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Time to (re)play 2 classics
30 January 2016
Posted in Computer games

I figured to be playing Elite: Dangerous with my new Razer Hydras, but then the flu caught me, along with heavy caughing and a soar throat. That means little to no playing Elite: Dangerous because VoiceAttack would go nuts and I'd net get to flying around. Though I didn't try it yet, I fear the flu kinda changed my voice in a way that makes it harder for the PC to understand what I'm saying...

Instead I thought it was time to pick up 2 classics and play those: Planescape Torment and Mass Effect.

I thought it was time to pick up Planescape Torment again because Torment: Tides of Numenera just got into beta/early access. And while I did pledge for the game, I don't have access to the beta and won't be spending an other $20 to get into it. Instead I figured I'd get back to Monte Cook's roots with playing Planescape Torment to get to know his storytelling a bit better.
Yes, that's right, get to know it a bit better... In the pas I did play a bit of Planescape Torment, but not as much as Baldur's Gate, which I nearly compelted back in the days (until my harddrive crashed and I lost all saves ). The only problem with Planescape Torment is it's age and that it's showing it terribly. I mean full screen only mode in a 640x480 resolution isn't as pretty now as it was back then (was it even pretty back then..? ) A good thing though that we're almost 20 years further and a lot of mods have been created to boost the game. I can now effectively play it in full HD, though still 16 bit...

And then Mass Effect... An other classic that I never really got to play. This as mostly because of Dragon Age: Origins and my time spent on Lineage II. Oh yeah, there was also a mini-boss early in the game (well, for my level it's a mini-boss ) that I could not get past and because I also played the other 2 games I kinda gave up on it. This time I'm more serious about it and have beaten that mini-boss already. Only problem though is that the game keeps crashing on my current PC with the weirdest errors you can imagine, all related to D3D and graphics. Well, that problem is solved, because it appears to be that too much RAM is causing it and there's a mod to get around it.

Of the 2 games, I've spent the most time in Mass Effeect the last couple of days, but that's got more to do because I'm too lazy to insert the Planescape Torment discs and play DJ with them...

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Getting the hang of Might & Magic: Duel of Champions
20 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

I'm still very happy with that Humble Might & Magic Bundle that I bought early this month. Though I'm not overly playing the Might & Magic adventures and Hero games, I am pretty active in the Duel of Champions card game that came with the bundle.

In the mean time I have bought a couple of packs and special cards from the sales rewards I had from the G2A goldmine (it's finally been added to my account after all that time) and I have added an extra 28 to buy 2 booster packs of the latest expansion. I know... They're virtual cards and it's a lot of money to waste, but the same can be told for a lot of DLC of a lot of games or the monthly subscription to MMORPGs. I enjoy the game enough to warrant a 28 purchase for a 'free2play' game.

I have played Magic: the Gathering for a couple of years back in the late '90s and loved it! With the experience of building decks I had back then, I'm making my current decks. Though Duel of Champions is about getting your opponent down (or under) 0HP, I like to make massive decks (I did that with M:tG as well ). And right now I'm playing with an 'Academy' deck that's very slow and pretty passive aggressive, making the games take pretty long to resolve. Below are the final turns of what's so far my longest game - 19 FREAKING TURNS!

Of course, a 'passive aggressive' deck also can take a lot shorter and do a lot more damage, whish is what I experienced this morning. This game only lasted 11 turns (showing the last 2 of them in the video) and ended with a BIG BANG.

Oh yeah, I loose a lot with that Academy deck as well, but so far I'm at a 2 out of 3 win rate with the deck. Not to mention, it pisses off a lot of players because it takes an average of 25 minutes to play through the game

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Pillars of Eternity - Maerwald
17 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

My progress in Pillars of Eternity goes steady. Only a few deaths so far, and mostly because of my own fault (and now I'm so glad I don't play in Iron Man mode yet ). Going through Act 1 of the game I have to visit Maerwald in the ruins of Caed Nua. These ruins once were a prosperous village but after two wars it's become the ruin it is today. Under the ruins of the main house of the village are the dungeons where Maerwald should reside. Going in there triggers one after an other spirit telling their stories of long past.

Then you finally meet Maerwald. Well, finally..? Having Mechanics 3 it was hard not to open the door and take a peek. Behind it, Maerwald is and he's not quite himself. After a long conversation with him (or very short if you decide to rush through the valuable dialogue ) he turns on you and below is my encounter with him...

Yes, I clearly was way too early in his room. He kinda was able to wipe most of my party with one blow (didn't see it coming either - good lesson for the next time), and my damage to him was a bit too low as well...

After a restore and restart I decided to skip him for now and first go through the whole dungeon ahead. Though it's still a pretty tough dungeon, so far I'm managing to survive it. Though I did have to setup camp to heal a bit. Some of the spiders and beetles in the dungeon really can get to you...

I'm still very happy to have bought this game from the money I had for my birthday. It certainly is worth every cent spent! With that, the current game is now running for 5 hours and I have enjoyed every minute of it - it's been way too long a RPG could get me focused on it!

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Pillars of Eternity bought
09 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

I thought that the boxed edition of Pillars of Eternity would be a a DRM free copy of the game, but GOOGLEing it, I only found references to the kickstarter boxed editions that are actually DRM free. The boxed editions that have been released after the game's release will obtain a Steam key instead SO I turned to Good old Games and bought my DRM free digital copy of the game there...

While I already started playing the game with the 'pirated' copy of the game (is it pirated if I really intend to buy the game but have to wait for it's release?) I decided to start anew now that I had the game legally. With that I also decided to stream the game's progress.

Where last time I played a druid and had to get used to the game's mechanics, this time I decided to make a ranger and play the game on normal difficulty. I know, playing a ranger is not really my 'normal' choice of character, but I figured having a companion pet would keep me pretty safe from melee attacks and add my love of RPG pets in general to the game, and I was right about that!

I also noticed while playing that Pillars of Eternity gives you a different game experience with each character class you play. Right after the storm hits that caravan camp (or what remains of it ), with the druid character I had the option to safe the caravan leader and get him to join me through the ruins. As you can see in the video (around 17 minutes) that choice is not there and I have to let the guy die. I'm not sure if this is because I'm playing an other class or that it's because I had a ranged weapon equipped at the moment. It's just small things like this that make a game worth while for me!

As you also can see, there's a huge similarity with the Baldur's Gate game in general. Though the Obsidian team has nothing to do with that game (they are with the Fall Out RPG series and PlaneScape:Torment for the story), I'm glad that they did take this approach. I'm not talking about the whole isometric view here, which the games have in common (PoE is made with the Unity engine BTW), but the build up in acts and the 'paper view' between scenes when you're doing something. I only miss that low narrator's voice that was used in Baldur's Gate though - it would be totally awesome if that was added there

In general I'm very happy with my purchase of Pillars of Eternity, even when it's not a physical box. If you want to follow my progress, you can watch it on on my channel or on DailyMotion (feel free to comment there or here).

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Pillars of Eternity
07 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

Damn, that's been long ago since I wrote about a SINGLE player RPG With all those recently released RPGs that have so many online features (and suck like hell I fear), it's very refreshing to see an old-school isometric single player RPG back on the market AND being a huge success.

Sadly though, I still haven't bought this game yet I have downloaded it already and am playing it though, but that was more because of a 'try before I buy' thing than to pirate the game. After all, as I started this post, with so many bad games being released lately I'll think twice before I'll spend my hard earned money (disability allowance, but with all the cuts on it the money has to be thought about twice before spent ). Not to mention, I have the game on my Steam wishlist and am selling off all my trading cards and other stuff I have in my inventory to raise money for it. I had over 1K items a week ago, and now I have around 250 left, which made a 'massive' 40

But I won't be buying this game through Steam most likely. First off, I'm only 1,50 short, but secondly because I just saw that my local retailer has put it up for pre-order (yes, it's BOXED which I prefer for a game of this magnitude), but sadly it'll be available on May 29th On the 'bright side', it is 2 cheaper than on Steam, and that for a boxed version of a game!

And while waiting for the boxed release I'll keep on playing that pirated version of the game. If it's as big as Baldur's Gate as they claim, that'll mean that by the time I have the boxed version of the game I'm not even on a quarter of the game.

A quarter of the game in about 3 weeks time, which also brings me to an other thing that bothers the hell out of me from most recent released games - playtime vs price. More and more games get around 1/hour (I have posted about this before I think, on Tomb Raider for sure!). Baldur's Gate and Morrowind so far are the only games I have that get way below that 1/hour. Baldur's Gate (original edition BTW) I played for around 100 hours till my harddisc crashed near the end of the game and costed 40 (roughly 18) at the time. Morrowind kind kinda had the same price and playing time for me, with the note that I never even got halfway of the original story, let alone on the map With Pillars of Eternity most likely being a similar game of a similar playing time I just can't make excuses NOT to buy the game itself

Last but not least, I've watched the credits and I saw that Obsidian (developers of PoE) made a thanking note to inXile Entertainment. inXile is right now busy making a sequal to PlaneScape: Torment (in the top 10 of best RPGs ever made), called Torment: Tides of Numenera. Could it be that Obsidian and inXile made a joint-venture for their own RPG system? It's clear that the system used for PoE is new and with Torment coming up it really wouldn't surprise me that they actually did make a new RPG system...

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Humble Might & Magic Bundle
04 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

I haven't bought a bundle for about a year I think. When in the past the bundles (from most sites, not only Humble) were of good quality, lately the bundle quality have crashed down into plain and utter garbage OR I already had most of the stuff in the bundle already (no surprise with over 600 games in my Steam library ). Though I have to say, last week's Humble Bundle was good (2nd Origin bundle) but I already had all interesting games in it But this week's Humble Bundle is of quality - it is a Might & Magic bundle, and that's the kind of fantasy-strategy game I really dig!

Though I had already bought it last Friday, I didn't have time to start playing until yesterday. I started with the Might & Magic bundle 1 through 6, but those just plainly sucked. They were old DOS games with 1 and 2 not even allowing me to make a character and start to play The other 4 games did allow me to play, but it was the old The Bard's Tale series all over again but with pretty bad controls on the current-day's fast PCs. So I immediately uninstalled those and continued with the first Heroes of Might & Magic game I had in the series.

That first one is Heroes of Might and Magic III HD. Watch the last part of the title kinda made me LOL after I started to play. Oh yes, it supports HD resolutions up to 1920x1080 on my system, but that's about it. The whole game is just a blown up old-school (DOS) game with higher resolutions. You see all pixels on the screen as if you're playing in an old DOS-box Aside from that, the game itself is pretty much fun to play, though I miss certain features from later versions in the series (LOL - I only have Heroes of Might & Magic V Collector's Edition). The most important one is walk a bit and then fire an arrow. I mean, why can a melee warrior walk toward it's target and swing his sword and an archer can't walk a bit and fire an arrow?

Anyway, I'm waiting for coming Thursday when the next games in the series are added. I'm missing a couple of them (Heroes 1,2, 7, 8 and 9 to name a few and I think some DLC as well). I would really want to own and play through the whole series of the Heroes of Might & Magic!

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Steam to crash down?
01 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

I'm not sure what Valve is thinking, but after 10 years it seems that they have hit a mark that will most likely bring down Steam.

The first and foremost thing that annoyed the hell out of me was the paid mods implemented for Skyrim last weekend. The community revolted against it and it was pulled by Valve. Though the system might still be in place to be implemented later because Valve stated that "We're going to remove the payment feature from the Skyrim workshop." (actual qoute but I lost the source ), which clearly means that they did not end the system.

Then the news that I saw today that Greenlight will be pulled down. This system was a very good one for indie game developers to put their games under attention. With the removal of Greenlight, indie game developers have to fight against the big companies to get their attention OR (most likely) pay loads to get their game on the front page of Steam...

And now this one that I just found. Developers are allowed to ban players from their online games. And though the developer has to submit it to Valve to be enacted, the developer is the one to turn to if you think that your ban has been incorrect, which will mostlikely be never looked at again and you've lost the money you spent.

I fear that Valve being the biggest online digital store out there is suffering from delusions of grandeur. With all those publishers using their platform and thinking their service is a requirement to enable DRM they think they can pull things off and just see how the community responds. Well, I think if Valve keeps on doing shit like this they might be in for a big surprise. They're not the only digital (DRM) store out there and if they keep pushing their community like this the community might just stop buying games that are playable on Steam only. After all there are enough alternatives out there like Good old Games (which is making it's own platform right now) for indie and older games and Origin which has also a lot of big publishers in it's store (other than EA that is ). Not to mention that Perfect World (ARC launcher), TRION and a couple of other MMO publishers are making their own small digital stores as well.

Time will only tell if Valve is big enough to keep make these bad decisions, but if they keep it up like this, it might as well be the beginning of their end...

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Warhammer 40K Dawn of War II exits GFWL
25 May 2014
Posted in Computer games
I've been posting about the end of Games for Windows Live since early September last year and been raging about sales for games that still use it. Though there are a lot of sites following this, I was pretty concerned about those few games that I have that utilize GFWL. One of the games I was really concerned about is Warhammer 40K Dawn of War II. I like this game a lot, but haven't played it because of the exit for GFWL and no word from SEGA about any support for this old title.

This weekend, Steam once again has the Warhammer 40K franchise on sale, and I was thinking about raging about it once again. I mean, really make it a sale on the last week this game is actually playable..? But when I went to the store page I was quite surprised...
 photo Screenshot2014-05-25205620_zps8e34877a.png

Yes, you see it well, SEGA has finally taken action to keep this AWESOME game alive. Not only that, I think they have figured out that sales in the past have been low for the DoW2 games only because of that sucky GFWL. I have heard from a lot of players that they skipped these two tittles (DoW2 and DoW2:CR) because of GFWL and were waiting for an other DRM system (Steam preferably since it's a Steam-only title anyway). Well, it looks like their wish has come true, and that DoW2 will have a new life again...

And with DoW2 about to have GFWL removed, only Fable III and GTA:IV remain to have it removed in my library. Sadly though, Mickey$oft is not gonna remote GFWL from Fable III (YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!) and on GTA:IV there's still no word from R* either on what they'll do with the game, and time is running short already...

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Diablo III (again)
23 April 2014
Posted in Computer games
It's been quite a long time ago since I last wrote about Diablo III. Truth is that at the time I thought the game just to suck balls and kinda gave up on it. The most important reason for that feeling was the (real money) auction house used in the game. I mean, really, a single player / co-op game with a world wide auction house???

After the recent crash of the HDD and motherboard, I happened to have more than enough space on the new 2Tb HDD and I figured to give Diablo III a new try. To my surprise I saw my brother playing it already and he was quite surprised as well that I was installing it. He opted to duo once in a while with his lowbee character so we could have fan playing the game together.

Because it's been so long ago that I last played Diablo III I decided to reroll my character. I deleted the old Which Doctor and made a Sorcerer instead, figuring that with ranged damage I could survive a bit better than with the Which Doctor who had quite a DPS problem.

We talked a bit and he came up with the 'cow level' from Diablo II. Well, Diablo II is one I never played, and he wanted to show it to me...
All I can say is that this was a weird-ass level!

Of course, playing through the content, I also came at the Skeleton King once again. Where last time I fought him on normal level and thought it to be a hard fight, this time I'm playing on hard level and was prepared for anything!
Hmm... Prepared for anything... Honestly, I think this time it was quite easy to kill the Skeleton King compared to what I remembered from my previous character...

Only problem left is the expansion 'Reaper of Souls'. Because I haven't played Diablo III for for quite some time, I didn't bother to buy it when it came out. But with my birthday coming up next week and my wife always having a problem getting me a present, she mostly asks me to buy my own present. And I think you already guess what I bought...

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TetraGems released in beta
29 March 2014
Posted in Computer games
After having fixed the last few bugs and extensive play-testing, I finally was able to release TetraGems to the public as beta!  'Beta' what does that mean exactly? TetraGems is fully functional right now, but I do need your feedback on a couple of topics.

The most important one is the drop speed of the Tetra blocks. At the start of the game I think they drop on a nice speed. While playing the Tetra blocks will drop faster as you increase in level. But I am wondering if the drop speed increases too fast or just too slow (though I doubt that ). Please let me know what you think about it. Personally I think that on level 9 (the highest I have reached while play-testing the last week) the speed is already pretty high, but who am I to judge on that..?

Then the appearance of the rare red gems. At the start of the game they have only a 10% chance to appear and with each level the chance increases with 2.5% with a maximum of 25% at level 10. When a red gem appears, there is a same chance that a second red gem might appear in the Tetra block.  But are these chances perhaps too high? Though 25% chance of a red gem might sound low, at a certain point (once again that level 9 I reached), the number of red gems shattered on the play field is pretty high.

You can download TetraGems from the Google Play store (link might not yet be working) or from my personal DropBox. You can also play TetraGems on the AE games web-page. Please let me know what you think of the game. Any feedback is welcome to make TetraGems the game you love to play!

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