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Account once again screwed *sigh*
13 July 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
I'm not sure what kind of accounting software $O uses, but I can tell you that it is bugged like hell!

As I said 2 days ago, my account is unbanned and my 3-month subscription started on June 20. That would mean that it'd end on September 19. And when I looked at it 2 days ago, that day indeed was set as ending date for my subscription. To keep the right for the monthly 500SC, I've setup a monthly subscription which would start on September 20 (once again, I checked that as well 2 days ago).

I don't know why, but this morning I checked my $O account again, and saw to my surprise that the 1st monthly subscription date was changed.
 photo EQ2subscription_zps206d37e7.jpeg
Don't ask me how, but this time I have no clue why my account is screwed. Last time I know what I did (not telling you though ), but this time I really didn't do a thing at all!

There is one thing though. I'm afraid to make this a support ticket because my name has come up with $O account problems twice already, and I fear if I tell $O about this but that I might bet a permanent ban.

So right now I'll keep things quiet (ahum, blogging here and linking to twitter ) and see where things will go from here. Not to mention, with the upcoming transition to ProSevenSat.1 this error might even go down into the books, where ProSevenSat.1 pays the remaining months from the moment the transition will happen till the ending date 10 months from now.

...lets just wait and see what will happen

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