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Won't continue to play
10 July 2014
Posted in MMORPGs
Don't get me wrong, WildStar is a kick-ass game with a lot of very good features. More over, the questing is a lot of fun and the humor used it the game really makes it worth playing. But yet I'll quit playing it and I hear you wonder why...

Well, as said earlier on, the 1.2 patch of ArcheAge is really good and I enjoy playing that MMORPG nor more than I did before the patch. Even without being in a guild (the one I was in sadly is inactive and no way to contact any of the players to check if they will be playing at release and on what server ) there is still enough to do. This new found enjoyment in ArcheAge will result in MMORPGs I'd play in general and in this case WildStar, which was the only other MMORPG I was playing along side ArcheAge.

But finding WildStar worth to play, there is also an other issue with the game - replay value. I am far away from 50, but I already have found a lack of replay value in the game. And though that's not yet a problem, when I'd hit 50 and reroll an other character, the content of the game will be mostly the same. This is not just WildStar's fault, but the 'themepark' fault in general. MMORPGs focus too much on questing and instanced dungeons and too little on anything around it. While WildStar does try to give other activities to the player (the path system included in the game), I personally find too little enjoyment in only two activities. And when I compare the activities in ArcheAge with WildStar, then ArcheAge clearly has a lot more to offer to the player than WildStar does.

Last but not least, I fear that WildStar will become a Buy2Play game within a year after release. Why? Well, look at all other released 'themepark' MMORPGs for the last decade. Most of them are not able to keep subscriptions up and the only way to keep them profitable is either Free2Play or Buy2Play. I don't think WildStar will go Free2Play just because of the quality the game offers, but yet, a subscription system for the coming years is something I won't see happen either, so Buy2Play seems the only viable option...

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