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Not sure EverQuest II will fulfill my MMO-needs
21 March 2013
Posted in EverQuest II
Remember my rant the other day about quitting World of Warcraft because of the treadmill and virus feeling? Well, ever since I've reactivated my Station Pass, the same feeling is growing for EverQuest II. But compared to World of Warcraft, EverQuest II offers a lot more than just the treadmill and virus feeling. Lets take a closer look...

First off, EverQuest II is clearly made with the RPG part of MMORPG in mind. Aside from doing quests only, there are numerous additions to the game compared to World of Warcraft. Just look at things as learning NPC languages, gathering collections and not to forget the whole alternate advancement system. The gameplay of EverQuest II is actually extremely deep compared to most themepark MMORPGs out there.
My problem though is that the questing (which still holds the major part of the gameplay) is just to generic. Most of the quests out there are the regular 'Kill 10 rats' packed in different ways, and this kinda makes me sad. I know, it's called EverQuest for a reason, but the questing part should be more than just killing rats

The treadmill feeling is somewhat less there in EverQuest II. As said before, it's called EverQuest for a reason, and it holds a couple of areas for every level range to play in. So if you're fed up with one area, you can just hop to the other one. That is, if you're still in need of XP to level.
The need of XP to level (which includes the alternate advancement system) are the two things that make EverQuest II so unique. You can set your own leveling speed from fast (and gain little to no AA) to extremely slow (and gain a lot of AA). I always set my AA rate somewhere between 50% and 75% so that my characters do not level too fast. After all, I've paid for a lot of content in EverQuest II and I do want to play it
Anyways, back to the hamster-problem...
Because of the AA system you can set your need for new content and the need to keep playing the same. If you've set your AA gain very low, you'll be faster at the maximum level (as far as leveling speed is fast in EverQuest II). This way you do not have the need of staying in the same area and do repeatable quests over and over again, as well as constantly killing the same monsters. But, when you're faster at the level cap, you'll be in the raiding 'end-game' earlier and thus have your treadmill there quicker. On the other hand, if you've set your AA high, you can play a lot of content and have the content and monster treadmill active. With the lack of different kind of quests in the game, you'll be killing the 10 rats as your slowly progressing treadmill...

Then of course, there are the other activities in EverQuest II which help you break the treadmill feeling. Some do need you to enter the treadmill a bit (like learning the NPC languages), while others will drop you in a different treadmill (like progressing your crafting skills). But all these other activities do have the need to go out in the world and acquire the needed stuff to do these activities.

I think it's clear for me that EverQuest II is too generic in general for me. I like it how deep the game is at most points, but it all comes down to the same. Is it just me, or am I too picky about the MMORPGs I play after all this time..?

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