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Still 105
12 April 2015
Posted in About me

As I said half a year ago, I don't stand on the scale a lot. If it's 4 times a year it's a lot, and why be concerned about my weight when I don't have too much physical problems from it. Anyhow, back then I was a 105 and was quite pleased with it in my current situating where I'm not able to loose weight through exercising...

Last night I had some problems with a very strong heartbeat - a lot stronger than I normally have. Though it wasn't irregular (faster or slower), I felt my heart beating in my neck while I was not having a headache or did anything to cause my heart to beat that hard. Then I thought it was about time to stand on the scale once more, also because my tummy seems to be growing a bit...

The only thing I have set as a 'standard' is to stand on the scale in the morning right after I have taken a shower. Standing on the scale on a different time would result in an inaccurate measure compared with the last time I stood on it. While there's nothing wrong with measuring at night before going to bed, it is the time of day where you'd be on your heaviest (hint for female readers there ).

So this morning I stood on the scale again, and as the title implies, I'm still on a 105. I still think it's not the best weight for me, but being less and less able to exercise I think that keeping my weight stable (though a bit too high) is already an accomplishment. It means that I'm on the right track already. And knowing how much I eat (including the secret eaters stuff ) it means that I can loose some weight and get back to around the 95 I want to weight. Its just the simple fact to lay of the chips and suger just a bit more...

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