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Severe B12 shortage
02 October 2014
Posted in About me
This morning I had the results of the 2nd bloodtest and there were finally some results! Though they're not the ones that'd make me happy and even the doctor's assistant was surprised by them...

The vitamin D was okay in my blood, but that was to be expected, with me having a job with the Dutch postal service PostNL. But the vitamin B12 and Folic acid seemed to be the problem. And what kind of problem, the values were extremely low the assistant said.

After having done a small wikipedia search, I found out that both B12 and Folic acid are both very important for the body for creating (copying?) DNA and red blood cells. And without red blood cells being made (or made in very low quantities), it's no wonder I was tired like hell.

Now there's a problem though... How the hell did I get this extreme shortage of B12 and folic acid? Both are found in daily products (of which I take enough on a weekly basis), B12 is found in meet (again, I eat enough of that, though not too much) and folic acid is found in beans and green vegetables, and that I eat  as well in good quantities. So it clearly is not my diet to blame...

For now I've been put on a proscription of folic acid tablets (one a day) and the coming month a B12 shot weekly (tomorrow the first one) and after that the shot will be monthly. And while I'm at the doctor tomorrow, I'll ask how this shortage could have occurred, and how I can avoid it in the future. I just hope this won't be a chronic condition forcing me to get these shots and pills (though both seemingly harmless) for the rest of my life....

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