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04 February 2015
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Looking back on this blog on certain neurological pains I had before the B12 injections started that are now gone I had them already in 2007 when I was sent to the eye hospital, and that was already a follow up on earlier neurological and optical examinations in out hospital in Alkmaar. This would imply that I already am suffering of low B12 for about8 to 10 years, in which time my nerves and muscles could have been damaged pretty badly.

Yesterday I've been to the rheumatologist in the hospital to start the examinations on how badly my muscles have suffered from that severe long term B12 shortage. I had no idea what to expect, but I had received a form beforehand that I had to complete. The form kinda asked me why I wanted to visit the rheumatologist, something that already was sent to the hospital by my doctor, but I completed the form anyway.

The intake was long. Since I figured I wouldn't be examined immediately, she (yes, once more I have a female doctor, and she's in her 30s as well ) went through a whole checklist of questions. That took about an hour or so, and she already being late (what else is new with doctors later on a day ) it was around 15.30 (3.30pm for US readers ) when she was done.
I will spare you the details of all the questions, also because I don't want to grab the dictionary for each and every part of it (my medical English really sucks...), but in the end I've had 2 forms. One was for the lab to check my blood on 18 things, and the other one was for a 24-hour urine test (yes, I have to pee in a cup).

I went to the hospital's lab immediately and it was extremely crowded. There were like 20-30 people there and I figured I'd get to the lab this morning and only pick up the cups to start peeing today. Guess what? I couldn't get those cups from the person at the counter and had to get a number and wait in line. WTF? Just give me those things!
Well, being already pretty late I didn't want to wait and left so that I could go there today. That is, I'll be going in half an hour or so because the lab opens at 8...

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