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SONY inform your costomers!
02 May 2011
Posted in EverQuest II
It's been 2 weeks now since the PlayStation Network (PSN) was hacked. You've probably heard about it in the media about it... Ever since the was hacked, it's brought down by SONY, and only recently it's been party been made available again. During this time, SONY didn't inform the PSN users about what's happened, aside from only 1 blog entry on their page telling that basically all date linked to the PSN has been breached, and most likely copied...

I too am a 'user' of the PSN. Well, user is a large word in this context. I've registered my old PS2 (the one that I sold last year), and 2 PSP's. Aside from my address (most likely my previous address), probably my cellular phone number and my eMail address (one that's been SPAMmed by game-phishers already), there's no critical data for me that's been breached. But it does worry that it took SONY till April 28 (almost 2 weeks after they were hacked) to send me an eMail informing me that their security was breached by hackers...

Of course, as MMORPG player on the SONY Online Entertainment network (SOE), I wondered if the PSN hack would / could also mean that the SOE accounts were compromised. After all, 2 of the SOE MMORPG's are available on both the SOE and the PSN (DC Universe online and Free Realms), but SONY didn't reply to my tweet on twitter asking about it, though they dis reply on tweets in the past.

You can imagine my surprise this morning at around 10am (Central European Summer Time) that the whole SOE network, including games, forums and account data were brought offline. And all SONY gave us to inform us was one general maintenance page:
This has been 8 hours ago already, and still, no information from SONY whatsoever on what's going on with the SOE network. No information on the SOE websites, and not on the social media like twitter and facebook (where I follow their EverQuest II feeds to keep myself informed).
The only thing that's changed in the last 8 hours is that about 2 hours ago, the 'watch movies' and 'play casual games' have been removed from the page as well

Please guys, don't leave your customers in the dark! I understand that with the PSN you couldn't really inform all of your users because not all of them use a PC to surf or have eMail to be informed on. But the SOE is made for PC games, and from those users you have eMail addresses, and you know that they're surfing the net for information.

Aside from that, SOE already has probably the worse name when it comes to customer service and their ability to kill MMORPG's whenever they can. Now is your time to show you what you're made of!

...or am I just hoping SOE will give us some information...

It wouldn't surprise me that, like the PSN, the SOE network will be down for a couple of weeks as well so that their developers have all the time of the world to fix their security issues. Why bother about their paying customers..?

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