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There and back again
10 October 2017
Posted in Elite Dangerous

I know I haven't posted for a while, but I've been quite busy with 3 missions I picked up. I thought I had all the time of the world for them, but next time I take a (tourist) mission that pays 28M credits, I *REALLY* need to look at the distance the tourist wants to go to (over 22.000 Ly ). The same goes for anything above 5M, because an other mission paid 9.5M and for that one I had to fly roughly 19.000Ly. The only positive thing of this all is that those 2 far away missions were relatively close to eachother...
Those two missions brought me around Colonia, which in turn is "close" to Saggitarius A*, and while in the neighborhood I figured to make a 'small' detour to get that trophy associated with it.

And well, Saggitarius A*. I expected a lot, but it was a huge let down to be honest, but what would you expect from a black hole The only thing interesting in that 'system' is the tourist point there as well as that pretty big class B blue-white star, which was quite a nice sight to fly toward to.

Now back in the Bubble again, I decided to participate in the current Community Goal, and make the Anaconda ready for real deep space exploration. I'm looking at my setup for it and I hope that I have all important things ready, but I will ask on reddit for opinions. Best thing of the Anaconda is that she can now jump a maximum of 30Ly, which was 25Ly before I returned.

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