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Fatigue getting worse
21 February 2015
Posted in About me
I'm getting the B12 vitamin injections now for about 5 months. I'd figure that in that time I should have felt some improvement already, but instead I feel things are getting worse instead.

The pain and fatigue in my legs is getting worse over the last 5 months instead of better. When I cycle, I'm not able to get the gear past the 3rd (of 7 total) and that's only when there's no wind coming from the front, though normally I try to cycle in the 2nd gear. When I have any kind of obstruction (wind or a real small slope) when cycling, I really have to switch back to the 1st gear and still have trouble

Walking is almost as bad as well. Okay, I'm still able to walk, but when I have to walk for more than 10 minutes (to the supermarket for instance) I'd rather take the bike because after that 10 minute walk my legs start to ache a lot and walking becomes a real pain. Not to mention, I start to walk 'funny' because I can't use my normally anymore because of that cramping ache that I have

If my legs were the only problem, I'd be somewhat okay with it. But I noticed that my hands start to ache and cramp more and more as well. With that I'm having a constant fatigued feeling in my right hand already (yes, I'm right handed) also causing less force to be used with the hand - at times I can't even open a fresh bottle of soda During the day this (new) fatigue in my hand gets worse and during the evenings I have to make a fists with my hand to relieve the pain and fatigue a bit (not that it's really helping against the fatigue, but it does work against the pain for a few minutes).

Then there's the total fatigue I'm experiencing. These days I have to lie down more and more because I just can't keep going on anymore. My whole body is fatigued and tired and after an hour's rest (lie down on our comfy couch or even get to bed at times) does work a bit. Though I don't fall asleep, I do doze off a bit. Sadly, this now already happens twice a day and I'm not giving in on more rests because I just don't want to...

This afternoon we'll be going to friends and I had to keep an easy week (read: don't do anything if I can prevent it and I went only out of the house twice) to save my energy and not be too fatigued. Though I do feel the fatigue in my body, I am going. I don't want this fatigue to take over my life too much (though I feel that it already does take over).

It's a good thing thing that coming Tuesday I have an appointment with the rheumatologist again and I hope she has some results of the bloodworks as well as a possible cure or treatment. As said, I don't want to let the fatigue take over my life and I'm too young (45) to be a cripple and unable to live a normal life

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