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Re-spec time (again...)
06 March 2013
Posted in EverQuest II
I understand that when a MMORPG goes on through time, certain aspects of the game will change. With the latest expansion of EverQuest II this is the case as well. The way Alternate advancement is handled has changed dramatically all AA points have been refunded. This means I have to re-spec (again...).

One of the biggest changes is that now you can't dump all of your AA points into just one part of your tree. Instead the partial trees appear to be limited (probably linked to your level). Right now on my Beastlord (level 30) I have 52 AA in total available, but the two trees (Animalist and Beastlord) both allow me only to drop 50 AA in it, while my Troubador (level 35) had a total of 65 AA available (damn, I've been busy collecting AA on her) but also has the same 50 AA point limit per tree and the same goes for my Necromancer (level 20) who has only 22 AA points so far

Anyhow, with the AA points re-spec'd (for all 3 characters) it's time for me to head out into the world of Norrath again. For now I'll play the Beastlord alone and might pick up the Troubarod later on as well. But with the Beastlord I saw that I have 2 dozen quests or so waiting to be done, and I have no clue anymore where I have to complete them. More over, I also need to 'learn to play' EverQuest 2 again in general as well, with the most important 'learning point' being the skills and which chains to which.

Last but not least, I have to find a guild again. I appear to have been kicked from my old one (or I left telling not to return to EverQuest 2 ) and I saw 3 of the members are still on my friendlist. Lets hope they're still playing and that I'm welcome to return...

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