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[REVIEW] Overwatch (PS4)
12 June 2017
Posted in Reviews

Overwatch is probably the new flagship of Blizzard, and I got to admit that the game is fun up to a certain level. And it's that level that really bothers me. Before going any further, I got to admit that I'm not a real PvP player and generally suck at arena PvP games...

I picked Overwatch up during it's 1st annevercary's 'free' weekend and I've played it quite a bit with my brother (he didn't buy the game but gave the free weekend a try). It brings me back to the late 90s where I played a lot of Tream Fortress Classic. Overwatch is somewhat similar, aside from not just having 1 char per class but several to choose from. Sadly there can be only one character per team in play, which means that from time to time you have to pick an other because you're too late selecting it

Overwatch does not really show a lot of diversety in levels. Actually, the number of maps is quite limited as well as the number of different conquests on the maps. Problem with the maps though is that when you're new to them, you have no freaking clue where the health is, what save spots are or where your objective is or brings you to. But that can all be learned by playing them a lot.
The conquests are a bit so-so - it's a lot of rinse & repeat IMO. The one I think is quite funny is where you have to escort a vehicle to a location, while the one I hate is the capture/defend spots. Since I haven't played it for about 2 weeks now I'm not even sure if there's an other kind of conquest available, if so, it didn't really impress me
The vehicle conquest is also one that's abused a lot. One team has to defend the wagon and gets the advantage to enter the map first. More than once I've seen spawn camping on the opposing team's location (who has to lead the transport to their location). This is some serious bad mechanic IMO!

Then the PvP in general. Back in the days of TFC we all used mouse & keyboard, and with Overwatch I see why MicroSoft is not allowing keyboard & mouse on their XBOX 1. On the PS4 there are clearly people using keyboard and mouse over controller (while that's not possible for this game, but CronusMAX does wonders in remapping). These people are having a HUGE advantage over most players who stick with their controller. I have seen players on their kill cam (I was the one killed obviously...) who rotated their camera, moved their character around, aimed and shot me, while they jumped. This is just impossible to accomplish when playing with a controller! I'm even wondering if they are using aimbot scripts with their CronusMAX...

Then about the price for this game... I think 60 after a year is still way too much for it. Most games that are this old already are discounted to 30 to 40. But this is Blizzard who is advertizing the game like there's no tomorrow, and with 30M sold copies you can keep charging that 60.
For me it's a good thing that I bought it during that annevercary discount for a mere 30. I've played the game for a 'good 10 hours' and selling the thing will give me 25 back. And even though I'm below that 1/hour I still think I've been bought by this game. It didn't give me really that 'good feeling' when playing it that so many other games gig. Perhaps that's because it's a PvP game and I'm getting too old for it..?

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