'Set Speed to 50%'

And speaking about Elite: Dangerous, me talking to GlaDOS and twitch, I'm seriously thinking to start streaming Elite: Dangerous on a frequent basis with the webcam on and chat along with the viewers. Having looked at GeekyGamerGirl I saw how much fun it could be...

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DO NOT BUY Elite: Dangerous
03 April 2015
Posted in Elite Dangerous

Just a simple warning about Elite: Dangerous not to buy this game. On a warning from a critic has been posted that the company behind it deletes any posts that are not positive on their (Steam) forums and bans the posted from the forums as well.

Image title

Instead of banning these critics, the company should instead listen to them and see how they can improve their game. Instead they'd rather play dictator and surpress any negative posts on their game - even if they hold truth...

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