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Not there and back again
14 September 2017
Posted in Elite Dangerous

July 26th I headed out for Sagittarius A*. I did that with my standard Asp Explorer (I didn't know I could upgrade core internal components ) with some engeneering boosts and figured to explore a bit along the way. What I didn't know was that the flight would be a lot longer than I expected...

Yes I knew that I'd have to fly 25kLy to get there, but I did not realize that when exploring along the way the trip would take forever. Aside from the pretty small jump range from my AspX (12Ly max), the exploration of the star systems I encountered took a lot of time as well. It's been a good thing though that the further out of the 'Bubble' you go, the more chance you have to encounter previously undiscovered systems, and that's where I made quite some money.

During one of my streams of the exploration flight I also had some good hints on how to upgrade my AspX to get a bigger jump range (about 50Ly max), along with some other very nice tweaks. When I hit the asteroid base in the Omega Sector (which was my 3rd asteroid base, but the first one with an outfitting station), I figured to add those customizations to my ship. Money was no problem, because I made almost 300M credits from selling the maps of the unexplored systems along the way. Too bad, the Omega Sector base only has E-class (standard) equipment, and I still had a 20kLy to go to Sagittarius A*.
At that point I had 2 choices, either keep going, or fly the 5kLy back and get the upgrades in the 'Bubble'.

Obviously I picked the latter option, but only partly. I headed back, bought myself an Anaconda and upgraded it as far as the money would allow. I also hopped into the current Community Goal and started to trade with the 352 ton cargo bay I had available for it (I ended up in the 50% tier in only 1 1/2 days).

Now I'm back on making money, running missions in the 'Bubble' so I can get a few more upgraded coponents (a Power Plant 7A costs as much as the Anaconda herself...) and also go for the Sol permit (amongst others). When I have the feeling that I've done almost everything that I'll head back to Saggitarius A* and beyond...

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