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CBT1 is over
22 December 2015
Posted in MMORPGs

I'm kinda sad that this morning at 7 the CBT1 week was over. I would have loved to play some more and learn more about the game, but a week is a week

I think the most important thing I've learned during this event are the game mechanics when it comes to crafting. And while I didn't really make anything useful (aside from a couple of fishing rods), the exprience of the how & what has been very valuable!

During the CBT1 I've also played two classes for a bit. Well, the tamer class I played as 'main' during the week (reached only level 16) and the wizard class I gave a short try up to level 8. And while tamer seems to be fun, I think wizard will be more my class. That while I generally don't like mage classes
And now I'm talking about classes... Take good heed what skills you learn. The game pops up with lots of skills you can get, but examine them before picking one. because of the key-combos the game uses, it's handy to see which combo you need for it AND how much mana it uses to activate.

In general, I've had a blast the last week. Eventhough I played only 48 hours total, I've had one of the best MMO gaming experiences so far!

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