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The end of
08 July 2015
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You might have noticed that I'm no longer updating the blog on a regular basis and yeah, I've noticed it myself as well. I know I've spoken earlier this year about possebly selling the domain, but I still wasn't sure about it at the time. So far I hadn't decided if I'd keep or sell the domain.

But things have changed a lot since then. First off, I'm no longer actively playing MMORPGs anymore. The one I was playing on a semi-regular basis (Elder Scrolls online) has lost my interest and the one I'm waiting for (Lineage II Classic) is still not sure I'll be playing it when the servers might start in autumn.
Then there's also the general gaming I'm doing on my PC, or rather the lack of it. Because of my programming activities and the chronic fatigue and chronic pain I'm suffering from, there's not much time to play games at all.

The programming is taking up the most of my 'PC time' at the moment . I guess half the time I'm behind the PC I'm doing stuff related to programming games. This not only includes coding, but also drawing art, composing/sampling music (which reminds me I need to make some music for TetraGems) or just trying to figure out how to get something done (basically sitting behind the PC and staring at the screen )

The fatigue and pain also take a HUGE amount of my playing time and when I'm good enough to play a game, I'm mostly not good enough to play intensively. This means that most games worth to blog about are not being played. Heck, I even haven't played Pillars of Eternity for over 3 weeks because of the fatigue and pain Not to mention that half the time I'm pretty depressed because of the fatigue and pain, which also doesn't do wonders for me playing games or write a 'nice piece' on the blog.

As I've written a long time ago (too lazy to search the blog to make a link), I'm not writing the blog just to be blogging. If I write something it has to have meaning...

Because of the above and the earlier musings to sell the domain I've made up my mind to actually sell it. This doesn't mean I'll kill the blog, but I'll be moving it over as part of my personal domain. You can find the blog on (you might have noticed the redirect there) and I will still be updating it from time to time (most likely as 'regular' as I've updated it the last couple of months ).

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