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Getting the hang of Might & Magic: Duel of Champions
20 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

I'm still very happy with that Humble Might & Magic Bundle that I bought early this month. Though I'm not overly playing the Might & Magic adventures and Hero games, I am pretty active in the Duel of Champions card game that came with the bundle.

In the mean time I have bought a couple of packs and special cards from the sales rewards I had from the G2A goldmine (it's finally been added to my account after all that time) and I have added an extra 28 to buy 2 booster packs of the latest expansion. I know... They're virtual cards and it's a lot of money to waste, but the same can be told for a lot of DLC of a lot of games or the monthly subscription to MMORPGs. I enjoy the game enough to warrant a 28 purchase for a 'free2play' game.

I have played Magic: the Gathering for a couple of years back in the late '90s and loved it! With the experience of building decks I had back then, I'm making my current decks. Though Duel of Champions is about getting your opponent down (or under) 0HP, I like to make massive decks (I did that with M:tG as well ). And right now I'm playing with an 'Academy' deck that's very slow and pretty passive aggressive, making the games take pretty long to resolve. Below are the final turns of what's so far my longest game - 19 FREAKING TURNS!

Of course, a 'passive aggressive' deck also can take a lot shorter and do a lot more damage, whish is what I experienced this morning. This game only lasted 11 turns (showing the last 2 of them in the video) and ended with a BIG BANG.

Oh yeah, I loose a lot with that Academy deck as well, but so far I'm at a 2 out of 3 win rate with the deck. Not to mention, it pisses off a lot of players because it takes an average of 25 minutes to play through the game

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