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A bit of Pay2Win and a lot of luck!
29 November 2015
Posted in Lineage II

I'm pretty much against buying items from teh cash shop to sell them for money OR to make Lineage II a Pay2Win experience. But I have made a small exception earlier this week...

I've been looking into the Periel Dualsword (for my ISS dula class) for quite some time and the Periel Sword is almost always available on the AH. Early this week I saw that a Sirra's Blade was available (craft being way too expensive). Having had a good Zaken run that day I had enough money (~210M adena) to buy both the swords, make the dual and grab 3 EWS and one BEWS from the AH and make the dualsword +4 immediately.

Later that week I stumbled across a player selling a Blessed High-grade Lucky Enchant Stone Wearpon: S-grade for only 7M adena (didn't even know those were available...) and I grabbed it immediately.

The next Zaken run that week was a good one as well for me and having sold already a lot of stuff on the AH I once again had a nice sum of money (~240M). I bought myself 5 BEWS (from fragments) and from the store 2 of those Blessed stones (2,20 total). I know that for 7M each I could just sit down and byt form played, but that might have taken quite some time (days, if not weeks) and I wanted to get these duals up ASAP - yes, that's the bt of Pay2Win part

 photo l2 2015-11-27 15-47-30-02_zpsllsh1xst.jpg

The enchant with these Blessed stone (+20% chance to success BTW) went excellent and the duals were +9 in one go. Having still around 50M I figured I'd grab an other BEWS and try a +10 on the duals. Doing so, my heart pounded heavy and... Tadaaa! Lots of luck and the duals are +10

In the mean time I've boosted the duals to 300 attributes, but sadly not with a lot of luck - the fails on the attributes was over 50% (I even this close to 75% ) and now I'm saving money again to give the duals a try for +11. I know with a 66% chance it's risky, but that's why I'm saving money...

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