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L2Classic? A fucking mess!
10 January 2016
Posted in Lineage II

Skelth, our EUROPEAN Lineage II Classic server, run by Innova who's known for keeping their server free or rmt and botting and enforces the EULA. Well, none of it at all! This 'European server' is a fucking joke (and I was afraid it would happen).

This server is TOTALLY NOT an European server, and it's far from the legit server Innova was hoping to achieve. The 'top clans' are all Russian who're either botting 24/7 OR sharing accounts. Both not according to EULA, but since Innova is a Russian company nothing much is done. Heck, alll those 'top clans' took the 1st and 2nd waves of clanhalls easily (10M/20M adena each - how on earth did they do that?) and they're also level 4 or 5 clans as well (you need 1K proofs for level 4 and 10K for level 5, not even mentioning the amount of SP needed).

Along with these 'top clans' and bottings comes an other problem - real money trading (RMT). In every town you see more 'players' yelling for one or an other rmt site than I've seen on the NCWest servers - chat is pretty much unreadeble because of all those rmt yells Not ot mention the amount of PMs I get, even on characters that have just entered the server (how do they know those toons?) advertising for the rmt/powerleveling service along with a 'sorry for spam' in it  I report each & every one of those RMT names I come across, and all that's done is a chat ban on those toons and they're flagged for later ban (why not immediately?)

 photo l2 2016-01-09 09-51-11-57_zpsjvzsyvv1.jpg

And these cheaters know nothing much is done and are becoming bolder and bolder. Just look at the shop I've marked on the image above. WTF? $30 for a top-D weapon and advertising like it in the open? Luckily this dude has been 'imprisoned' and looses all his stuff while waiting for the ban, but still - this is only the tip of the iceberg...

Russian 'top clans' that are already level 4/5 and have people in their ranks that are level 55 already? It's just impossible to get your character at this level with the XP curve L2Classic has if you're playing legit. One of our clannies is close to level 40 and he's playing already 8-10 hours a day, having a pretty easy class to level. SO how on earth can thse Russian clans have level 55 players in their midst, other than botting/account sharing?

One thing is clear for me. When the 3 months are over, I'm not gonne resub to this mess. Like I started, NCWest servers are even 'cleaner' than this one, and those are already a fest of botters and cheaters...

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