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Black Desert pre-orders
18 November 2015
Posted in MMORPGs

The pre-order packs for Black Desert have arrived, and I gotta say that I think the prices are normal, certainly when you think that the game is Buy2Play..

 photo BDO preorder_zpswxp8wdsc.png

Basically, the game will cost only 30 and includes only a few goodies, while for 50 and 100 you'll get a lot of extras. Also worth to note on the screenshot above is that the standard and extra content is the regular 'boxed' price, while the limited content will only be available for the pre-orders...

Whenc omparing the 3 packages, I think that the 50 package is the best one to grab. It'll get you a horse, and a whistle that will call it everywhere (you have to stable it normally and go to that stable to take it out again), the pet of your choice and a weapon skin. The 100 package is bigger, but I think the extra stuff is not really worth the 50 you pay more (25 cash shop currency, one exclusive -pre-order only- armor appearance, extra character slot and a few 'regular' goodies - IMO a close call to 25 cash shop value).

I have taken the 50 package because I think it's the best value compared to the other 2. There are already circulating pictures of the exclusive armor appearance, and honestly, I gotta say that I don't like how it looks.

...and now I have to wait for the CBT2 invite...

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