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13 January 2016
Posted in MMORPGs

So, L2Classic is the biggest failure of 2016 already with bots and RMTers flooding the server and GMs not doing their jobs. So it's time for me to look for a new game to play and here's the list of things I'm looking for...

1. I must have the feeling of accomplishment when I get something and not get things handed down on a silver platter. This does not initially mean 'grind' but I don't want to hit maximum level in a couple of weeks and I don't want to get my characters gear easily, but instead I have to work for it.
2. The game MUST HAVE crafting and I prefer deep crafting where materials need to be processed and combined into new materials before you can actually use them. I know this is also somewhat linked to the above requirement
3. OPEN WORLD! I'm not looking for a game where you have lots of instances (dungeons). The game is allowed to have multiple instances of the world where you're free to hope from one to the other to meet the people you party with, but that's as far as instancing goes (though I rather not have this at all...)
4. No forced PvP and no battlegrounds/arenas. And by this already the fixed faction MMOs are a no-go. I want to determine WHEN I want to PvP, and I don't want to be forced into PvP because I see someone from an other faction. Forced PvP in certain areas (like high level resources) are okay, and with that, I'd like my PvP to have meaning in general...
5. Good story/lore that's part of the game. With this I don't mind a 'themepark' game like Lord of the Rings online or a more loose sandbox like Lineage II, as long as the story/lore is an integrated part of the game that I play. I don't want a background story that's not used at all (like a lot of those cheap MMOs have)
6. Class progression. Though this is a fuzzy one, I want to see my character grow in skills. I don't mind if the game has no pre-defined classless or fixed ones, as long as I see some progression in the class while playing it I'm okay.
7. Free2Play or Buy2Play, but certainly no subscription because Black Desert online is around the corner. Also, no Pay2Win cash shop in the game...

Then a couple of no-go's for me, which is more the genre it's set in...
1. Sci-Fi, even though I'm a HUGE SF fan, for MMOs I still have to find a good one so I pass for it...
2. Horror - it's mostly blood & gore and ...meh... Real horror should be watched on TV and then even in the form of a psychological thriller
3. Full drop PvP. Call me a carebear, but I don't see the fun in dropping the stuff you worked so hard for and some shithead griever then takes from you. A small chance of dropping items upon death is okay though.
4. ACTIVE STAFF. I've seen too many gameswith an abundent amount of goldsellers and bots and I DON'T WANT THAT IN A GAME (or at least as minimum as possible...)

Similar to what I'm looking for and have already played:
The Secret World - The mechanics of the skill wheel are awesome and there's a lot of very well done quests. Sadly it's more horror than conspiracy theory and I can't stand the zombies anymore
EVE online - I like it a lot. Skill system is awesome, though it now will take me weeks to get a new skill on my characters (by which time BDO might be released already). Also it's a subscription game and if I REALLY do my best and mine my ass off, I might play for free, but IMO that's too much effort...
Perpetuum - Much like EVE online, but then with robots on the ground. I do own the game already and might give it an other try...
ArcheAge - Gotta mention it... I liked the game a lot during alpha, but as it is now and the somewhat forced subscription to use land (and with that gathering/crafting) is a big no-no.
Lineage II - Last on the list. Love the game until the Goddess of Destruction release, after that it went downhill fast for me. And as I started, the new L2Classic is what I'm looking for, but the RMT/botting is such a problem that I'm giiving up on it.

Sooo... Any advice on a MMORPG that I might like is welcome!

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