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Diablo III
12 January 2013
Posted in Computer games
Never really thought I'd actually buy it, play it and most of all enjoy it... But two days ago I thought to grab Diablo III and give it a go and not without results...

When I launched Diablo III I saw that my character from the demo mode was still there. Though low level (2 or so) I decided to keep that one and get on with the story - not that I missed much from the first part

Today I've played it for about 2 hours and had a good time. I ended up with the Crypt of the Skeleton King and had to kick his royal butt. I thought it'd be a pretty hard boss to kill, and though indeed he's tough, I didn't really had any trouble with it.

After killing him I even hit level 9 already *LOL* and had my 1st golden item drop. I still gotta identify it, and have no clue hot to do that. Probably in new Tristan at some merchant, but I'll figure that out tomorrow. I'm also in doubt if I'd keep it or sell it on the (real money) auction house.

Speaking of equipment. I have no idea what is what yet. The white equipment seems pretty good in general defense, but looking at some of the secondary stats that the blue items give, I wonder if I should go for a lower defense and take profit of the secondary stats. I'll take a closer look at that tomorrow as well...

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