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TetraGems released in beta
29 March 2014
Posted in Computer games
After having fixed the last few bugs and extensive play-testing, I finally was able to release TetraGems to the public as beta!  'Beta' what does that mean exactly? TetraGems is fully functional right now, but I do need your feedback on a couple of topics.

The most important one is the drop speed of the Tetra blocks. At the start of the game I think they drop on a nice speed. While playing the Tetra blocks will drop faster as you increase in level. But I am wondering if the drop speed increases too fast or just too slow (though I doubt that ). Please let me know what you think about it. Personally I think that on level 9 (the highest I have reached while play-testing the last week) the speed is already pretty high, but who am I to judge on that..?

Then the appearance of the rare red gems. At the start of the game they have only a 10% chance to appear and with each level the chance increases with 2.5% with a maximum of 25% at level 10. When a red gem appears, there is a same chance that a second red gem might appear in the Tetra block.  But are these chances perhaps too high? Though 25% chance of a red gem might sound low, at a certain point (once again that level 9 I reached), the number of red gems shattered on the play field is pretty high.

You can download TetraGems from the Google Play store (link might not yet be working) or from my personal DropBox. You can also play TetraGems on the AE games web-page. Please let me know what you think of the game. Any feedback is welcome to make TetraGems the game you love to play!

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