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Reumatologist 2nd opinion yesterday
27 March 2015
Posted in About me

Yesterday was finally the day for the 2nd opinion that my reumatologist had asked for. For this 2nd opinion I had to go to Amsterdam's biggest hospital (VUmc) and to make sure I was in time I left at 9.20 from home. Sadly I was way to early at the hospital and to make things worst, the reumatologist was already half an hour late 45 minutes later she called me in (12.00 already) with her apology and asked if I was okay that an intern would attend. Of course I had no problems with that, because they have to learn the ropes as well...

She started with the 'regular' check-list of questions, but less obvious than the other reumatologist (that one just went down the topics on a computer screen, while this one just asked and made notes on paper yes, no computers there yet for medical files). When the check-list was done, I was asked to take of my shirt and pants for a physical examination.
One of the things she checked was the 'touching experience'. I know that sounds pretty nasty, but she just touched my feet, leg (under and upper), hands and arms (again under and upper) to check if the feeling was okay. With my feet I asked her to remove her thumb from under my feet because it was aching like crazy - this while she barely touched it. With the lower legs I said it felt normal and that I could feel her cold fingers. Her response was that she didn't have cold hands. When she laid her hands on my upper legs I confirmed that indeed she didn't have cold hand...
The rest of the physical exam was the regular 'limb turning around' she did and that went pretty well. Her last test was a pressure test where I had to put force on my feet, legs and fingers to see how much force I can make. Well, that wasn't as much as I should have...

With those results she decided to ask for 2 x-rays - one of my heart and one of my lounges (both should be fine I think). She also wanted to do some more blood tests. Some tests to check with the results of 2 months ago, and some new tests. One of the vials of blood even had to be brought 'warm to the lab'. And it was a pretty funny sight to see a sealed thermocup with hot sand being brought in to warm the vial and later put the same vial with blood in it and see the nurse run off to the lab

She also sent me to the gastrointestinal doctor to see where that B12 shortage comes from. Though I don't care about the cause, because all results lead to the same result: I need to have B12 injections the rest of my life, she was serious on it. Okay, if you want to know, I'll help you along with it. Perhaps the cause of my B12 shortage ;actually can be 'cured'?

Last but not least she also sent me to the neurologist. She wants to know how badly my nerves system has been hit by the B12 shortage. I know my nerve system is overstrung (see the pain sensation earlier when I was slightly touched under my feet), but she also wants some more research on it. She also wants to know how my muscles respond to the nerve signals and with that data she can determine an approximate of how much damage (from the B12 shortage) has been done to my muscles as well. And honestly, I also think she immediately sent me to the neurologist to rule out ME/MS as well..

Sadly such a big hospital also has a draw back. In this case, the 2 new appointment requests have been taken in, and I will hear (probably) next week when I can come for those specialists. Kinda sucks, and even more when both assistants told me I should now expect an appointment before the end of next month :cry:

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