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L2Classic is as hardcore as it gets
29 December 2015
Posted in Lineage II

I know I said I wouldn't play Lineage II Classic, but I've had so many people asking me to play that even after the refund I decided to pre-purchase the game again. And honestly I'm pretty glad I did it!

As I've said in this blogpost's title, L2Classic is as hardcore as it gets. And a clanmate stated that "L2Classic is Chronicle 1 with the knowledge of the game today", and he's quite right about that. L2C throws us back to the old-school grind and gives us NOTHING AT ALL for free. It's not like Lineage II is today where you level 1-20 in like 30 minutes and you get adena and gear thrown at you for every quest you complete and every level you reach.
It's quite the opposite actually. You can do a (mid-level NG) weapon quest that's already pretty hard at level 10 and at level 25 (I'm pretty close to it) you can do a quest for mid-level D-grade armor without any additional stats (kinda sucky for mages I'd say). The rest of the gear you have to get yourself by playing the game, hope to be lucky for a full item drop or craft after having collected 100s of materials (or stun players and hope the monster they fight kills them and they drop something ).

For my dwarfie the game is going pretty nicely. Around Dwarf Village there are monsters that drop quite a lot of mid-level NG armor and I've had quite a lot of lucky drops of them. This gave me a lot of money and a full set of Wooden armor as well, which I still wear now that I'm close to level 24 With all the money that I've had from the item drops (aside from the armor set parts, I've also had lots of boots, gloves and shields that I've vendored to the NPC stores) I managed to get myself a cheap (only 140K while the top-NG blunt is 220K) top-NG pole that I'm still using.

I also would like to compliment Innova for their efforts to keep the server free of cheaters. If this was a NCWest server, you'd see bots everywhere and adena-sellers would PM you 24/7. But on this server that's limited to a minimum. There are some bots here and there, but when they've had 2 reports (long live boxed playing ) the GMs will pick investigate it. They also punish people that have bots in their parties, so when seeing a bot-party, just reports 1 and the whole party is under investigation.
About adena selling I can be quick. I've had a couple of PMs the first 3 days that the server was running. But the community manager on the forum said you could PM her and she'd let these 'players' (they're bots for sure when looking at the 4-line text they pump at you) be banned immediately. And the last 2 days I haven't had any PMs from adena sellers at all.

In general I can say that L2Classic is an awesome experience to be played and I'm more than happy that I am playing it. It's really back to the old days where you have the feeling of achievement for everything you reach (even the next level...)

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