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GFWL discontinued? Please update games!
02 September 2013
Posted in Computer games
It's been a rumor for the last month or so, but it seems that God has heard our prayers and has forced Microsoft to shut down it's Games for Windows Live. Though nothing has yet been confirmed nor denied by MicroSoft, I was able to find a (seeminly legit) screenshot of the announcement. An announcement MicroSoft has alegidly removed when the rumor was spread...
 photo GFWLisDead_zpse0cce8b7.jpeg
An other interesting fact is that the Xbox part of GFWL (Xbox Live Marketplace) has been renamed into Xbox Games Store last week. This while for the PC part nothing at all has been announced yet, which does add some more truth to the rumors that GFWL will be discontinued on July 1, 2014.

So if the rumors are true and GFWL will indeed be discontinued, what will happen to the games library of it? Though it's not a large one, a lot of games will not play without GFWL or not play the on-line part - A patch to remove the GFWL would be very nice of the game developers. Not to mention, a couple of developers are no more and their games will not be updated for sure

Looking at my own GFWL library (luckily a very small one ), I really would like to have these games patched so that I can keep playing them. 
 photo GWFL2013090209125521_zps6c19afa6.jpeg
In the past I've had trouble with Steam already that didn't allow me to play Dawn of War II because it was down, the same thing might (will?) happen to the GFWL games when GFWL is discontinued.

At this moment I'm keeping my eye on the updates I receive from Steam for my GFWL games as well. Each time I get one for any of those I try to play it hoping GFWL has been removed (no luck so far).

Also worth to note is that SEGA is now the owner of the Reliq games from the THQ library. This includes both Dawn of War II and Company of Heroes. For the latter, SEGA was very quick to make an update to remove the THQ name from the game as well as make it a new Steam entry (one for the whole game including expansions). But for DoWII no such update has been made yet, nor any other patch for the game from SEGA's side.

For now all we can do is wait till MicroSoft officially announces to pull the plug for GFWL and hope the developers will make a patch for a new DRM system. Hopefully this new DRM system will be Steam since all my GFWL games have alreayd been parked there

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