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Picked it up and put it down again
24 December 2014
It's been a while since I last tried Aion. The game still has some magic that keeps pulling be back to it, but yet it lacks a lot for me This time I returned to see how the latest updates were. 2 new classes, lots of new areas and housing. Though the last one (housing) I've already seen in the past, I thought to give one of the new classes a try...

The class I tried was the Bard (played up to level 12). It's a healing class with quite some offensive powers. Of course, adding those offensive powers can only be done at the cost of the healing power. Much like the Chanter class, the number of healing skills is limited.
Where the Chanter is a short ranged melee class, the Bard is a ranged magic user class. This means that the bard uses robe (light in Aion) armor and is quite vulnerable for damage. This implies that it's more a (small) party class than a solo playing class.

And that's exactly where the problem lies. Western players are so different from Korean (Eastern in general) players. 'We' like to play solo. Though I'd love to play MMOs in a party (which is where they were intended for), finding one is a problem most of the times. After all, 'we' play solo and most other players just 'grind' their way through the content and pop potions like they're candy.

An other problem I have with Aion is the content. There's totally no change in low-level content. The areas as they were at release are still identical and the same goes for the quests. Basically, having played it once, playing it again becomes extremely boring for me.

I might give Aion an extra try on the gunner class, but with the above problem mentioned, I wonder if I should. Playing through the same content again to see if I like a class is just too boring for me. So yeah... Once again I'll remove Aion from my PC and once again I think I won't look t it ever again...

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Guess no Aion for me
12 August 2013
Okay, as I wrote last week, my old NCWest Aion account was transferred to GameForge, including all goodies I had there. That means that my GameForce account has lots of stuff there, but I won't play it since its ...well, GameForge/Frogster...

So I figured to look on eBay for the old European Aion 2.0 (Assult on Balaurea) expansion, which I found for 6.70. I only wanted that box for the inventory panda it'd give me, but that was a no-go. When I got the key from the eBay trader after 4 days, the NCWest account system told me that the key was expired. Now that's odd, since the box that I have here does not show an expiration date.

So I made it a ticket, claiming that there was no expiration date on the key according to the card. Well, here's my answer from NCWest:

That code you provied is an expired European Aion serial code. As the Aion Europe service has gone free to play and has been transferred to Gameforge?, any retail serial codes remaining in circulation have been disabled. All of our authorized retailers have previously been notified of this change and have been instructed to pull the game off the shelves.

If you purchased an Aion Europe product from one of our authorized retailers, you may wish to consider contacting them about a refund for the purchase (or equivalent product replacement). Please keep in mind, though, that such a decision will be made at the discretion of the retailer in question as they will have their own policies for such matters.

Should you wish to play European Aion, please visit Gameforge's site via here:

Wait a sec there! All retailers were informed to remove it from the shelf..? That's a PayPal refund request...

So there I am, Not willing to pay NCWest and their overpriced cash shop to play Aion with their servers, and not gonna play on the lousy service GameForge provides (who still has 3.5 running). Looks like an other nice MMORPG is down the drain for me

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Continue on EU servers or restart on US servers?
08 August 2013
Waiting for ArcheAge, I'm picking up some old MMORPGs again to kill some time and Aion is one of them. It's one I've been playing during the closed betas, at release for 2 months and a couple of months since then (including when it became Free2Play). And speakiing of Free2Play, there lies my problem...

When Aion became Free2Play, all European players had to transfer to the (then new) GameForge service. GameForge took over all the account date that NCWest used to hold as well as all EU servers. Actually, the transition was mandatory, so either transfer or loose the account later on, but surely not being able to play the account on the NCWest servers ever again

With my account transferred to GameForge, including the Collector's Edition I had as compensation for my Tabula Rasa account, the Assult on Balaurea expansion (including an inventory pet), 2 pets I bought at from the cash shop and a but load of goodies, including 5 months of veteran goodies. Not to mention, my account is flagged as veteran account, making it close to a life-time subscription.
And on the NCWest servers..? Nothing left there at all, only 585 NCoin from my Lineage II time...

Now that I'm willing to pick Aion up again, I'm in doubt weather to play with GameForge or with NCWest, where both publishers have good and bad points.

First off, GameForge, also known as Frogster... Well, I rest my case there... We European players know their reputation and truth to be told, their actual service in general is even worse than their reputation Only for that reason I'd hop to the NCWest servers immediately.

But the NCWest servers are not that good either... The reason I quited playing Lineage II on NCWest was not because I got bored of the treadmill feeling but because of the bots and RMT that the GMs didn nothing about. Well, in Aion the RMT yellers are quite active. In the 30 minutes that I've played there till now I have already blocked half a dozen of those RMT yellers
 photo aion2013080815191462_zps7a44acd0.jpeg
With the RMT yellers being THAT active, it'll mean that bots are extremely active as well. And then we're back to the Lineage II situation where I have to fight to claim my spot to level, but this time I can't kill every player I want to (one of the bad things of fixed-faction games).
That while on GameForge the RMT yellers are not active, aside from in the main capitals only. Also, GameForge allows you to report these RMT yellers through a website and they're taken care of almost immediately. Well, they used to be taken care off immediately, I'm not sure how things are now...

A good thing that NCWest brings over GameForge is the updates... GameForge is extremely slow applying new updates. I remember that Aion 3.0 was out in the US for already a couple of months while GameForge still had 2.5 running. And that same thing is happening with the new Aion 4.0 right now again. NCWest has it runing already for 6 weeks, while GameForge is only promoting it to release it somewhere this month. And then I don't wanna know when they'll implement Aion 4.5, which NCWest is already speaking off...

Luckily I can play Aion completely free on the NCWest servers without playing a single dime. This means I can make an account, play there and see how things go there. It's mostly the botting thing I'm concerned about, I can come and go when I wish. And if the botting is indeed that bad on the NCWest servers, then nothing was lost. Not even gametime, since I want to play the new Muse class (bard, a bugger/healer/mage class, kinda the nuking chanter ) anyway...

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Hopping server
23 August 2012
After yesterday's experience, I took a good look at the Aion forum to see what server is real active. And from the looks of it, the old server (Spatalos) is all but active. I mean, in the server section there are only 53 threads with a total of 458 posts. Compare this to the newest server (Nexus), where the total of threads hits 126 with a total of 913 posts total. Yeah, clearly the old servers (Spatalos and Perento, the latter is even less active on the forum) have had their best days I think.

Then the server I did pick: Anuhart. I'm not sure how recent this one is, but I don't recall it to be a former NCSoft server. This server is real active on the forums. The total of threads are 207 with a bit over 4.000 posts. Now that does seem like an active server. Browsing this server's forum quickly did indeed show a rather active server. But that's on the forum. How are things on the actual server..?

So I made an Elyos character there (by now she's a Chanter). And first thing I come across is a RMT yeller. Now that's a good (and rather annoying) sign already. RMT seller would not bother to start 'advertising' on the spot where new players enter the game if there won't be new players, right?

And indeed, this theory has shown to be right indeed. After playing a bit I already saw active players on my way to the 1st village. Entering that village, I saw it buzzing with life. It was almost as if the server just got started as a new one. I really didn't expect so much players to be on this server

It's clear that my characters and their stuff on the old servers are dead now. I'm not going back there anymore. Those servers are too old, and from the looks of it only interesting for 40+ players. On my journeys there I didn't meet too many players, and almost none in the starter areas

Now I hope that the Anahart server's community is a good one. Lets try to find an active legion and hope to party with some players out there. Well, as Chanter I think I have good chances on parties anyway

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Community sucks
22 August 2012
I'm not sure what it is with Aion. Ever since the release it's had rather odd community issues. As I've written before, there is a design flaw in Aion that forced you to party, but when you start later, there's no one to party with, and higher level players don't care to help you out.

I thought it was a good thing that the design flaw was eliminated but I think I was wrong. The general community in Aion are just selfish retards (not all though). Ever since I returned lately, the epeen in /3 LFG has been off the scale, more than the epeen shown by kids in other MMORPG's I've played. These are generally the 'higher level' players who brag on how good they are and stuff like that.

More over, as a 'low level' player you have a hard time to find a legion (guild in Aion), unless you know someone in it already. The last week I've been asking to join one, but reply...
Same goes for parties. Unless you're on the mentor/mentee daily quest, no one bothers to party with a lower level player. Not even other lower level players to speed up PvE questing.

And then there was today, the major epeen showoff. I was killed by a high level Ely (yeah I really think those kids come off by killing 20 levels then they are). Though I have no problem with that,, I do report it in /3 LFG. But today's reaction showed how bad the 'community' is: "Level up and kill him yourself". WTF..? No support and showing your epeen on 'how good' you are?

Things like this make me wonder why I play MMORPG's like this. It's not a MMORPG without a reason. The MMO part tells you that you need to cooperate, but it looks like the majority of the Aion 'community' just doesn't want to at all. Well, I think I know enough for now and put Aion aside once again...

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Anti RMT-SPAM measures
21 August 2012
One of the BIG problems with Free2Play MMORPG's are the Real Money Traders (RMT). The main reason Free2Play MMORPG's are invested with them is that, well... the game is FREE. And because of that, the RMT's make bots to level to the minimum level where they can advertise their illegal activities (keep in mind that EVERY sale of in-game items for real world currency is not allowed in almost every MMORPG).

For Aion, this minimum level is 10. At that level you can go to the capitol of your faction and there the RMT bots are sitting, polluting the local /shout chat to a point where it's impossible for you to see what others are telling But there's an other thing that these RMT bots so. When they 'see' you, you're put on a list and you can expect /tells from them as well

 photo aion2012082111263388_zpsc93a3e67.jpeg
When browsing the options, I found the above option: Block whispers from players < lvl 15 and Block mail from players < lvl 10. The first one is rather obvious. Just block the /tell RMT SPAM. Since the RMT yell bots won't go past level 10, it's save to tick the whisper block. But the mail thing is an odd one I think. Why would a RMT bot send you mail? Really, I have no clue why that option was added, but "just in case", I ticked that one as well

Back to the /shout pollution in the capitols. We can't report players in cities for botting (still don't know why this is prohibited...). But GameForge did come up with something else for that. They made a Kinah report site for that, where you can upload a screenshot and name the 'player' advertising the RMT.

It looks like GameForge is one of the few Free2Play publishers taking measuers against RMT. So far I have no idea if the Kinah report page really does work, but from the looks of it, there are new bots every day to offer their 'services'...

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I love that Golden Nyanco
20 August 2012
What's that hovering around me constantly? Yes, that yellow bunny with that long tail and overly sized ears it can fly with... That's a Golden Nyanco. I bought it when Aion was still available as subscription only-game and it was hosted by NCSoft.
 photo aion2012082021400039_zps735e3620.jpeg
This pet is not only looking cute and keeping me company. This pet is one with the special skill to warn when enemy players are around. I was wondering how he'd warn me when there would be enemy players around, and by now I have found out. You really can't miss it. He'll have a red ambulance light above him (not that obvious), but the sound that comes with it is enough to draw your attention!

Today I headed out to Morheim, and that's a region where 'rifts' appear and enemy players can get to our side. And though I'm still around the Morheim Icy Fortress, there are always lame kids who think it's fun to kill players of 20 levels (if not more) below them.
That happened today as well, and the Golden Nyaco saved me already 3 times in half an hour or so. Okay, the last time that assassin had a shot at me, but I was quick enough to flee to a guarded place.

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A lot has changed
19 August 2012
Damn, that's been a while since I last played Aion... And a lot has changed since then! Of course, with Aion 3.0 the player housing has been introduced with all sorts of new stuff to do...

But that's not all that has been changed. Remember me ranting about the main flaw in Aion? It seemed that NCSoft did find this flaw as well and did take some good measures against it. Though it's still there in a much lesser form.
 photo aion2012081908395606_zpsd45f233a.jpeg
Yes, that's right. The epic monsters in the lower area's are gone now and are now just 'harder' monsters. Though I think that 6-dotter still might be a real challenge for me, at least I have a chance now to kill it

With these changes I am very tempted to keep Aion on my system and play it as 2nd MMORPG along side that other NCSoft title: Guild Wars 2. Now all I have to do is find a legion that I can call a home...

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An other AAA title to go Free2Play
27 January 2012
I've always liked the concept behind Aion, but I didn't like to pay for it while playing. The reason behind it might be obvious when I've spoken of the design-flaw included in Aion more than once...

Late last year I had an eMail that Aion would go Free2Play for European players, and that NCSoft would transfer ALL player data to the new publisher (GameForge) for all players who would participate (unlike when Lineage II wehnt Free2play and ould be hosted by Innova).

When I heard this news I was semi-excited. I do live Aion as it stands (aside from the design flaw), but as with Lineage II going Free2Play, hordes of as-hole kiddy players swarm the servers, killing fun for a lot of other players.  Though on the other hand, all these new players would somewhat eliminate the design flaw, since there'll always be enough players in the level range for the 'forced party areas'.

But I thought to keep a look from the positive side of Aion going Free2Play and allowed NCSoft to transfer my game data to GameForge and I signed up for the beta program.

A few minutes ago if finally happened. I was invited for the close beta test for Aion on the new servers. It tells me I do have a chance to win 'Veteran status' for a couple of weeks, but looking at the FAQ, I'll get one for sure since I subscribed in the past already.

So instead of playing only Word of Warcraft from now on, I'll also play Aion for coming weeks in the beta!

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Resubscribing was a mistake
19 September 2011
It's kinda like the blog-title tells...

Resubscribing to Aion was a mistake for me. As I wrote this weekend already, there are some serious flaws in the game design where I am somewhat unable to progress in the main story line. But there's an other thing that I forgot about Aion (and most other faction based PvP MMO's): the ganking...

Yes, there's ganking all around the maps where high level players hop through rifts to lower level (enemy) area's to 'PvP' with the other side they encounter there. And most of the time this other side they find there are lowbee players with at least 10 levels difference. And this is just the kind of 'unjustice' I can't live with.

Like last time when I was in those area's, this time it pisses me off big-time again. And with the 'good community' Aion has *NOT*, help from higher level players is not really on it's way (as before).

So basically, as said above, resubscribing to Aion was a mistake. I still have 25 days left on subscription, but I'm not gonna play anymore and get pissed off by these lame gankers...

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