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Insta-level 85
17 February 2014
Posted in EverQuest II
This will most likely be my last post on EverQuest II or any of the other SOE titles ever. SOE seems to milk the cash shop more and more as days go by

Last time I logged on ( now 3 weeks ago already), I saw my character as I left her. Just a level 31 Beastlord/34 Carpenter. Though not high in level, I think there's nothing wrong with that. After all, I love to level slow, and I was happy that in EverQuest 2 I could set my leveling speed by the Alternate Achievement.

 photo EverQuest22014-01-2605-58-00-33_zpsaefe4b87.jpg

But wait, what's that on the left bottom of the screen? I can upgrade my character instantly to level 85 I've already heard of this option on other sites, but I thought it was just a temporary thing. But now, months after I heard about it, it's still there. 

There is one drawback to this insta-level 85 thing though. It's a BUY thing with a trial period. If I got it right, you can play at the 'powered up' level for a week or so, and after that you MUST BUY it, or your character will be locked. Yes, you read it well. You're pulled into something and after a while you gotta pay for it or loose it completely.

This is once again a cash grab by SOE, as I'm already used from them. And for this reason I have given up on SOE completely. They monetize their so-called 'Free2Play' games to death. To a level where the old subscription days of their games were more fun and surely cheaper.

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