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A lot of trust
06 January 2016
Posted in Lineage II

While playing L2Classic I've already made a couple of friends. One of them (a spoiler) is around my level and we've partied a lot already. And now that we're around the same level we'd have to party a lot more. I mean, what is better than a party of an Artisan, a Scavenger and a (boxed) Shillien Oracle?

Too bad though, the player had to go on holiday for 5 weeks (well too bad for me and our clan, not for him), and he was afraid to fall behind too much. He put trust in me and handed over his account data so that I could still play his character that he'd not get behind too much...

 photo Screenshot 2016-01-06 14.27.44_zpsweygspsr.jpg

First things first... On my Shillien Oracle, I've placed a lot of macros, and that allows me to play both my Aritsan and the Oracle at the same time (L2 macros are quite powerfull...). Now I had to do the same for the Scavenger and see which skills I really need to use. Well that's not much... Only spoil, because on my character I can sweep the spoiled monsters and get the stuff from it.

It was a bit of getting used to to play with 3 boxes in total, but after a rough start (no deaths, but a lot of tweeking), I had it all working perfectly. Oddly enough, with me controlling the Scavenger, my Shillien Oracle has less mana problems than when my buddy was playing it...

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