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Is my SOE acount still screwed up or what?
27 April 2011
Posted in EverQuest II
Last month I mentioned that SOE screwed up my account. A that time, all time I had for subscription for both EverQuest II and my Station pass was expired. I also wondered what would happen if I'd buy the latest EverQuest Ii expansion or added some Station Cash (SC) tokens to my account.

Last month, I finally decided to buy the Destiny of Velious expansion for EverQuest II, and the subscription data in my account were visible once again. So I figured I'd have fixed my account by adding the expansion. Last weekend, I also added a 1500SC card to my account, getting double points because of the easter event. Like late March, all data was still visible, but my eye fell on some odd things...

If you look at the above picture (taken yesterday), there are a few odd things to see. First off, my Station Access subscription is set to pending (as it should), while the EverQuest II Extended, Free Realms and Pirated of the Burning Sea accounts are set to active.
And that's the odd part. Pending means that my Station Pass time is up, and that timecards and other sources of time (like the remainder of my original Station Access subscription) are being used now. Since the SOE system tells me my subscription plan expired on  March 10, 2011, all games should have been set to pending IMO (not complaining at all ). To make things weirder, both Free Realms and Pirates of the Burning Sea are set to expire at the end of this month, where the 2 different dates (28th and 29th) kinda confuse me. And to make things more confusing, EverQuest II Extended has no ending date at all!

So yesterday, when looking at my account data, I thought that my subscription would end either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But when looking at my Station Access subscription plan, it hit me that my subscription might have ended already. I grabbed a calendar and added 42 days from March 10th. This brought me to April 21 and things were really confusing for me now.

What to do now..? I guess I have to wait till tomorrow or the day after to see which parts of my Station Access subscription will be blocked as well as when my extra privileges in SOE's 'Free2Play' MMO's will expire. Looking at things, both Free Realms as Pirates of the Burning Sea will revert to 'non-subscribed' the coming two days. EverQuest II Extended looks like it'll stay active, as well as my Station Access subscription.
On the other hand, it might as well happen that my whole subscription ends at the end of this month, since I bought the EverQuest II expansion at the end of last month.

And you know what's best of all? I made a support ticket last month as well (before I bought the EverQuest II expansion) about my veteran rewards, as well as the missing Velious Winter rewards. A GM looked into my account and told my my veteran rewards were up-to-date, and the two missing Velious Winter rewards were added...

Hmm... Will see what happens coming week. And if my Station Access subscription expires, then at least I can subscribe to EverQuest II alone since I'm not really playing any of the other SOE games...

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