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Star Ocean hanging
21 March 2015
Posted in PlayStation

I remember having played Star Ocean on one of my PlayStation 2's that I used to have in the past. Though I didn't really get far in the game (consoles was not really my thing back then AND I could only play on the TV and not on a monitor like now with the PlayStation 3) the game did leave me a very good impression. And thus I decided to grab Star Ocean: The Last Hope (2nd hand) for the PS3 and play through it.

The start of the game was very slow with about half an hour or movies and cutscenes before I could actually start to play (as with most jRPGs), but that didn't really bother me. For jRPGs this first introduction is really necessary to get the feel of the setting and how things have developed in the current episode of the game. It also allows you to meet various characters in the game that you can play with or which you really need.

After having finally crashed on planet Aeos (somewhat the new Earth) and having 'saved' a couple of NPCs from the local wild life (which would not be there according to the surveys ) I finally got to go out there on my own. The first two 'zones' were pretty easy to go through, each introducing a couple of new monsters (which are obviously a bit harder than the ones I met before). The 3rd zone (where the last crashed ships probably is) already felt more 'open world' and gave me a 'point of no return' at which I jumped down from, ending up on the beach in the movie below.

There on the beach I saw a NPC I had to talk with (prolly the ship I'm looking for, or at least a survivor). Though not really on my way to that NPC directly (not being able to climb up where I just jumped from I guess I do have to go his way) I decided to explore a bit and see what goodies and resources were hidden there.
Untill I accidentally was attacked by a crab on that beach. The battle sequence started, I heard the battle music (the movie below is silent because I was using headphones), the screen goes white to load the battle and...stayed white...

Okay, perhaps that was just a glitch. Quit the game (the PS3 was not hanging, this is clearly a software oading problem), and I gave it a new try. Walk through the zone (Star Ocean isn't very giving on save points - which I like ) and get to an other crab on that beach - a white screen again Third try to get to the beach and attack anything else but a crab and once more a white screen (that's the above movie).

Man, I was sad and frustrated there. Finally I got to play a game I was looking for, enjoying it and this happens When I took out the disc and looked at it, I saw that it had 2 very light scratches, the ones that every CD or DVD would simply ignore. And having bought this game only a couple of days ago, I decided to go back to the store. They indeed confirmed that this problem might be caused by those light scratches (hurray for Blue-Ray ) and I got my money back since they had to order this game from an other store. When they looked at the stock of other stores they saw that there were a couple more available and promised me to order one the next day (I was there Thursday evening) and would have it next week's Saturday - it the transfer went quick.

I'm kinda sad now because I can't play Star Ocean for at least a week. I really enjoyed the approximate 3 hours I played it. I also hope that this white screen indeed is caused by that light scratch and not something caused by the game itself (should I jump down there already is what I've been wondering).

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