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Pages from Sages to end and domain for sale?
13 March 2015
Posted in General

2nd post for today... After my convession about starting to remove all email addresses 2 months ago, I also have to convess that I seriously was thinking to sell the domain all together.

With my 'gaming needs' having shifted from MMORPGs and PC to consoles, there's not much left to post. I mean, little to no screenshots (other than photo's I might make from my monitor where I play on the PS3), no YouTube movies or progress on the games can kinda make the blogg 'dead'. But I decided to keep the domain (for now).

Now, 2 months later, I'm still considering to sell the domain but am still in doubt. I'm still not sure if I'll be using the domain a year from now, or even next month. With me not willing to post on my (bad) physical condition (and all around it) constantly, there's not really much left to write about for me. Add to that that all time I am able to spend behind the PC is spend making my new game, which also gives me even less time to play games, and thus less blog updates as well

For now I think I will keep the domain and pay for the next year's registration as well coming June (or was it July? I have the domain already so long I don't remember when to renew ), but I am open for serious bids on the domain as well, because if I might get an offer I can't refuse, the choice can be real easy

In the mean time I will keep posting stuff I deem important, both for the games I play as well as how I'm doing. I will however start on preperations for a possible future sale though (3 sub domains on need to be moved and reconfigured and I can move those to any of my other domains as well).

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