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A new try for Age of Conan, but...
24 February 2013
Posted in Age of Conan
Now that Age of Conan is available through Steam, I thought to give it an other try. My old account is still valid and has lots of goodies, including the Rise of the Godslayer expansion and has 8 character slots available...
 photo AgeofConan20130224_zps2df5dbc7.jpeg
Well, available..? When I logged on to the game (after a 2 hour download), I saw that I indeed have 8 character slots available, but I can only have 2 characters at the moment. This did kinda make me wonder how their Free2Play system works...
 photo AgeofConan2013022400001_zpse400650b.jpeg
Okay, that's clear... I only have 2 character slots as F2P player (then why does my account tell me I have 8?), no offline leveling (why do I have 15 available?), and I can only ride the siege mounts like mammoth and rhino.

After having used the offline leveling to hit level 40, I decided to look at my mammoth. Damn, does that one look good, but it's also terribly slow.
 photo AgeofConan2013022400002_zps33889469.jpeg
Also worth to notice is that I have the 2 special skills available for the mammoth (and the rhino as well). I don't know if that's because my mounts are special mounts that come with a manual or that it has something to do with the same thing that my account tells me I have 8 character slots while I can only play 2...

An other thing that bugged me is even weirder... Now that my character is level 40, you would expect that NPCs of 15 levels below you are easy to kill - even without the upgraded (level 40) gear. Well, guess again! I picked up some old party quests I still had to do and I figured being so high level for these quests, I'd fly through the NPCs I had to beat.
Think again... Instead I had to run for my life more than once. Though the NPCs are no longer aggro to me, they are still somewhat immortal for me, while they have me for lunch :confused:

At this moment I have my doubts if I should keep playing Age of Conan. I know the quests are well done, but dull at times. But with glitches like these it doesn't add to the fun. Also, the necromancer (my other character) still has walking DoTs that have no way to keep aggro. Even worse when you order your minions to attack (and you stay hidden/stealthed/dormant) and the NPCs go directly at you - WTF? I haven't even touched you yet!

Oh well, lets see what the coming week(s) will bring when I play it from time to time. Age of Conan never really would have been my main MMORPG to play, but now that it's free I think playing it a couple of hours a week might be worth while...

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Age of Conan Unchained - Pay2Win, not Freemium!
01 October 2011
Posted in Age of Conan
Man, I just wasted 4 hours downloading and patching the new Freemium Age of Conan Unchained. Why I hear you ask (or not when you look at the title), well, let me tell you.

First off, I still think that Age of Conan is looking stunning. But I always thought it was not worth a monthly subscription because of lag and engine issues. Now we're 2 years later, and Age of Conan went Freemium, I thought to give it a new try.

First off, the engine is still as crappy as it was. It's still a choice between DX9 and DX10, but in both cases, the graphics run heavy on my system and performance is low. Compared with Lord of the Rings online, which I can play maxed out and still have 30FPS in crowded places, with Age of Conan when I set to high (which is not that high actually) and in DX10 (no DX11 available), I get only 25 FPS in some backward village. I didn't even dare to move to Old Tarana, because I was sure that my system could cry out loud there

Then the content.Oh yes, there's a 2nd expansion already, and you can buy it from the cash shop if you want, and this 2nd expansion isn't even as big as the previous one. I doubt it's worth the money to spend on, like the previous expansion was not really worth its money. I'm sure not to spend money on the new expansion

And now we're talking about the cash shop, let me show you some 'highlights' from it:
AoC photo AgeOfConanDX102011-10-0113-49-25-09_zpsfd03a74f.jpgAoC photo AgeOfConanDX102011-10-0113-55-38-45_zps94f8fa8d.jpgAoC photo AgeOfConanDX102011-10-0113-49-57-00_zps4f70db11.jpg
Yes, you see it right. Blue items, meaning rare ones for sale in the cash shop. So if you don't want to craft (or quest), you just can buy your gear to 'win'. This makes Age of Conan more an Asian Free2Play MMORPG now than the latest developments we see on the Western market where MMO's go Freemium (Free2Play with subscription option and a non-game breaking cash shop).

My only conclusion I can make is that Age of Conan will die very quickly now. A lot of MMORPG players actually HATE these Pay2Win cash shops and avoid them. In the end, only a few players will stay in these games after spending a lot of $$$ / (take your local currency pick ), and in the end those will leave too because they have almost no one to PvP with (they don't play, they gank and call it PvP).

I'm sorry to say, I really wasted the 4 hours of downloading & patching as well as a lot of bandwith on the overall internet. Age of Conan is NOT WORTH my time to spend with. I'll uninstall it as soon as I have posted this blog entry

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Conan's Age is ending
20 June 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
As twice before, Age of Conan was fun to play for about a month, and after that I'm loosing interest once again...

After having given it a thought I think I know why I'm loosing interest in the game. It comes mainly down to two reasons.
  1. Much like Fallen Earth, questing comes down to pickup the quest, go to the X on the map, do your thing (kill monsters most of the time) and go back to the quest giver (or any other X on the map) and complete it.
  2. PvP is non-existent on the PvE-servers unless you go to the "mini games", which is much like the battlegrounds of World of Warcraft. And when you are on a PvP-server, you can't walk anywhere withing being ganked by groups of players.
Aside from these 2 real game-breakers for me, I do have to say that Age of Conan did improve since it's release. Though DX10 still doesn't work well, unless you have a 1.500+ system, in DX9 the game looks very good, and there a lot of engine improvements have been made. And the latest expansion did bring a lot of new content and that looked very good as well. I even have to say it really felt as if I was in the far east.

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Phoenix Medallion of the South
14 June 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
Yesterday I had a real bad day with a huge headaches all day and I was agitated most of the day. But early in the evening, I finally felt well enough to play Age of Conan a bit, which was the first time in days I felt good enough to play it

The first thing is always that "Where was I?"-feeling. For me it was level 30 and try to get that 2nd part of the Phoenix Medallion. I left myself at Roderick in the Cimmeran "capital" so I could pick up the quest quickly. From there I went to Old Tanara to head on to Stygia, and visit our guild city first, which was around the corner of where I had to go. I know, this side trip was not really needed, but I had to see it for once

Then it was time to go in the instance where I could find that 2nd part of the Phoenix Medallion. I had to kill a mage first who feeds a demon, which in turn protects the Phoenix Medallion...
As you see, the mage itself was pretty easy. But because of the lag-spike I experienced, the game forced me to walk backwards, which resulted in me being unable to use any skills effectively. Though the four snakes are easy, if you just can't hit them right, they might proof a problem. It was a good thing I was able to "reset" myself before anything bad happened...

Then it was time to beat up that demon... He was bathing in blood which keeps him strong. But because I poisoned the blood right after I killed the mage, that demon wasn't as tough as before...
Again an easy kill And opening that chest, I was in luck... The shield I picked up was rare (blue) and is up for sale right now...

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Mama Bear
31 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
MMOs do bring out the worse in me. Normally I would never harm an innocent mammal sitting in her lair, but in Age of Conan...

I saw this Bear cub near a junction with a road leading up. I was curious and took a peek and saw the cub's mother as well. So I slayed the cub, and then took up against the mother. This Mama Bear is a boss that's 4 levels higher than me, and I just could not resist... I said... In real life, even if I could take down a bear like this, I'd leave her alone. Why destroy the beauty of Mother Nature? Good thing this in only a game

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An impending attack - Battlemaster Torgvall
30 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
I was asked to bring down Torgvall and a couple of his henchmen. Before I headed out I was told to bring friends. "Oh well", I thought, "that's said before but I could handle the villain". When I came there, I found a full boss standing there, the villain I had to slay.

My first try failed (of course), and it's a good thing I can run fast and long While fleeing I came across two who seemed to need Torgvall's head as well, but were in need of a healer. So we teamed up, and picked up an other Bear Shaman along the way and went out for Torgvall's head...

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Yeti - a BIG battle
29 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
Someone ordered the Mang Yeti pelt. I figured it would be an awesome Yeti I had to kill, but I was not prepared for this!

Normally it's enough to know what skills you have available, but a boss that is two levels higher than you, you really need to know your class and how to use the skills. And I think I passed for that one. The Yeti didn't even get me down to 50% health...

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Kira's crypt - Face what lies within
28 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
Here's one of the saddest stories in Tortage. Raboz, the local scribe's help, had an amulet and lost it. Since he lost it, one of his ancestors keeps calling for him. He asks you if you can reclaim the 3 parts of the amulet for him, and as the good hero, you'll do that for him

Next he asks if you want to help him open the mausoleum where his ancestor is buried. Again, as a good hero you say yes and you meet him inside the mausoleum (where he just stands between lots of aggro zombies that attack you and just ignore him, but let's not complain about that... ) and he opens the doors with the amulet and a bit of his blood...

...this is inly the ending of the story. The story as a whole is very nicely done, and if you're around Tortage (you probably will be, since it's the starting area of the game ), I'd suggest to talk to the scribe first, free Raboz from the prison and follow the rest of the story...

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Strom dies one last time for me
27 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
Tortage is a great place to play in Age of Conan, but if you have completed it as much as me, you're glad you've killed Strom yet again

This time was no different from any other time. Strom was about to set sail from the harbour, but seemed delayed. While he waited there, I sneaked up his ship and killed him in battle.

Lets hope this was really the last time I had to kill him. I've done Tortage so many times now, that I'm a bit fed up with it. Though Tortage is perhaps the best starting area in all MMOs I've seen so far, I wouldn't want to run through it one more time...

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Climbing the volcano, one last time
26 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
By now I've played most of the classes there are to play in Age of Conan. That is most of them, aside from the soldier classes. I even played the ranger class, and found it as boring as I find most ranger classes...

This time it was time for my Bear Shaman to climb the volcano. Since the movie is the same each time, I only made a movie of the mini-boss that stands just before the end of the quest.

For now I'm still not sure if the Bear Shaman or the Necromancer will become my main character in Age of Conan. Both classes have elements I like. The Bear Shaman is a hybrid class, healing, buffing and melee combat, while the Necromancer is a nuker class with the support of pets...
For now I'll play both. The Bear Shaman is already in a guild, and I think this guild is a good one to be in

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