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Warhammer collection has to go as well
13 November 2013
With winter coming and having changed the hobby room a bit (the old spot of the PC has a pretty cold draft), I stumbled across my old Warhammer collection. You know, those plastic figurines that have to be assembled and painted before you can play with them

Thinking back on then I last even had them in my hand (other than to move around), I came up with at least half a year ago. But looking back in my blog, I saw that it was summer last year that I actually was working on them. I think that's already a sign that I kinda have lost interest in that hobby as well

Now that I've started making games using Unity I guess the time I have for the Warhammer hobby will be even less than before. And with Unity being something (semi-)serious and going well, I decided to ditch the whole Warhammer hobby as it is.

But who to sell/give it to..?

Well, I can drop it on eBay and hope that someone wants two almost complete armies that are only half painted. That'd mean that I could get 50-100 for it, but after eBay commission, postage and such, I hardly won't have anything left of it. Not to mention, the paint, brushes and all other accessories are something I really can't be sold through eBay

Then I thought of an old friend of mine. A guy who I haven't spoken for, well about the same period as I've not been paying attention to the Warhammer hobby and decided to give him a call last Sunday. Well, he wasn't quite sure (he still had way too much Warhammer projects on the shelf and not enough time for those already) but would give it some thought and asked me to hop on by his store (he's the Warhammer Alkmaar store manager) this week.

And so I did today. It was good to see him again and talk with him. Not only about Warhammer, but lost of things. I also showed him my Unity project (which actually runs on my Android Creative ZEN Touch2 MP3-player ) and he was quite impressed (he's really a digibethic ). When I asker him (about 2 hours later) about the Warhammer models, he admitted that he really had to make more room on his shelf

And what he's got to pay..? Well, I'll leave it to him. If he takes it as it is, I'm okay, if I get a bottle of whiskey, I'm okay as well. Frankly, I don't care for the money I could get from those Warhammer models since It's been collecting dust already for the last 15 months, and the money I spent on it already was used...

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Looking NOT so good in armor...
07 May 2013
Found this one on the image gallery and had to share it with you.

It really DOES take some balls to show up like this on a LARP party  

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Selling the complete AD&D collection
23 January 2013
I've decided to sell ALL my (Advanced) Dungeons & Dragon books in one bulk. I've put them up for sale on the Dutch site with an asking price of 1.500. The price might seem steep, but the whole collection is worth somewhere around 4.500 and I figured trying to ask 1/3rd of that value would be nice. Note worthy are the Dutch Dungeons & Dragons boxed set and books that are included in this sale. These items are extremely rare since they've been printed in very low numbers and you hardly can't find them in the NM/M condition that I have...

Although my (table-top) RPG days have been over for years now, I'm not ready to sell my Alternity books. Personally I think this is the best pen-n-paper RPG system around and I'm still hoping to be able to play it again some day...

The whole list of my collection as I've put it up for sale:

-- D&D3.x / d20 --
Monster Manual - Core Rulebook III
Psionics Handbook
Players Handbook - Core Rulebook I v.3.5 Leatherbound Limited Edition
Monster Manual II
Expanded Psionics Handbook
Occult Lore
Mythic Races
Encyclopaedia Arcane - Neromancy - beyond the grave
Ultimate Equipment Guide
Wild Spellcraft
Pool of Radiance - Attack on Myth Drannor
Dungeon Maset Screen
Sword and Fist - A Guidebook to Fighters and Monks
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
Manual of the Planes
Masters of the Wild - A Guidbook to Barbarians, Druids and Rangers
Enchanted Locations
En Route II
Morningstar Fantasy Campaign Setting
Ultimate Games Designer's Companion
Creature Collection
Scarred Lands Gazetteer
DragonLance Campaign Setting
EverQuest Player's Handbook

-- AD&D Al-Qadim --
Land of fate - Box and 4 MM pages missing
Arabian adventures
Corsairs of the Great Sea

-- AD&D Dark Sun --
Campaign setting - Miniature reprint by 21st century games
Dragon Kings

-- AD&D Dragonlance --
DragonLance Adventures
Dragons of Dispair
Dragons of Flame
Dragons of Hope
Dragons of Desolation
Dragons of Mystery
Dragons of Ice
Dragons of Light
Dragons of War
Dragons of Deceit - Tokens still unpunched
Dragons of Dreams
Dragons of Faith - Tokens still unpunched
Dragons of Truth
Dragons of Triumph
Mists of Krynn
Time of the Dragon
Tales of the Lance
Dwarven Kindoms of Krynn
Player's guide to the DragonLance campaign
Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
Dragon Magic
Dragon Keep
Wild Elves
DragonLance Conspectus
The Atlas of the DragonLance World
The World of Krynn Trail Map
DragonLance Game - Board game

-- AD&D Forgotten Realms --
Campaign setting
City System
Menzoberranzan - Miniature reprint by 21st century games
Campaign setting
Elminster's ecologies - Miniature reprint by 21st century games
Lands of intrigue
The Forgotten Realms Atlas
Waterdeep and the North
Empires of the Sands
Swords of the Iron Legion
Hall of heroes
The Bloodstone Lands
Old empires
Storm riders
Dwarves Deep
The drow of the Underdark
Pirates of the Fallen Stars
The Great Glacier
Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
The City of Waterdeep Trail Map
Kara-Tur Trail Map
Elves of Evermeet
The Return of Randal Morn
Pages from the mages
Faiths & Avatars
Heroes' lorebook
Empires of the Shining Sea
Hellgate Keep
Powers & Pantheons
Demihumans of the Realms
Sea of Fallen Stars
Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate II
Forgotten Realms Conspectus

-- Spelljammer --
Adventures in Space
The legend of Spelljammer
War captain's companion
The Astromundi Cluster
Monstrous Compendium MC7
Monstrous Compendium MC9
Complete spacefarer's handbook
Lost ships
Skull & crossbows
Crystal Spheres
Dungeon Master's screen - Still in SW
Dungeon Master's screen
Under the dark fist
Practical Planatolory
Goblin's return
Heart of the enemy
Rock of Bral
Space lairs

-- AD&D Greyhawk --
World of Greyhawk - 1st printing, folio damaged on corners - UNIQUE minifigures ad!

-- AD&D Planescape --
Campaign setting
The Eternal Boundary
The Factol's Manifesto
Planes of Conflict
The Planewalker's Handbook
Planescape Conspectus

-- AD&D Ravenloft --
Realm of terror
Forbidden lore
Monstrous Compendium
Monstrous Compendium Appendix II: Children of the Night
Book of Crypts
Van Richten's Guide to Vampires
Island of Terror
Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts
From the shadows
Van Richten's Guide to the Lich
Van Richten's Guide to Werebeasts
Van Richten's Guide to the Created
Van Richten's guide to the Ancient Dead
Death unchained
A guide to Transylvania

-- AD&D --
Players Handbook - Miniature reprint by 21st century games
Legends & Lore - Miniature reprint by 21st century games
Wilderness survival guide - Miniature reprint by 21st century games
Monstrous Compendium Volume 1
Monstrous Compendium Volume 2
The complete fighter's handbook
The complete thief's handbook
Campaign sourcebook and Catacomb Guide
The complete priest's handbook
The complete wizard's handbook
The complete psionics handbook
Tome of magic
Arms and equipment guide
The complete book of dwarves
The complete bard's handbook
Monster Mythology
The complete book of elves
The complete book of gnomes & halflings
The complete book of humanoids
Book of Artifacts
The complete ranger's handbook
Monstrous Manual
The Complete Book of Villains
The complete paladin's handbook
The compete barbarian's handbook
The complete druid's handbook
The complete book of Necromancers
Players Option: Skills & powers
The complete ninja's handbook
Dungeon Master Option: High-Level campaigns
Player's Handbook
Dungeon Master guide
Dungeon Master's Screen
Vikings Campaign sourcebook
Charlemagne's Paladins Campaign sourcebook
A Mighty Fortress Campaign sourcebook
Celts Campaign sourcebook
Dungeon Master screen & Master index
TSR jam 1999
Underdark - Night Below
Battle System
Unearthed arcana
Oriental adventures
Manual of the Planes
Slave Pits of the Undercity
The Book of Lairs
Best of the Dragon
Best of the Dragon vol. II
Best of the Dragon vol. III
Best of the Dragon vol. IV
Best of the Dragon vol. V
Fantastic Treasures
Fantastic Treasures II
Priest's Player Pack
Wizard's Spell Compendium volume One
Wizard's Spell Compendium volume Two
Wizard's Spell Compendium volume Three
Wizard Spell Cards
Treasure maps - Folio missing
The Murky Deep
Deck of Magical Items
Deck of Encounters - Set Two
Wizard's Challenge II
Fighter's Screen
Priest's Screen
Country sites
Labyrinth of Madness
Labyrinth of Madness - Limited Edition comic
Priest's Spell Compendium volume Three
The Worlds of TSR
Tale of the Comet

-- D&D Nederlandse editie --
Dungeons & Dragons Basis-set
De Schrik van de Heuvel
Blizzard Pas
Dungeon Meester Scherm

-- ICE / Middle Earth Role-Playing system --
MERP Players Handbook - Collector's Edition
MERP Players Handbook

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RPG book-lists made
28 October 2012
I've been busy the last few days sorting out my RPG books. Most of all, I didn't realize I had *THAT* many books. The total number of books that I have is 277 Of those, a 119 will have to leave my collection. These include (as said before), DragonLance, Ravenloft, Planescape and most of my 3.0/3.5 books.

Now it's time to determine the value of these books. I think the best source for that is eBay right now. I know the 3.0/3.5 books can be sold for abour 75% of their retail price, but all the other items might be a problem. Not to mention, some items (Dragonlance 1st edition adventures and the Greyhawk A1 true A4 adventures) will be sold in a bundle.

A full list of all my books can be found here. The 1st tab holds the collection that I'll stick to, the 2nd tab (For Sale) is obviously what I'll be selling. If there's anything of your likings, please eMail me at reizla[at]gmail[dot]com (I don't care if you SPAM on that address, that's why it's a gMail address )

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Know what to sell
21 October 2012
Two weeks ago I wrote that I was thinking to sell all my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons stuff. When I told my wife about it, she wanted me to rethink it a bit longer before I'd make the decision, knowing I'd be sorry if I'd really sell it. I knew she'd be right I might be sorry if I'd sell it, and I didn't make the inventory yet, and the books are still all on the shelf...

Today we've redone the hobby-room a bit, and I am in need of extra shelf-space. With my previous thoughts to sell the AD&D books, I gave it an other (more serious) thought this time while looking at the books. I immediately made up my mind on what to sell, and what not.

Things I will certainly NOT sell:
   - All the 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons core-books and supplements
   - All the books I have of the Forgotten Realms campaign
   - The whole Spelljammer campaign setting
   - My Alternity RPG-system collection - I'm 100% sure I'll regret it when I sell it!
   - The ULTRA RARE Dutch Dungeons & Dragons starter set
   - All the atlas's and maps that I have purchased through time - this includes also all NON AD&D ones
   - The miniature books & boxed sets - way too much fun to keep them

Things I will certainly sell:
   - Most 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books (I might keep some as reference)
   - All 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventures
   - All Dragonlance books & boxes
   - All Ravenloft books & boxed
   - All Planescape books & boxes
   - All Al Qadim books & boxes (though it's FR related)
   - All WotC DM related books (adventures, Monster Manuals and campaign settings)
   - The RARE NM/M 2e AD&D Priest's Player Pack I have
   - All AD&D information cards
   - Oh yeah... one Dark Sun book

I do have some weird bits'n'pieces as well, like a vinyl 33rpm 7" record with a children's story, children's books and other stuff alike. I'll judge them per item.

I'm not sure if I'll drop the list here for all to pick/order from, sell on eBay or an other auction site, but stay tuned. I will certainly drop a complete list here soon with all stuff that'll go on sale for sure...

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Thinking about selling it all...
30 September 2012
By now it's been over 5 years since I've last played Dungeons & Dragons as pen-n-paper RPG. I do really miss to play this great game, but I doubt I'll ever be able to play it again. Not only do I not know enough players of the old 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons system here in Alkmaar, but also my state of mind just makes it impossible to concentrate and thus play any game with more than 3 people around me (or for longer than 1 hour as well).

Then what to do with over 5 meters of RPG books that I have here on the shelves? I could sell them, but what to ask for them, and should I sell them all at once or separately? The estimate worth for a collector was over 2500 about 10 years ago, and now I have no clue what it's worth.

Then there are also the more uncommon (even rare) RPG systems that I have here. The Alternity RPG system (also from TSR) is one I really love, but it's so rare that in The Netherlands there are probably only a handful of players who even know it (which is probably because of me). Of this system I have all there is available, except for one GamesCon give away, which I still would like to get my hand on.

Other highlights in my collection are some pretty rare AD&D items. I have the Forgotten Realms Tara Tur boxed set in EX/NM condition, the whole Spelljammer setting in EX/NM/M (some even still in shrink!), and the Planescape Planes of Conflict boxed set (of which there were only made 250 ever afaik) in NM condition.

I think I should start by making an inventory of all RPG books I have and it's condition, before I even start to wonder about the value of those books. Then check on the price of the objects and see how to sell them. Perhaps I'd drop a full list on the Dutch Marktplaats site and see who wants what. Of course, I'll drop a list here as well. I can imagine that some of my readers might be interested in certain books...

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Paining black on black
19 July 2012
Not much time to play MMORPG's right now, or rather, I'm not giving myself a lot of time to play them

Instead I'm busy painting my new Necron army, and I thin I've started with the hardest (and coolest looking) part of my current army: the Necron Ghost Arc. As I've said yesterday, I want this one to be a stunning center piece, and I'll do whatever it takes to make it as stunning as possible. But before I can make it look stunning, I have to start with the basics: BLACK...
 photo NecronGhostArc_zps2de476a3.jpeg
I started with a black undercoat (of course, looking best for undead robots IMO), and after that was done, I had to apply black paint (over the black undercoat). This may sound odd, but it makes sense. The undercoat is sprayed on the model, and thus very thin. It's more of a 1st layer that'll make new layers stick better to the model. Adding black paint next makes it look better (a bit darker black as well), and on places where the undercoat didn't stick as well are now painted too.

For today I'm done painting, but tomorrow I'll start with the metallic parts. The guns will be painted in bolt gun metal, their hinges in a more shiny silver color, and the outlets (the 3 big ones at the rear) will be painted in bolt gun metal as well. If I have enough time tomorrow I will also make red details on the black paint for the technological 'shimmer' on the Arc.

The Necrons that come with the Arc (both the pilot and the 10 that are in repair) and all the around 50 other ones that I have won't be painted any day soon. First I want the Arc painted, and when that one is done, the rest of the Necrons (the pilot and the ones in repair come first so I can glue the Arc together).

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Making progress with the Necron Gost Arc
17 July 2012
Assembling the Necron Warriors was easy. 20 models that I had ready in about 2 hours. The 5 swarms were even easier, too bad the time it took for the glue to dry was longer than assembling them The 5 Deathmarks took a bit longer, mostly because the weapons were a pain to mount properly.

But all those problems are nothing compared with the assembly of the Necron Ghost Arc. Damn, this thing is HUGE! And by huge I mean the amount of parts (168!). Following the manual, I've seen advices to stop at a point and paint before proceeding...

Right now I'm at such a point. The back part of the Arc is done now, but I can't glue the pilot on his spot, as well as the control panel infront of him because if I do, I won't be able to reach certain spots when painting.
 photo NecronArcbackpart_zps53fb8f21.jpeg
This means I have to undercoat these parts first, then fully paint them, and when I'm done painting drop the pilot in his place and glue the control panel in front of him.

Too bad I can;t yet do that, because aside from these parts, I also have 6 bones of the ship already done (talking about an easy job ) and I have to assemble the 10 (damaged) necrons that'll be repaired by the arc as well. Once again, problem here is that I have to undercoat and paint the bones and the (damaged) necrons first before assembling them.

Yeah, this Ncron Ghost Arc is a monster to make, but I'm sure that when I',m completely done, I have a very nice looking center peace in my army...

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Necrons are coming!
15 July 2012
I'm kinda sad that I don't know enough players who play Warhammer Fantasy Battle, while most of the people I know do play Warhammer 40K. This might be one of the reasons I'm not that much in a hurry to finish paining my Ogre Kingdoms army...

So I've decided to start with Warhammer 40K as well. I used to be in doubt between Tyranids (I have played them long ago already), Dark Eldar and Necrons. To make a decision, I took a closer look at what's in the 'starter box' of each army (both in models and point value) and what the possibilities are for conversions and diversity in the army.

I know for conversions Tyranids are the most ideal army, but as said I did play them before and don't really want to start with them again. Not to mention, with the new 6th edition 40K rules, the Tyranids are the only army without any allies. 2nd choice for conversions are the Necrons I think. Though all undead robots (it does sound kinda contradictional ) that have been made in large series (Terminator T800 comes to mind), individual Necrons (HQ, and smaller units) might proof to offer enough conversion possibilities.

And speaking about conversions... First thing I thought when I saw the green neon tubes of the Necron Warriors was to see if I could replace them with an other color. Googling this as possibility, I came across a forum discussion where someone actually replaced the plastic green neon tubes with purple glass.
I like the result a lot, though purple won't really be an option with the color-scheme I have in mind for my Necrons. I'll paint them in a titanium alloy (blueish metal glow), and that combined with purple might not be a good match. Searching eBay, I did find some red neon tubes instead (I ordered 50 of them already ), which will make a better match with my color-scheme.

And speaking about the red neon tubes, I wanted to match most of the 'technology effects' with the neon tubes, and the red does seem to be a good color to do that. Where the Arcs have green accents, I think I'll make them red. And where the Necrons them self show green 'technology effects', I'll make them red for sure. Though I think I do need a lighter shade of red than the two I already have (Red Gore and Blood Red), but I'm sure GW has one in their new paint range

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Elf flesh vs Kistlev flesh (old vs new)
18 May 2012
I've ran almost out of my old Elf flesh, and it was time to finally start using the new Kislev flesh.

At first I was a bit disappointed with the results, because I thought it was a base color and it didn't cover the model as good as it should. But when I wanted to write this post, I wanted to scan a phrase from the White Dwarf  issue 388 in which the new colors were detailed and each kind of paint was explained. Only then I noticed that the Kislev flesh wasn't a base color, but just a layer, much like the old Elf flesh. This means I have to revise my initial thoughts about the new color as I go along writing this

First impressions before starting is that I had to shake the little bottle of paint better. The first time I opened it, there was clearly still some pigment on top of the paint. Closing the lid and shake some more made the pigment mix with the paint better. This is new to me, since the old colors didn't have this much pigment in them.

Then the first layer painted as I used to paint in the past. I'm a 'light painter', using not too much paint so that the details of the model stays as visible as possible. With the old Elf flesh this was a problem, showing the black undercoat clearly, while after adding a 2nd layer of Elf flesh would hide the undercoat for about 85% or so (giving an unintended good effect though).
Now with the new Kislev flesh, the 1st layer of paint is doing a much better job than the old Elf flesh, though one layer as I used to paint still shows the black undercoat, but a lot less than the Elf flesh does. After adding a very thin 2nd layer, the coverage of the paint is over 95%, making the new Kislev flesh far better than the old Elf flesh to use as a base color over the black undercoat.
 photo WarhammerKislevvsElfflesh_zpsb972eda5.jpeg
In the picture above I've used bot paints, with Elf flesh on the left side and Kislev flesh on the right. Though the Elf flesh might seem to have better coverage after the 1st layer, it's not - the flashlight of the camera clearly brought up some of the pigment on the thinner parts of the paint, making it look like the Elf flesh has better coverage...

Then the color itself. When I bought the Kislev flesh, I already noticed in the store that it was a bit darker. As the above picture shows, putting them close together indeed shows that the Kislev flesh is a bit darker than the Elf flesh, and I can't say otherwise. But this one layer is not all that I'm applying to these models. I will add a wash to make shade-effects, followed by 2 different dry-brush colors. I think after I'm done the darker Kislev flesh won't show that much darker anymore as it seems now

I think in all, the new Kislev flesh is a better quality paint than the old Elf flesh was, and I surely hope that this quality goes for all other layer paints as well. Right now I'm thinking about old colors like Snakebite leather and Red gore, which are awful to make a good paint-job with as well. But since I sill have enough paint in those old bottles, I'm not gonna buy new ones until I really need new ones

...and the old Elf flesh of which I still had a bit..? Well, I'll keep that as 'spare'. I have about 30 models painted with it, and those models aren't finished yet. So when I make a mistake, I can use the old paint to correct (read; hide ) it...

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