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SONY settles easy after the 2011 hack
24 July 2014
Posted in EverQuest II
Remember the hack of both the PlayStation Network (PSN) and SONY Online Entertainment (SOE) back in April 2011? Literally millions of PSN and SOE users got their data compromised by hackers, including their financial (creditcard) data and SONY was like 'Hey, you agreed to our EULA and we can't be held liable'. Of course, the US wouldn't be the US if there wouldn't come a lawsuit from that and there's finally a settlement on it. SONY has to pay a mere $15M to their customers at the time.

I mean, a whooping $15M to all users who had their financial (creditcard) date compromised, take action against abuse of it, getting stolen identities straight again and all that kind of stuff??? THIS IS JUST INSANE!

And when you read the verdict on how SONY pays the money things get even more INSANE. A lot of costumers who got hit by that hack have said 'goodbye' to SONY's PSN or SOE and now they get *drumroll* $5 credit for the use of the service

How on earth can this be a punishment for a big company like SONY? This is a virtual payment to customers they have lost anyway. While those customers who fall for this 'payment' will become a 'regular' customer again and will start paying SONY once more for their services. THIS IS NO FUCKING SETTLEMENT, THIS IS A MONEY MAKER!

If you were a victim of the hack, all I can advice is DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Let SONY fuck it and choke on that $5 'gift' they use to lure you back into their web. Do not play their games EVER AGAIN and I would even recommend to buy a XBOX ONE (though that is a real sucky console ) instead of a PS4 (which is far more superior).

I myself will certainly not use any of SONY's online services ever again because of things like this. SONY is a huge money hungry corporation, doing ANYTHING to screw their customers over. Oh yeah, I still have that EQ2 account, but haven't touched it for ages, even while there's still over 7500 Station Cash in it as well. FUCK THEM BIG TIME

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