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Good things about the transition
29 July 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
I know I've bashed that upcoming transition when I heard of it. But looking at things now, it's not all that bad for several reasons...

The most important reason that it's not bad, is that I am able to change my account name. Though this might sound odd, after the April 2011 hacks of the PSN & SOE networks, hackers knew my logon name. To get extra security for my SOE account, I was somewhat forced to buy an authenticator (for 17 incl. s&h), but that still didn't give me a save feeling. But now with the transition to ProSiebenSat.1 I picked a new (and for the hackers unknown) account name.

Then there's the price of the SC (SOE sells Station Cash, and  ProSiebenSat.1 sells SevenCoins - I'll talk about SC in general).
 photo SCatSOE_zps1144496e.jpeg photo SCatPSS1_zps3f5bdbf6.jpeg
At first glance the prices seem the same, or even those of ProSebenSat.1 a bit higher. But when you recalculate to equal numbers of SC bought, SOE is about 10% more expensive than ProSebenSat.1. And then of course is the way of payment. With SOE you didn't have much choice to pay for your SC. It was either cradircard, PayPal or SMS (not whown on the SOE screenshot). With ProSebenSat.1 you have a lot of options to pay, aking it possible for the majority of the European players to obtain SC. One note though, using SMS is cheaper with SOE

Then there is the customer support thing. I know how SOE handles tickets - rather well, but pretty slow on average when things get complicated. It took them months to correct problems with my account, a problem that occurred twice.

Now that DC Universe online has been transited already, things didn't go well with my account (I'm not surprised...). I aught to have a Premium status, but somehow that's not transited, or it was not right flagged on my SOE account. I made a ticket with ProSebenSat.1 and got a default answer at first, explaining how to transit my account *WTF???* Replying on that one (quite harsh, because how could I know I'm not Premium now if I didn't transit yet?), made them dive deeper into my account, asking SOE about the payments I made for DCUO in the past. I keep my hopes up for ProSebenSat.1 customer service

There is a possible bad thing though about the transition... Logging on to the SOE MMORPG's goes through ProSebenSat.1. So far it's now known how the 'forward' to the SOE servers is done. Will it be done through a proxy on ProSebenSat.1, or will we connect directly? I mean, will be get extra servers in between (and possebly lag) or will we keep the old (lack of) performance we were used to..?

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