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Black Desert refunded
03 February 2016
Posted in MMORPGs

Okay, this might come as a surprise for you, but I've requested a refund for Black Desert and actually recieved it. But (much like with Lineage II), it did take some effort to get it. Daum Games rejected my support request for it initially, pointing to their 14-day refund policy. But with Daum Games being a Dutch company and me being a Dutch citizen, there are a couple of extra regulations they need to keep in mind because now Dutch law also applies to their sale of the pre-order. One of the regulations is that they need to informe me AFTER the sale that I have 14 days to cancel the pre-order, and not doing so (which Daum indeed neglected), gives me a 12 month cencelation period

But the legal stuff aside, let me explain WHY I decided to ask a refund...

Though I think Black Desert is a kick-ass game, I feel that my time for playing MORPGs is almost over. After the whole thing with Lineage II and before that a lot of others (Echo of Soul comes to mind) and having Elder Scrolls online installed right now, I find the MMORPGs lackinga lot these days. And yeah, it's once again that I think MMORPGs feel pretty generic and lack innovation. Though Black Desert is rather innovative, a lot of the gameplay is prett mych single player, which I also covered in that lacking innovation post back in 2012.

Then there's the problem that I lack concentration to play MMORPGs (or games in general) lately, or am just too fatigued to play them at all (more on this later this month). And while I have around 65 games installed right now on my PC, I'm not really playing a lot of them, or play them very much. And that too makes me feel that my purchase for Black Desert is an actual waste of money...

But, as I've said a couple of times before... Black Desert has some awesome features that I think are very much worth to play it. Most importantly are the crafting system as well as the PvP build around the resource nodes. If you're (like me) a lover of both gathering/crafting and meaningful PvP, then Black Desert certainly is your game and worth to give a try.

Last but not least I'd like to mention that I think that Black Desert will become a Free2Play game somewhere around this time next year. Though the game is trying to keep it's servers running from the cash shop (which is no where near Pay2Win at the moment), after the initial (box)sales of the game, the cash shop might not be enough to keep the money roling in. Unlike Elder Scrolls online, Black Desert has no expansion DLCs that will keep the game going. So down the road Black Desert needs to make some money, and a more agressive cash shop or Free2Play (most likely both) are the viable options...

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