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Pillars of Eternity - Maerwald
17 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

My progress in Pillars of Eternity goes steady. Only a few deaths so far, and mostly because of my own fault (and now I'm so glad I don't play in Iron Man mode yet ). Going through Act 1 of the game I have to visit Maerwald in the ruins of Caed Nua. These ruins once were a prosperous village but after two wars it's become the ruin it is today. Under the ruins of the main house of the village are the dungeons where Maerwald should reside. Going in there triggers one after an other spirit telling their stories of long past.

Then you finally meet Maerwald. Well, finally..? Having Mechanics 3 it was hard not to open the door and take a peek. Behind it, Maerwald is and he's not quite himself. After a long conversation with him (or very short if you decide to rush through the valuable dialogue ) he turns on you and below is my encounter with him...

Yes, I clearly was way too early in his room. He kinda was able to wipe most of my party with one blow (didn't see it coming either - good lesson for the next time), and my damage to him was a bit too low as well...

After a restore and restart I decided to skip him for now and first go through the whole dungeon ahead. Though it's still a pretty tough dungeon, so far I'm managing to survive it. Though I did have to setup camp to heal a bit. Some of the spiders and beetles in the dungeon really can get to you...

I'm still very happy to have bought this game from the money I had for my birthday. It certainly is worth every cent spent! With that, the current game is now running for 5 hours and I have enjoyed every minute of it - it's been way too long a RPG could get me focused on it!

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