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More restrictions means more work abilities?
15 February 2015
Posted in About me
I promised ab update on my personal situation last Friday. This update is one about my re-examination of my limitations to work. I had he medical re-examination on January 20th already, and last week I had the results what that'd mean for my abilities to work.

As I already heard on January 20th, I'm getting additional limitations to the ones I already have and these are for walking, standing and a bit to sitting. But the results were quite odd. Where in the past I was unfit to work for close to 68%, now with the extra I'm only unfit to work for 61.31%

Early this week I had the written confirmation about this, which includes the list of restrictions to work. And there are some odd things to this list of restrictions...

First off, walking is restricted. As I've already written half December when I was having trouble walking my mail-route for 3 times half an hour in 8 days time. Well, this has been translated into a maximum of a 30 minutes walk a day in one go. Hmm, not sure, but that's not what I told the doctor... This restriction also translates into an on and off walking job for 4 hours a day.

Then the standing restrictions. I'm having trouble doing the dishes, do some cooking and stuff like that. With these household jobs I'm standing between half an hour and an hour, and during that time I'm switching from one leg to the other to stand on to relieve the strain in them. Doing so I'm leaning on the kitchen sink to rest a bit as well. This has been translated into a limitation of standing for a maximum of 1 hour straight or (once again) on and off 4 hours during the day.

Sitting is a bit restricted as well. I can sit behind my PC for 1 to 2 hours in a row. I do have to say that the chair I'm having is fitted to the lenght of my legs so that I'm having a minimum of pressure on them when sitting with my feet on the floor. When I'm playing on the PS3, I'm sitting on that same chair, but with my feet on a 75x75cm foam die (yes I really have such a cool chair/footstool ). In this position I can sit for hours. The restrictions to sitting are a bit more odd... I'm restricted to 2 hours in a row, but 8 hours during a working day

Okay, so much for the restrictions, now lets find the jobs they have found that fit these restrictions. Also keep in mind that I'm limited to 6 working hours a day because of mental limitation, which is used for all jobs found...
The best one is cleaner for buildings I mean seriously? That's a walking/standing job and should limited to 1 hour a day when looking at my standing restrictions, or even 30 minutes for my walking restriction...
An other one they found is metal worker with machines. Well, I'm not sure, but isn't this a standing job? And the same goes for the 3rd one they found - packager. That one is most certainly on an assembly line, which is always standing. Not to mention, both jobs require a very intensive usage of my arms and though I don't have restrictions on them, I do have problems with my arms when I'm using them intensively. For instance when I peel a couple of potatoes for dinner, I feel a starting fatigue in my arms (which I also mentioned that to the doctor I visited in January). If I'm forced in a job where I have to use my arms intensively, I'll most certainly get the same problems there as I have now in my legs.

Needless to say, I've called my lawyer, who has by now made an appeal against the decision. He even stated that I should be labeled permanently unfit for work. Though that's not hat I want, if it takes this to get the time to recover from the effects of the B12 shortage (if possible - I'm having my 2nd appointment with the rheumatologist coming Tuesday) then I'm okay. After all, when I think I'm ready to start working again, I can say and do so...

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