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Star Ocean is back!
27 March 2015
Posted in PlayStation

I got a call earlier today that the 'new' 2nd hand Star Ocean game has arrived. I immediately (*AHUM* as fast as I could ) to pick it up. Good thing that the guys in the store already checked the disc for scratches - there were none.

Back at home I immediately started to play, ran from the save point to the beach and ran into the 1st monster I could find to trigger the combat scene there (thats where the game hung itself last week). Sadly, the game hung itself again and I was quite disappointed. Of course I called the store and he told me that I should delete the pre-installed date (not the saved game of course ) and start the disc again.

That I did. Sadly though, that mere 2Gb that the PS3 needs to copy from the disc to the harddive takes 'a bit longer' than such a copy instruction would take on the PC. So about 10 minutes later I was once again ready to start running from that save point to the beach. And guess what? I was in combat

Now I wonder why that previous (defective) disc I had copied data from the disc to the harddrive without CHECKING the data that's copied. If I copy data from a disc to a harddrive and the disc is damaged, I'll get a notification that it can't read the data. Why on earth does the PS3 not have such a simple failsave build in? And if it's not a PS3 'responsibility' to check copied data, then why didn't the game's installer make the check? Things like this make me really wonder about the quality of a product...

But for now, lets not be bothered about that faulty disc anymore and enjoy the game again!

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