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Colonia and back again
04 December 2017
Posted in Elite Dangerous

It's been a boring time for me the last 2 weeks. While 'grinding' Empire reputation I stumbled upon 5 tourist missions that would bring me to 2 locations in the Colonia region. The combined reward of these missions would come down to 115M credits and a medium reputation increase per mission (read: about 2.5% each). While both the monetary reward and reputaion increase were not that high, I had to pick them up, because from previous missions I had a 1 week bounty of 13k credits on me for the Aditi Empire League.

And there a maximum of 4 boring weeks started. Me, my Beluga Liner and 22k Ly to fly. The distance is even *THAT* big, that regular exploration is out of the question. If I'd scan each and every star, planet and moon I'd encounter than I'd not even reach halfway to Colonia within the set time limit for the missions. So I decided to only look for the 3 most important items in a solar system: Water Worlds, Ammonia Worlds and Earth-like Worlds, and I have found a couple of dozen of those along the way.

Since it was my 1st time to Colonia, I had to get to the system's nav beacon, which is always  a tricky thing with long-range passengers. Most of the time (close to always!) they are secretive about their mission and don't want your ship to be scanned by anyone (3-strikes and out on scans BTW). Also, these long-range missions, when you've reached the objective there is a chance that they will give a small (5-10%) bonus if you make it back to the point of origin without being scanned. And for that reason I decided to go to Colonia first and then head for the 2nd objective (Grey Sector, about 2k Ly 'west' of Colonia).

The way back was as boring as the way to Colonia. Once again, me, my Beluga Liner and 22k Ly to cover and it all went once again without a problem. Yet, arriving at Aditi, my paint was quite messed up. I've seen pictures of other commanders that have flown over 45k Ly and their paint looked as if they just departed from the station, but somehow my paint isn't quite as UV and heat resistant as those commanders have on their ships

As said, everything went well, but back in Aditi I almost messed up. While docking I somehow misclicked the arrow button to enable landing gear and I ended up pressing the circle button alone (circle and arrow down combined toggles landing gear on the PS4). So instead of entering slowly and with my rail wings down because my landing gear was out, I boosted through the mailslot of the station

All in all, everything went well and yes, it was a boring 2 weeks, but the pay was good. In total I recieved around 250M credits and the bounty on my head was gone (which is why I picked those missions up in the first place). Sadly though, the reputation gain wasn't as good though - I only gained about 20%. On the positive side (for me then), the Aditi system is in civil war now, so with the 250M I earned I could donate a lot to help the controlling faction's efforts to surpress the war and that gave me enough rep to get the Naval mission and receive the Achenar system permit.

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