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Elita: Dangerous and VoiceAttack
10 May 2015
Posted in Elite Dangerous

I watched GeekyGamerGirl on twitch two days ago and she kinda got me into Elite: Dangerous. Mostly because of the speech recognition that can be added with VoiceAttack. I realize that's an extra $8 on top of Elite: Dangerous, but looking how she played the game it's certainly worth it!

So I downloaded the VoiceAttack software, dropped GlaDOS in it (pretty scary thought though to have her run my ship's computer ) and got started with it. Not having bought VoiceAttack yet, I had to make a selection of what I'd use for now. Of course 'Good morning Sara' was one of them to get GlaDOS booted. Then going through the commands and targeting and next seemed to be handy to get to know GlaDOS (or rather the VoiceAttack software...)

Now here's the problem, I'm a non-native English speaker and when you (the reader, not the VoiceAttack software) and I have a conversation you'll know what I mean. But that darn VoiceAttack software... A command as 'target' is understood as 'direct' most of the times. I know I could simply change that in the VoiceAttack software, but the thing has to learn to listen to me instead of me kinda lying to it. Alternatively I decided to use 'lock' to select my target, but the VoiceAttack software thinks I'm saying 'log'. Though that's an understandable mistake, I'll go for that right now.

Having played a lot with the VoiceAttack software yesterday, I figured it might also be my Windows administrative localized settings. I had set my Windows (7 Ulitmate x64 BTW) to English (UK) because I hate all those weird US differences to the language (armor instead of armour to name one). Switching the administrative localized settings to English (US) *Blegh* kinda did solve a lot of listening problems for the VoiceAttack software. I know that I didn't learn Cambridge English at school, but I thought that I spoke generally English English instead of US English. Well, it seems that my accent itself is more US English than English English Guess that's one of the things to happen to non-native English speakers who watch way too much tv and listen to way too many US (music) artists...

Yesterday I gave GlaDOS an other try with the English (US) settings and things went a whole lot better! Aside from a few misunderstandings she's really listening to me, though there's still one problem left. When I say 'Speed 50' the ship's speed should be set to 50%, but instead VoiceAttack hears 'Speed 15' I know it might seem a common thing for misunderstanding but when I say 'Set speed to 50%' GlaDOS understands it and I'm flying on 50% of speed. I know I could set the 50% speed command to be understood as 'Speed 15' as well and I think I might as well add that to VoiceAttack too - it kinda seems silly to tell GlaDOS 'Speed 25', 'Speed 75' and 'Speed 100' along with 'Set Speed to 50%'

And speaking about Elite: Dangerous, me talking to GlaDOS and twitch, I'm seriously thinking to start streaming Elite: Dangerous on a frequent basis with the webcam on and chat along with the viewers. Having looked at GeekyGamerGirl I saw how much fun it could be...

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