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Allods vs Runes of Magic
12 August 2010
Posted in Allods online
I've played both Allods and Runes of Magic now for about two and a half weeks, and it's time to compare the games...

Graphically, both games are pretty strong. They're not like most Free2Play games, where an almost prehistoric engine is used Looking at how your character and the environment is drawn, Allods has a more cartoonish style than Runes of Magic, though Runes of Magic overused the bloom effect a bit too much to my likings... Personally, I think they both can match them self with AAA titles like World of Warcraft and Aion: the Tower of Eternity, just to name a couple.

Audio is a different thing... Where Allods takes care that you always here some music, in Runes of Magic there's a lot of silence at times, where only the effects of your battle can be heard. The ambient music is pretty good for both, though I think that Allods uses a more fitting ambient mucis than Runes of Magic. The combat effects of Runes of Magic need to be redone I think. It's kinda odd when you wield your wooden staff, that you hear a sword unsheethe

Then there is the important thing about gameplay...
First off the questing, or PvE part... Allods has a couple of long story lines in the game, called World quests, where you learn about the history of the world and their races. In Runes of Magic, I haven't found any such thing (yet). Regular quests are done pretty well in Allods, and it's one of the few games where I actually read the whole quest description, while in Runes of Magic, quests are just there and represented as huge walls of text with coloured highlights for objectives, locations and persons. Yes, you guessed it, I don't even take the time to read them, also because the quests don't really connect in my opinion...
Then looking at the map, both games give locations of where to go. In Allods you'll get a rough location of where your objective is or the exact location of your contact. A good thing is that quest givers are not shown on the map, unless you're real close to them. In Runes of Magic, only quests givers and turn-in points for quests are shown on the map. Most locations of objectives are not there and you should read the quest description (so follow the highlighted texts in the quest).
Then there's the raid thing... Where in Runes of Magic you can solo a raidboss when you're about 3 levels higher (speaking of LAME ), in Allods the raidbosses are exactly the other way around. Those raidbosses are wat too overpowered, and even when you're about 5 levls higher, you still need a good party to make sure you won't die from a critical hit of the boss.

Then the PvP part... I can't say I did any PvP yet in Allods, but since it's Realm vs Realm I assume that there'll be a ganking fest when I get to it, much like I've seen it in all other RvR games... Runes of Magic has an open world PvP system, and I've already spoke about that last week...

Last but not least... Item shop...
Both games give a bit a of Play2Win feeling when looking at the item shop, which I think could spoil the gaming experience of a lot of players. But comparing the two, I must say that Allods has the better item shop of the two. Where in Runes of Magic you can really pay to boost the power of your armour and weapons up to +6 without a problem, in Allods, there's only one power item and that's the Incense, that'll boost your damage output and health received...
Pricing of both cash shops is an issue as well. Allods (as most gPotato games) has a decent pricing, where a 21-day incense can be bought for US$ 3.75. When you compare that to Runes of Magic, the power items will cost you a lot more, but those will stay with you on higher levels...

I think you have guessed already which game I love more... Allods. Though it's a RvR game, which is really not my thing, the game just feels a lot better to me...

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Making good use of 4.000 Myrrh
08 August 2010
Posted in Allods online
Here's a good idea to combine two events into great profit.

Right now, the Quest for Chests is running for Allods, allowing you to win item shop items. I did win over 20 Incenses by now, allowing me to boost my skills a lot I sold half of them, and the other half I'll keep to use myself.

Then there was the Radiant Strongbox even last week as well. It allowed you to win a special mount. I bought 10 of those boxes hoing to have some luck, but I didn't. Instead I won (amongst others) 4.000 Myrrh. At first I was like WTF do I have to do with that? Now that the Fear of Death is removed, the Myrrh has become somewhat obsolete in these large quantities. Then I remembered the large amount of incenses and came up with an idea.

I started to use my Myrrh Salvation skill (very strong healing skill using 1 Myrrh) overly. And when I say overly, I really mean it. The skill has a cooldown of 30 seconds and every 5 minutes I used it at least 6 times. Now what's the use of that I hear you think. Easy... Using the Myrrh Salvation skill boosts your Patronage experience with 5 points. And every level, the attribute your Patronage supports is listed with one.

And there I went... Earlier today I headed out with Patronage level 8. When I ended today I had Patronage level 13. By now my Finesse attribute is boosted with a +11 when I have my Patronage active. And since I have to use Incenses to activate my Patronage...

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My first cursed item
08 August 2010
Posted in Allods online
I thought having holy charms (or the 10 blessed charms I received as quest reward on Evermeet) in your backpack would be enough to protect you from items getting cursed upon death. So far I died so many times, and I had none of my rare (blue) or better items cursed. And when I said it in zone chat (including an "I might be jinxing it now" comment), my next death indeed cursed one of my items

Now here's what went wrong...

Having the holy charms (or blessed charms for that matter) in your backpack is not enough. One of my party members told me that I needed to equip these charms in the empty slot just above my dagger. Now that's something that's never been told in the quest

Luckily, the item that was cursed wasn't that important. It was a reputation reward I could buy again for less than half a gold (you see in my backpack that I have enough ). Okay, it's a shame the thing got cursed, but I'm glad not one of my rare quest rewards got cursed there...

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Giving up on the Wandering Alchemist
29 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
After hunting that Wandering Alchemist for over 8 hours in total, I've finally given up on it. Reason is that the amount of elixirs he gives and the time I'm putting into the hunt doesn't match the reward for the quest.

Oh yeah, that's right. Normally I wouldn't make it that big a fuzz, but in this case... Looking at the progress I made I would probably have to hunt that Wandering Alchemist for about 20 hours in total, and hoping he'd give me the right elixirs to make that shrinking potion. When I finally get a 1st elixir #4 after about 15 elixirs in total, it made me wonder... How long till I have them all...

Then the reward... In "early days", this quest would give you an awesome reward: a banking extension, allowing you to store more stuff in your bank than the regular 12 slots. But after the last patch, this quest has been altered, and you'll get a blue cape. Okay, the item is a good one, but not when you compare the effort put into it to get the item...

So now I've headed off to the Frozen Frontier, and found my new home. No, I'm not kidding! The Frozen Frontier is the new home for the gibberlings, and since I play one...

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I HATE that Wandering Alchemist!
25 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
Okay, I'm really starting to hate that Wandering Alchemist. Reason is more the quest than the fact that he hop around a lot, though the hopping around is very annoying as wel...

First off the quest... That one is bugged in the text. It tells you you need 14 portions of the elixer to make the shrinking potion. Well, that's not true. I heard from an other player that you need 5 portions of the elixer each, and there are 5 different elixer portions, so you need 25 portions in total...

To make things worse, the Wandering Alchemist gives you these elixer portions at comeplete randomness, and he doesn't care if you already have 5 of one kind By now I've recieved the following from him:
  • 1st elixer portion - 2x
  • 2nd elixer portion - 7x (!)
  • 3rd elixer portion - 3x
  • 4th elixer portion - 1x
  • 5th elixer portion - 3x
Right now I need to find that Wandering Alchemist at least 11 more times to get all the elixer portions I need to make the shriking potion. But knowing my luck, it'll take me at least an other 20 visits with him to get 5 of each elixer portion before I can make the potion... And so far, I've been hunting that Wandering Alchemist for about 4 hours... This means it'll take me most likely an other 5 hours to get the remaining elixer portions...

Then the map with the locations where the Wandering Alchemist can be found...

All locations have been verified by me, except for the one at Gravestein. I haven't seen him there yet, but I guess the location is accurate

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I bought the horse and am pleased
23 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
Though I was in doubt yesterday about the horse, I did buy it after having a chat with one of my guildmates who has one as well. Reason to buy the horse after all, is that after a while the horse will level up, and with each level the speed the horse moves increases...

And below is a picture of me on my horse. I am a bit disappointed that even Gibberlings get one horse, and not three small horses that they ride individually, but Oh well, it's just how it's designed

The food thing of the horse is still a bit fuzzy. It'll take me 10 feed to get the horse to the next level, and from there I don't know how much I'll need for the one after that. My guess is that the 50 feed I bought initially is not enough to get the horse to the maximum level...

Also, the feed lasts for 30 minutes at this level, but luckily the horse only uses it when I'm actually riding it. The feed also gives an extra boost in speed, but it's not that much. Looking at it, it's only an extra 15%, making the fed horse 30% faster than what I normally walk. I know, it's not much, but the boost is enough for when I have to travel long disntances, like I'm doing right now, hunting that freaking Wandering Alchemist...

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In doubt about the horse...
22 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
Yesterday I bought my first 3150 gPotatoes to get myself an bigger backpack and bank storage.  To get those gPotatoes was a problem as well, since the first two times my payment was rejected through PayPal. The third time, when I made my eMail addresses match, I managed to get the payment done...

Now I have a bit over 1500 gPotatoes left and am in doubt to buy the horse. Looking at the mount in the item shop, it shows that it only gives a 15% speed boost, and to be very honest, I think that's extremely low for a mount, which in real life goes 3x the speed of a human...

And to make things worse, there's the feed problem. The only way to get it is through the item shop as well. I'm not sure if feeding the horse is a must (I hope not), but it does give a speed bonus when feeding the horse.

But from what I heard, the speed bonus to the horse only lasts for 90 minutes And then I don't even know how big that speed bonus is. I mean, if it makes the horse 50% faster than normal walking, it's not even worth the effort IMO...

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Wandering Alchemist
20 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
I thought that Master Toma in Lineage II was one to hate because he hopped around from place to place, but the Wandering Alchemist in Allods is even worse

Where Master Toma would stay on his spot for about half an hour, the Wandering Alchemist stays on his spot till you talk to him. He then gives you a vial (you need three of them) and disappears immediately. Because of this, I searched the net and made a map where you can find him.
 photo AOgame2010-07-2011-54-45-09_zps5655656a.jpgAllods photo AOgame2010-07-2011-54-48-43_zps125fd3ee.jpg

Here's the info I found on the net, that somewhat pinpoints him to the exact spot:

Heya, The Wandering Alchemist appears in certain places; League: Lightwood: Novograd: at the resurrection chapel outside the north gate Sawmill/Treasure: near the treasure spot on the hill. Big Stones: in a tent on the east side of the area Oreshek Camp: by the yellow crystal White Lake: near the waterfall at the border between Lightwood and Siveria (if not on bridge, check behind a bush near the cliff-side overlooking White Lake north of bridge or draw a line north from the 'n' in the word 'Snowmelt' on map and head to that spot.) Siveria: Molotovka: next to the rafter gibberlings on the docks. Salt Lake: in the building next to the resurrection chapel Gravestein: on the docks. Sieged Stronghold: next to the reputation quartermaster Cape of Good Hope: wandering around the camp.

Of course, I only include the League information, since I play that side

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My first CURSED item
18 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
Doing some of my quests, I came across a rock that seemed to have a treasure buried underneath it. Curious as I am, I took a look and found an iron chest under that pile of stone. Opening the chest, I found a crossbow in it, the Crossbof of Kania.

Too bad, during time, the positive magic imbued on the crossbow has gone bad, and it's cursed now. I can purify the crossbow if I want, but why worry about it now, when it'll take me at least an other week before I can wield it? I might even find a better weapon in the mean time as well...

About purifying the crossbow... I have 166 gPotatoes (item mall currencies), that I obtained from visiting certain advertisements. I know, I'll be spammed now by these sites, but that's what we have gMail accounts for

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16 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
There I was, walking around the world of Allods, killing waterfolks to complete one of my quest. Around the location shown in the two pictures below, I was fighting one of those waterfolk, and used Feint, one of my skills, to gain the advantage of 25% extra dodge on my enemy...

The use of Feint seemed like a good idea at the time, after all, I use if often, and it does save me a lot of times from damage from the monster I'm fighting. But this time it didn't end up all too well...
Before I realized what happened, I was on a different place and disoriented (real life that is...) and found myself somewhere below the ground. Good thing, I still had my target, and I killed it.

After I killed the monster, I tried to get above ground again by jumping, walking and the alike, but nothing worked to get me out of there Trying my Adventurer's Stone to teleport back to the village failed as well. This was because I was stuck in a collision area, whre I happened to be moving constantly. It was really annoying, seeing my screen move constantly as if I was moving half a meter constantly between two places...
I even made a support petition with gPotato, but well... Since I'm on the US servers, it's the middle of the night there, and it would take till tonight for me before I'd most likely get a response from them (no offense to the gPotato support here )

So I started yelling in zone-chat and hope someone could help me. And I must say, the community was pretty helpfull, coming with possible solutions, but none of them worked. The best idea heard was to target a monster and hit him once to get aggro and let it kill me. The idea itself was excellent, but too bad, since I was under the ground I had no line of sight, so I could not target anything at all

Then Ephylaa and Degenrate came up with an idea to get me in their party, lure a monster and let me get aggro. It's a good thing I'm a trickster and have lots of ranged attacks, so we gave it a try...

Ephylaa targeted a Waterfolk Witch, and I was able to "give support" to Ephylaa and get that witch as my target. Shooting it once was enough to get the witch to become pissed off at me let it hit me. Giving the witch some time (like around one minute), it was finally able to kill me and I could respawn back in the normal world again...

Note for myself... Be careful when using that Feint skill next time. I don't want to end up underground in a collision area once again. This time I could die easily, since I was still under level 15, and no harm was done with my items getting cursed. But when I'm over 15... I just don't want to think about that...

Note to gPotato... I'll drop this blog entry to your support for a bug report. If you have any more questions, please feel free to comment here so I can get back to you

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