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Diablo III (PS4) Witch Doctor crashes with CE-34878-0 from Lob Blob Bomb
19 August 2017
Posted in PlayStation

I've had CE-34878-0 issues before with a PS Vita game. Googleing the issue I found out that it was related to corrupted data and it could be resolved in 3 days:
  1. Reinstall the game
  2. Remove the game save data (or upload to cloud and then download again)
  3. Reinitialize the device
Needless to say that option 3 is always a last resort, and certainly in this case for my PS4 with a 2Tb HDD that'll take ma hours to reinstall all games I have on it.

Instead I started with option 1 first, but sadly to no avail. Then option 2, and still the problem remained. As said, option 3 is a no-go for me, so Google once more is (NOT) my friend. There I learned that more PS4 Pro owners had this problem and that is might be caused by a memory leak. I was 100% that it's not a memory leak because I've played that Witch Doctor for days already without any problems so far.

Image title   Image title

So it became time to look at my skills and I figured that my somewhat high survivability (I've topped 3.5M survivability with my 30 pets out) in combination with the Zombie Dogs' Leeching Beasts rune since every time the game crahes I had full life. That theory was valid until I noticed a crash when I was at 10% health.

Image title   Image title

That was one viable theory down the drain. That'd mean I had to get back to my original character setup and start a trail & error course to find out what was causing the crashes. Pretty soon I found out that it was a combination of the The Grin Reaper's passive skill Chance when attacking to summon horrific Mimics that cast some of your equipped skills (remove the chance - I have them almost constantly around ) with the Acid Cloud skill using the Lob Blob Bomb rune. That combination was my best DPS setup I had at the time but crashed the PS4 constantly.
So I removed the The Grin Reaper and all went well, untill I bumped into my brother's Nemesis (I played on Torment 11 at the time). I'm still not sure if at that moment I had an other elite left to battle (I had a blue group and a yellow one right before he popped, and I think I killed them all, but not entirely sure). That Nemesis game me a hard time and I started spamming the Acid Cloud with the Lob Blob Bombs. In answer he spammed his freeze area's (I saw at least 5 on the ground) and his ground acid skill (hald the walkeble ground was greenish already). This all resultd in yet an other crash of my PS4
Next up I decided to reequip the The Grin Reaper and remove the Lob Blob Bomb from the Acid Cloud and it's been a smooth ride ever since. My brother and I have played for hours with my new setup already and have managed to play Torment 12 with no problems at all (though it goes slow....).

Needless to say that only one rune is pretty bugged. I'm not sure if it's one that'll pop up on lower levels, but during end-game batteling elite monsters that do a lot of skills it'll be bound to happen sooner than later. While I'm still not sure on the WHY of this bug, I think that the movement of the Lob Blob Bombs created either a memory leak or triggers too many timers (certainly when the Mimics spam Acid Cloud as well). Needless to say that when playing a Witch Doctor I can't use the best DPS setup I could find

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